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Spring Week 4 Progress Chart: 20 Faces Great.

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On Sundays, we’ll chart the progress of each of the anime series I’m currently following. By progress, I obviously mean how shit or good it is at the moment.

Incredibly, this week had awesome episodes for many many shows, propelling them up in the ratings department.

Amatsuki - But not Amatsuki. The "princess" is revealed to be YET ANOTHER GAY PRETTY MAN. That makes a grand total of 2 GAY PRETTY MEN to be intoduced. And as we all know, gay men are ok but gay pretty men leave a bad taste on my anime. The best part is "princess" flashes his crotch at our two heroes. Thanks for that! On the bright side, Toki and Kuchiha are hitting it off and the female swordswoman is all deredere. 2.5/5.

Blassreiter - Marek is so, so going the Shinn route of emo-destruction. Blassreiter is very interesting but the problem is the CG - it looks straight out of virtual fighter 1. The blending is just terribly done, detracting from the might have been a decent/good show. BUT. I mean a huge but, the action choreography is something straight out of the likes of Dead Fantasy. Flying hi-speed camera angles, fancy moves and all that. Pity the CG looks worse than the mentioned fan product. 4/5.

Code Geass R2 - Some call this a filler episode. I think their minds are filler. How is this filler? As Darkmirage points out, it is a good blend of comedy and plot progression. So Nunally is the puppet governor now, just like how Princess Ovelia was a puppet queen in FFT. What Suzaku aims for does make sense, except that when the day comes of his being relegated due to old age or whatever reason (assuming he does become Knight of One, despite the retarded title), what will become of area 11? Suzaku’s is a stopgap measure. Brittania must fall! And CC is SO SO CUTE. I started a new FFT game and I have CC has a powerful mage and Kallen as a monk/ninja fighter. I must stop this fanboyism. Speaking of which I still have yet to review my CC and Kallen figurines by Alpha and Omega. 5/5.

Crystal Blaze - So, so dumb. But Nanami causes trouble again, this time she finds her sempai only to invite her unknowingly to the depths of hell. Reminds me of that other show, Elfen Lied. But with a factor of -13. At least Elfen Lied had tits and gore, but this show is just turning girls into crystals. 1/5.

D’Gray Man - Is my luck good or what? For the 2nd week running I got to skip watching D’Gay Man!

Tower of Druaga - Wrote a long post on it. 3.5/5.

Gintama - I burst into tears when Gintoki smashed the guitar man into the flying helicopter. Rarely ever does action make men cry (Gurren Lagann style) and Gintama makes even GL look pissy weak. I noticed that many many people actually do watch Gintama and have it as their favourite show, but the funny thing is nobody talks about it. We all either rave in an illogical manner (here) or just a passing mention of how it’s our favourite show. Instead, pages are devoted to discussing what is "fanservice" and "Episode Review of Generic Harem Kanokon". Even I don’t discuss Gintama. WHY? Because it is too good to discuss. It makes all men rave like lunatics and all women weep like sailor-raped ex-virgins. 5/5.

Golgo 13 - The last I saw was the desert one where plenty of real guns made appearances. Golgo 13 is the world’s best CS player, with aimbot as standard equipment, maphack, and finally, the decision-making skills of Warren Buffett. Golgo is a man’s dream. 4/5.

Himitsu - Great episode, with a thought-provoking take on the aging population issue in Japan, as well as Euthanasia. When old dudes take on a tour to the afterlife willingly, do we blame the actual organiser or the families of the old dudes, some of whom have good intentions but generate a sense of guilt for the old dude? For the record, I’m for legalisation of euthanasia, though the problems are there. 4/5.

Kaiba - Kaiba, Kaiba, one of the best shows of the season as we all know by now. Iniksbane said its only flaw was a lack of character development of the eponymous Kaiba. But I see it as Kaiba being a 1st person narrator for our viewage of this scifi world. As far as we know, the narrator does not necessarily have to be the protagonist. This is quite common in novels but far less so in more visual media like anime I suppose. That Kaiba having no memories and thus no knowledge of his society’s workings lead him being easy to relate to on the part of the viewers, as we all share similar moral concepts that the others in the scifi society do not. On the bright side, we now have Kaiba losing his giant penis and a hippo body for that of a loli cute girl. I bet there’ll be doujins of Chrononiko or whats her name. 5/5.

Kamen no Maid Guy - Wow, this is the best episode of the show thus far in terms of comedic value. The ninja sisters bring out the best in each other. Shizuku, introduced in the previous week, appeared to be a stock ninja girl, but the appearance of her sister Kirara gave her a chance to show some aspects of her character not seen previously that has moe points such as her being bullied all the time and youthful-looking in contrast to her sister who looks 40. Twin sister, I might add. Fubuki trying on Busty’s clothes and complaining was really awesome too. Fluff comedy at its best. 4/5.

Kanokon - I caught up to this show. What the hell this is terrible. A symptom of all that is wrong with the otaku community these days, when people actually like this shit. 0/5.

Kurenai - When I was much younger, about the age of Murasaki, I used to have the kids of my parents’ business associates visiting my house often. Just like how Murasaki destroys poor Yuno’s sister’s toys, people have done those terrible deeds to me and my precious Transformers, Starcomm, Ghostbusters, Ninja turtles etc. DIE MURASAKI. Anyway, regardless of how screwed up Murasaki talks, she’s still a kid. Kurenai shines in how its characters interact with much realism, transcending the run-of-the-mill anime dialogue. The female suited girl, Yayoi, is sad girl in snow lol. 5/5.

Kyouran Kazoku Nikki - Chika loves her brother Ginka and plots to marry him, despite the fact that he is openly gay. The Kyouran family want to go on a vacation and go to a tour agency to book a trip to the Mu Continent. Which doesn’t exist of course. The tour agency branch director performs voodoo and makes weird shit happen. The Midarezaki family solve the problem. Tada! The new ED I got for my version was the robot one, that’s fantastic. Hirohashi Ryou has some cute vocals. 4.5/5.

Macross Frontier - As explained in a previous post. One thing, the show is 13 episodes long yet at number 5 now there has been nothing happening of note except girls trying to be singers and singers seducing their men. Entertaining though, showing that effects/lessons learnt from Gundam Seed are not to be looked down upon. 5/5.

Major 4th Season -This episode shows the perpective of fans. American sports is stupid. How the fuck can an entire team just move cities and gain new fans? Whatever happens to team loyalty? American sports is commercialised bullshit. Discuss. And David Beckham shoots the kickshoot into the upper 90, bulging the goalbag, raising his score ratio to .405 for the season! 5/5.

Nabari no Ou - Some people say this is BL. Most likely. But thankfully, like Himitsu, the BL tendencies are light and so far, do not overshadow the other elements of the show. I like the contrast it gives Naruto though, as the ninja in this show do not give a shit about their genin dying. Unlike the BOOHOO x 3 for 3 weeks Naruto. 3/5.

20 Faces no Musume - Chika is a polymath, good at everything. It’s interesting how there are so few such female characters but there are tonnes of male polymaths around eg in SA, Ouran, the bulk of shoujo series. It’s probably because men are supposed to be better than women as women marry up and men marry down so men feel threatened when such perfectly talented characters appear and strip us of our manly dignity. But I like Chika though, I wish she would grow up faster so we can see her lead the line. Her maiden mission was quite the scare and awesomely poor planning on the part of the adults. Severely underrated show. Screw Hirano Aya’s bad ED. 5/5.

Penguin Musume - Funny. Penguin tricks everyone into eating cat-transforming buns because she wants to go beyond cosplay. Penguin’s sister shows up and saves the day. 4/5.

Real Drive (RD Sennou Chousa) - I seem to have missed an episode. Who cares?

SA -Man,I quite like this show. Really. It’s a shoujo series which is quite suitable for males as well. Tonnes of people complain about Gotou Yuko being unsuitable for the role, though I do not think so. She certainly sounds pretty good to me. The main comparisons for Sa comes from Ouran, due to the similarities in relationship status and setting. Kei, like all the Ouran males, is a polymath who is perfect in every sense except for his ability to start a romance with the girl who he obviously likes. The girls (both Haruhi and Hikari) are as dumb as pigshit with regards to romance too, resulting in a sweet and nearly-there romantic comedy that is enjoyable and clean, without being sappy or plain retarded like most other shoujo series. You can’t help but root for poor Kei who tries hard to express his feelings for Hikari except for the dumb girl to not have a clue. Impz says this show is shit. I say Impz is shit!!! 4/5.

Shugo Chara - Huh, where’s Shugo Chara?

Soul Eater - The style has been cut down, but I didn’t see the twist coming. Foolish of me. Shounen that isn’t draggy is always good to watch, Soul Eater replaces Kekkaishi in the weekly dosage of the genre. 4/5.

Toshokan Sensou - So wait, the LibTaskforce can only fire their weapons and operate on designated library territory. Which the kidnapped duo are not currently on. Solution? Buy the damn building and announce it a library, and the troopers get the green light to charge. Odd, but interesting. Obvious that Dojo is the prince though. 4/5.

Inari - Alright. Miyako is quite a cool mom though. I feel like eating inarizushi. 3.5/5.

Popularity: 5% [?]

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9 Responses to “Spring Week 4 Progress Chart: 20 Faces Great.”  

  1. 1 Owen S 111 comments

    Code Geass R2 - Some call this a filler episode. I think their minds are filler.

    QFT. Retarded fanboys need to get stupid terms like this and “trainwreck” out of their systems whenever they talk about R2, if you ask me. It’s really annoying and idiotic.

  2. 2 psgels 18 comments

    Erm, Macross is going to be 25 episodes long. At least according to ANN. :)

  3. 3 B1 3 comments

    Just for the record, Gintama bores the crap out of me. I’m probably just way too old for it.

  4. 4 Ciupy 1 comment

    Dude..Macross Frontier is going to be 25 episodes long..how did you come to the conclusion that this is 13 episodes long? :|

  5. 5 LianYL 633 comments

    Because I told him so. I guess ANN updated their info or I was just blind.

  6. 6 kokanaden 300 comments

    There are some episodes where Gintama returns to earth. But overall it’s rather awesome.

    If I were to factor age into watching anime then I’m too old for all the moe fuckshit rather than being too old for Gintama.

  7. 7 Hynavian 51 comments

    I have to withhold my urge to watch all the above great series for my last paper isn’t over yet. It’s great to see that SA is doing well. :) Ah the manga too, where did I last read till?

  8. 8 Kaioshin Sama 74 comments

    This comment is mostly filler.

  9. 9 Anon 3 comments

    Oh, wow. I give practically the same ratings as you to these shows for most shows. Although I have to say, after Oofuri, Major does not come appealing anymore to me.

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