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[Hynavian] Claymore Chapter 79 - Information Overload!

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It’s out! Claymore is finally out after 2 months! And my exams will be over in 2 days time, that’s the best news of all. Claymore Chapter 79; there’s no action in this chapter, just words, words and more words. However, this chapter adds a new twist to what we know of the Claymore world so far. A quick point form run down of what I’ve learn and some of my further chapters’ predictions at the end of it.

***Warning: Spoilers Alert!***
  • Claymores are not only stainless steel, they are made from out of this continent material.
  • There might be other continents out there.
  • Cynthia’s special ability is to aid others in healing faster. We’re now left with Yuma, what’s her role in the team?
  • If an injury is there for a long time, it might not heal. This applies for all warrior types.
  • There might be other more powerful enemies overseas and this leads to another question, is Priscilla the most powerful out there?
  • If Miria’s theory on the organization (conducting experiments) is true, there has to be some secret laboratory, where is it? Underground?
  • The handlers are ET.
ET, anyone?
  • Clarice is weak and likes to cry but she’s kind at heart.
  • Clarice, Miata and Galatea might join the Big 7.
  • The gang has more than enough power to defeat Agatha (ex-#2 Awakened Being). Or maybe Agatha is just weak.

Here’s the question; do I believe in Miria’s hypothesis?
Miria’s hypothesis, where there might be other continents and where the organization is the one creating Yoma, is believable as she can support them with prove. Her encounters with that isolated village and their Claymores are the greatest prove. However, I’m unconvinced by the whole war across continent hypothesis for I feel that Miria is stretching things.

Why didn’t Miria inform her gang during the 7 years period?
I think Miria did right in keeping it from the gang. The aftermath of the North War was a devastating affair and they need time to heal, be in psychologically or mentally. They don’t need shocking news and a mentally unsound leader to lead them. What can they do at that point of time? With little evidence to support her whole across continent war hypothesis, Miria will look ridiculous in whatever angle she mentions. Besides, Miria gave the gang the option to stay or to leave the North in the earlier volume. If she’s to break her hypothesis to them, chances are 0% of them will even consider the staying option.

With this, I predict the below for the upcoming chapters.

  1. We’ll soon learn that Raki "migrated" to another continent, along with Isley and Prisiclla. Clare and gang trace Raki and the whole Claymore plot expands to encompass other continents and characters.
  2. Galatea, Clarice and Miata joins Clare and gang.
  3. Galatea remains blind.
  4. The organization people is a different species altogether (undisclosed race).
  5. Rubel (Clare’s handler) betrays the organization. A sneaky and highly dubious character like him might sabotage the organization internally.

Regardless, I hope the focus will still be there, where Clare is still be after Priscilla’s neck. It would be meaningless if everyone of them starts some overseas war and shove Priscilla on the shelf. What do you think?

Popularity: 4% [?]

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6 Responses to “[Hynavian] Claymore Chapter 79 - Information Overload!”  

  1. 1 Kabitzin 73 comments

    This is turning into Lost!

  2. 2 gordon 18 comments

    the idea of there is a bigger world out there is so intriguing. i want to be a grown up raki as well. possible love interest for clare? (’~')

  3. 3 gordon 18 comments

    Oops. some typo mistakes in my post above. i meant to say “I want to see a grown up raki as well.” my bad.

  4. 4 Baka-Raptor 5 comments

    1 chapter per month the plot turned upside down = 7 more years of Claymore

  5. 5 Hynavian 36 comments

    LOL Lost. Yeah somehow it reminds me of Lost a little.

    Not a problem gordon. I’m also interested to know how Raki is doing, hopefully he’s still alive.

    I think the whole Claymore plot has not “turned upside down” so far. But 1 chapter per month is really a long wait.

  6. 6 kokanaden 281 comments

    Claymore is turning into Naruto and Bleach. But all girl action is always welcome.

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