Spring 08 Week 3: Progress Checklist – Blassreiter is Good??

On Sundays, we’ll chart the progress of each of the anime series I’m currently following. By progress, I obviously mean how shit or good it is at the moment.

Amatsuki – This show is getting gayer by the minute. Long haired androgynous naughty bishounen doing some suggestive stuff to the innocent main lead male? Sounds yaoi to me. But said lead male Toki gains the power of Unlimited Blade Works, literally. He can imagine anything and it’ll materialise. Imagine if he were really horny, hot girls’ll pop up! But this won’t happen as this is a gay show and thus hot guys will pop up instead. 2.5/5.

Blassreiter – Wow, everyone wrote this off as shit. But it’s getting EVEN BETTER to the extent I enjoy whats going on. I suspect it has lots to do with the lame main chara Gerd disappearing for a while to be replaced by Cool Blue. Or perhaps it’s the charming Hanazawa Kana as the little pixie girl. And man, the violence is good. Severed heads all around. Pass the pepper! 4/5.

Code Geass R2 – This show is so fantastic my weekly ritual centres around it. Stay up till 2 am, catch the show and then write this weekly summary. The latest episode has Rollo turning over to the darkside, in a hugely laughable manner. The cool part is how Lelouch claims he will discard the Rollo like a dirty rag after use, but we all know they will have yaoi love. I thought there was a huge deus ex machina in the sniper shot, but it seems Lelouch had it planned. How he managed to use his geass on so many people while pretending to be a student is beyond me. 5/5.

Crystal Blaze – An episode where nothing happened! And the Nanami girl is hugely annoying. What the fuck. She’s look for her missing senior at school who might be in trouble. Yet she goes around looking in the most inefficient way, on foot. Why? Because it’s her way and she wants to do it herself. Even though Ayaka helps her find the senior, she gets angry and refuses the information because it’s not her way. So, so dumb. 1/5.

D’Gray Man – Thankfully, dear Princess girlfriend didn’t come over due to the exams and I got to skip D’Gray Man. 0/5.

Tower of Druaga – RPG shows always fail in the fighting scenes, because it is hard to translate numbers and stats into actual battles and cool moves in video games are really cheesy when seen in a show. See Xenosaga the Animation for evidence. So Druaga’s solution to this problem is? SKIP THE BATTLES. My god, after bigging up the incoming tauren beasts and having the inexperienced team on the verge of defeat/game over, they skip the whole thing and show the results, the monsters defeated! Druaga is still interesting but it’s stock is falling by the week. If it didn’t have such a great OP, many of us would have far less patience. 3.5/5.

Gintama – I cry almost every Gintama episode. This one is really manly, with a couple of inspiring speeches from Kondo, Ginchan and Toshi. Okita shows his real murderous badass skills and slaughters a train full of people while giving them tips on how to gang bang. 5/5.

Golgo 13 – Very strange, I haven’t seen a new episode of Golgo 13 this week. I don’t think any came out.

Himitsu – I thought the show was mildly gay. Then they reveal the US president’s awesome secret. He was GAY! In love with her daughter’s boyfriend, a pretty faced TERRORIST! Shocking, but Himitsu is really uninhibited in showing socially frowned upon stuff. Oh the lead guy is in love with his sister. Incest please. 4/5.

Kaiba – Where is episode 3? Also, for some odd reason my antivirus, Avast, keeps insisting that utorrent has a trojan horse called Poison. Only started after I tried to download Kaiba. Odd..

Kamen no Maid Guy – New characters are introduced. 13 year old genius kid and her ninja maid. Both get stripped in this episode. Oh, otaku brother upon hearing busty sister’s undies sell for 70 000 yen, sold them and bought lots of eroge. The maid’s (not maid guy) panties sell for millions though.

Kanokon – On Hiatus.

Kurenai – Woah woah, where have I seen this ability before? A bone sword out of the elbow? Really familiar but I can’t pinpoint where. Any ideas? The female suit ninja is so aunty, it’s annoying. Poor Murasaki was brutalised. Kantarou/Ginko/Yuno’s back story was revealed in its entirety in a large chunk. 4.5/5.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki – New girl joins the family! Formerly evil sister, Chiko turns out to be osananajimi of the mangirl Ginka, who promised to rescue her. He didn’t and decides to do so. The powerful members of the family assault the evil Himesomething family and nuke it literally with a bomb. Chiko becomes Chika and a new addition to the family thanks to Kyouka’s mindcontrol of the DNA analysis staff. 4.5/5.

Macross Frontier – Wanktastic Macross Valkyrie battles. This is why I like the show, not those boring Ms Macross segments. I notice some animebloggers prefer the boring segments. I say, why don’t you watch Kanokon instead? 4/5.

Major 4th Season – A Shimizu-centric episode, where she gets dragged onto a group date and thinks of Honda instead. Meanwhile, Honda lives the good life with a bunch of groupies and also sees Job Gibson pitch live. This episode got me thinking, why doesn’t Singapore have ANY batting centres? There’s quite a large number of people who play softball here, there are Japanese and Americans in sizeable numbers (at least 50 thousand) and it doesn’t cost much land. It’s a good investment isn’t it? 5/5.

Nabari no Ou – The team is defeated and badly wounded because an enemy, likely the nemesis, has some super ki controlling powers. The Hokage equivalent saves the day. Somewhat exciting. 3/5.

20 Faces no Musume – Strangely, I realised I missed episode 2. So I saw 2 and 3 in a row. It’s really awesome how Chika  is slowly changing into a sly, cunning little fox. Can’t believe she could pass off a onigiri (riceball) as an explosive. 4/5.

Penguin Musume – Despite being the most otaku show, this is surprisingly funny. I love the homage to Ranma and Shampoo this episode. Because it’s so short, there’s no sense of dragginess and  jokes come flying fast and furious. 4/5.

Real Drive (RD Sennou Chousa) – I still don’t get what the fuck is going on. Some shows really need to be watched in English subtitles with full focus. Why is he diving? What is he diving in? Why does he become young? Why are the girls fat? 3/5.

SA -Man, Hikari is a dream girl. It’s cute how the main guy is so in love with her but she doesn’t notice. It’s quite a nice change from the usual anime where the guy, who is inferior, loves the girl who doesn’t love her. Or the inferior girl loves the superior guy. 3/5.

Shugo Chara – Just when everyone’s bored with the show, they fuck an entire nation and the world over. Although we have been spoiled by the Hinano about this twist, the fact that Nadeshiko is a man and just left the show, along with Kukai, makes the new season look very interesting indeed. ALSO, Utau is the sister of Ikuto. 4/5.

Soul Eater – I saw this show with Princess and she thought it was funny too. Death the Kid’s obsession with symmetry is hilarious. The fighting choreography was nothing special this week though. 4/5.

To-Loveru – Dropped at episode 2.

Toshokan Sensou – This needs some rewatching in English to make sense. So the Library taskforce defend a personal library long enough for helicopters to airlift out the books. Why don’t they scan the books eh? Seems the girl, whatshername, is under attack by bad guys who want to kidnap the leader of Library Force. 4/5.

New Addition: Inari – I marathoned the first 3 episodes in one go. It’s alright. Yukana seems to be using her mystery divine voice all the time lately. Remember I once said, if a show has elemental powers in it, it’s a must watch? Yeah this one does. 3.5/5.

17 Responses to “Spring 08 Week 3: Progress Checklist – Blassreiter is Good??”

  • Shugo Chara ftw!

  • The Miss Macross segments need more scenes of Sheryl having her top ripped off.

  • “A bone sword out of the elbow? Really familiar but I can’t pinpoint where. Any ideas?”

    Soul Eater?

  • Blade of the Immortal had a guy, who had a bone of his lower arm sharpened and fashioned into a weapon. Certainly one of the crazier ideas by Samura.

  • Golgo 13′s 3 episode is released already. The one with him fighting in the desert. I’m not sure about chinese subs, but I suppose you can watch the raw considering you have a certain proficiency in Japanese.

  • “Everyone wrote it off as shit”?

    Dude it was only you.

  • Why don’t they scan the books eh?

  • Sword from elbow: it’s sad I remember this, but wasn’t there a character in Naruto who grew blade and things out of his bones? They came out all over, including his elbow/arm. That’s what it reminded me of.

  • w00t, Code Geass is awesomeness. Kurenai is good too

    1.Code Geass
    2.Soul Eater
    4.Toshokan Sensou

  • WOOTS, you finally watched Inari. I love it. Kuu in female form and CC voice is too hard to resist.

  • SA!!! Hikari has to learn how to appreciate him more. ;)

  • Ha. only you indeed.

    Nitroplus is good, perhaps it’s time to let your experience take a break and start appreciating instead of contriving.

  • Hahahaha Shugo chara. The ULTIMATE trap! My friend was screaming about that for a day. :)

  • wow howd u get the time to write these stuff during EXAM PERIOD -_-

  • Brandon: Ha, hence I was wearing a “Dear Buddha, Please give me A ” sweater today. It’s not a lot actually, one episode between a couple of chapters.

  • No one is watching Yatterman? This is very sad…

  • What are you talking about nabary no ou has more bl vibes than amatsuki ever had, it’s even directed by the guy who did loveless for a reason, the manga if you read furder, toys with this for the latter run, to the point that sometimes you wonder if it’s realy a shonen or a shonen ai, i mean every seasoned nabary no ou fan will tell you that, but that doesn’t take credict for the good story and action, on the other hand amasuki when you go deeper in to the manga you can clearly see toki growing romantic feelings for kuchiha and the same goes for her, and the story blooms wondrefully into a story that can satisfice people that enyoy diferent gendres.

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