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Who is your Favourite NARUTO HERO?

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Me, I used to luv Ten Ten the most because she was the cute china girl with lotsa waepons. But later she is really useless cos that’s all she can do, throw weapons. And then I got to like the Rock Lee, who is so hardworking and cool just like me in real life. I have the same hairstyle and wears his ninja cool suit everywhere, even to the Summer Festival. But later, my bestest friend ever told me that Rock Lee is not cool anymore cuz too many wannabes like him. So now, my favourite Naruto hero is the very unique er Shino because she is very mysterious and smart! And insects rawk!!


WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE NARUTO HERO? OR if you want to share who is your fav BLEACH CAPTAIN, can do too!!

PS. I lied. My favourite character is Anko because she’s hot.

Popularity: 9% [?]

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23 Responses to “Who is your Favourite NARUTO HERO?”  

  1. 1 The Sojourner 112 comments

    What is Naruto? I love yaoi.

  2. 2 Hinano 112 comments

    Are you trying to attract narutards to spam and inrease your comments #?

  3. 3 LianYL 777 comments

    Shhhh. That’s supposed to be a secret.

  4. 4 Kabitzin 94 comments

    What if one of the Konoha ninjas became a Shinigami? OMG that would pwn!

  5. 5 double 115 comments

    Eh, wtf?

  6. 6 Deranged 27 comments

    - PS. I lied. My favourite character is Anko because she’s hot. -

    I am only going to believe this… none of the rest makes sense 0_o

  7. 7 Owen S 144 comments

    You just like Anko because her name’s missing an “M” in front.

  8. 8 jpmeyer 99 comments


  9. 9 B1 3 comments

    I’m absolutely desperate to vote, but unfortunately don’t know the names of any of the other characters. If there’s a dead one, they get my vote. Was that ok?

  10. 10 Steven Den Beste 66 comments

    Is it OK if I vote for Krillin?

  11. 11 Hei 9 comments

    Well if One Piece counts it’d be Nico Robin because she’s cool and spicy.
    But Bleach or Naruto wise I guess it’d be no one?
    All the characters aren’t attracting to me character trait wise.

  12. 12 Seth 78 comments

    The Iron Man movie was pretty great. Also, I have only recently noticed that your head is made out of cocks.

  13. 13 Nano 79 comments

    gaara, cos he managed to kill a us kid

    via sandbox

  14. 14 Helix 71 comments

    - PS. I lied. My favourite character is Anko because she’s hot. -

    There needs to be more doujins of her.

  15. 15 Stripey 45 comments

    Haku. One handed jutsus FTW!

  16. 16 TheBigN 75 comments

    Owen: You’re neglecting the fishnet clothing. But Anko is awesome.

  17. 17 Hinano 6 comments

    Looks like my sakura matsuri post took all your narutards to my blog tj

  18. 18 raidragon 18 comments

    Itachi…because he’s dead

  19. 19 Author 2 comments

    Oh come on. I know you can do better than that.

    That said, Anko is hawt. Temari too… Fishnet, right.

  20. 20 Naruto shippuden 1 comment

    Great post. I love Naruto!

  21. 21 world of warcraft cheat 3 comments

    NarUtO Is One of the best animes i ever seen, even better than dragon ball

  22. 22 Helona 2 comments

    Ok my fav character is Sasuke and Itachi, well i like the relationship they have going on LOL
    Then Kakashi cuz he is one smexy beast and id do anything to get a peek inside that mask. i tink Sai i pretty cool to, oh and the 4rth Hocage - Naruto’s dad!
    Out of the female characters, cuz as u hav guessed im a girl) i dont have a particuar fav, but i agree with Anko, theres something i really like about her, shes deff HAWT!
    I know lots of guys go crazy over Hinata tho whch i allways find wierd cuz in real life guys dont go or the pretty shy girls (cough cough like moiiii) or is that jst my experience.

    P.S i wish there was a female member in the Akatski - that wud be so cool i love all of them!

  1. 1 Daijoubu

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