[Hynavian] Blogging Etiquettes – What Are Yours?

I’m sure each blogger has his set of blogging "rules and principals" while blogging. For instance, I follow the RPG (Responsible, Polite, Good Relations) rule. I actually came up with this term yesterday night as I reflected on my blogging style. A frequent reader of RIUVA would’ve noticed that there are topics that I do not tread on for many reasons. I might be a n00b in that arena, yeah, no mecha for me or I might be uncomfortable with others. Below are some of my blogging etiquettes, just to share it with every blogger out there.

Responsible – The term says it all, I’m responsible for what I write. Though it’s a blog and I’m free to express my views, I blog within the perimeters, abiding the nation’s laws so that I will not have the police knocking at my door. Recently, I read news on The Straits Times that a Singapore blogger was arrested for "posting a racist rant on his website". I’ve not read what he has written and I’m not in a position to judge anything but I will not want what I write to spark off any discontent among communities.

There are many way to be responsible, one of the many is to put in an effort to ratify facts that I’ve gotten wrong. When it comes to the many writing styles, I might sound hypocritical, deliberate or what I’ve written might mean the opposite. However, If I get a fact wrong due to my ignorance, I’ll ratify the post and post an "edit" sign somewhere. Responsible linking is also an important issue to me. Imagine clicking on a link in the blog and it brings you to a virus infested site! It happened to me once and my Norton Anti-Virus jumped into action.

Polite – Imagine a nobody coming to your blog commenting, "YOUR POST SUCK BALLS YOU SHIT HEAD HAHAHAHAHAHA". I’ll ignore and back list that person if he’s to identify himself. If I’m to receive a polite comment, be it a positive or negative remark, I’ll definitely attend to it though the person is commenting on a post that’s dated back. On the other hand, "YOU SUCK BALLS I’M A TROLL" comments, will get nothing out from me, well…maybe some curses from behind the computer screen.

Good Relations – If a blogger is to link my blog to his post, I’ll find the opportunity to link back to his blog should I have any posts that I can bring him in. This is like a friendship of some sorts, there’s give and take. I do not believe that I should be at the receiving end at all times. I do leave friendly comments on blogs that have commented on my posts, they’re my way of saying "thank you" for reading my post. My posts are not compulsory to read, it’s boring and there are many better writers out there. But the comments tell me that someone is reading my boring post….thank you!

What about you? What are your blogging etiquettes?

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  • Hmm, if anyone adds me to their blogroll, I do the same and then eventually it becomes a frequently visited blog. If I could link to anyone, I do because then they notice you and comment lols. I don’t think I’m mean … but I like to tease people in a friendly way I guess *cough cough usagien* I’m pretty sure I’m responsible too. So I think I basically do what you do and follow your RPG rule.

  • Forgive my nastier version, but I subscribe to the “don’t be a douche” school.

    1. Responsibility is Absolute Ichiban for me; even though I’m in the US and cant be arrested for racist/stupid crap like the guy in Singapore, I don’t want to be a douchebag.
    2. It’s OK to not be polite, some people do very well with that, but there’s a line that even some of the most annoying people won’t and shouldn’t cross. That is the douche line.
    3. And good relations — that’s common sense, and I think you explained it as well as anyone could. Give and take. And don’t be a douchebag :D

  • May I ask what series is that? Those 3 screencaps you used. =|

  • I think commenting on other blogs is an important part of my blogger etiquette, heh. But I rarely do! *kicks herself*

  • Integrity: I may be sarcastic, but I never lie, except on April Fools Day.

  • Somebody is reading your boring posts. SHI – Did i just say that? No, Hyn, your posts are not boring. Not at all. Not in the least. Did anyone say that Hyn’s posts are boring? *glares around*

    RPG, heh, that’s a nice acronym.

  • One thing I always remind myself is that credit should be given where credit is due. With the exception of video screenshots, I always try to name the original creator of any image, artwork, idea or quote that I might use in a blog post.

    It’s a little thing, but I figure that people deserve to be recognised if their work[s] are displayed on a site other than their own.

  • @SnooSnoo
    They’re from School Rumble. (:

    Thanks Stifler. ^.^

  • I´m more of a “I write what I want, when I want” person.

    What I do try to do is that every post that I make have some kind of point or something that I can say that indeed, I wrote this post and I´m proud of it.

    If people add me to their blogrolls well I want to see their site before I make any move adding them to my blogroll, if they have good articles or just something that gets me comming back then I add them, otherwise usually not.

    I have lots and lots of stuff that I want to write, but I start thinking if the topic is really good. At most times I get the feeling I can´t write good enough about it and then I drop the idea.

    Don´t know my blogging etiquettes, treat others like you want to be treated yourself maybe? Don´t know.

  • Why are all the screenshots of Tenma?

    Anyway, I pretty much do the same – try to get the facts straight before posting, avoid trolling and stuff (though I rarely get them anyway), and stay polite. All common sense in the real world.

  • I don’t blog often because I have a knack for writing what I call feature-complete articles… articles which have some sort of closure/conclusion. I hate it when it seems that my post keeps a certain idea hanging.

    And I intend to be a blogger with less emphasis on ‘time’. It means that I want my old posts to always be read and relevant. There are new readers in our blogs everyday, and so I try my best to promote my older articles by:

    - Linking to my old posts on my new posts when it is relevant.
    - Editing old posts, adding newer information (can’t do this yet, I’m busy, but I have lots of articles to update)
    - My blog layout gives lots of opportunity to discover older posts (updated posts navigation, collective blogging projects [animeme], tags [need to add more], related posts navigation). I want to keep things simple for readers to find content in my blog, but I dunno if my new layout is effective.

    For cross-blog etiquette I try to comment on as many blogs and bloggers as I can, and try to link at my (randomized) blogroll whenever one requests to be added.

  • im pretty nice with my reader but if a troll appears i will delete they comments and if they continue being douche bags i will call them out and make them look like a bigger douche bag that they are

  • Tenma looks really cute in the last pic.

  • A blog that is overly polite will likely be overly boring. Blog anything you like, even if you want to spark controversy, but be skillful enough to stay within the boundaries of the law. That’s really what makes blogs so great. Heck, tj_han himself wrote a whole series of really controversial posts when this blog was at its peak in the past.

    And what that guy did was plain stupid… he vastly underestimates the power and interconnectivity of the internet.

  • I prefer just writing the way I feel. I write more like a personal blog, less like a newsite.

  • i like blogs with minor vulgarites…=p But some RPG posts are fine too ^_^


    Naw, you know I luv u babe~


  • what is a troll?

  • “what is a troll?”


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