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[Hynavian] Female Ninja Blogger - 8 Ways to Smokescreen Yourself

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There’s a recent movement for female bloggers; the "All Girls Round Robin Movement" led by itsubun (edit: sorry for the spelling mistake), usagijen and Hinano. It has caused an uproar among the blogging committee and many female bloggers left their secret hiding spots and jump onto the wagon. Not only that, the male bloggers also try their utmost to join the females only wagon; some declare themselves as a "gal" while the others go masquerade in their attempt to mask their aura of manliness.

(edit note: The organizers are itsubun, usagijen and Sasa. Apologies for the misunderstandings, Sasa and Hinano. Damn, been making way too many mistakes.)

I did contemplate joining but the number of sign-ups shocked me, there are actually many female bloggers around but it’s only through this special promo that I come to know of them. Hence the question, "How do female bloggers mask ourselves in public, be it in reality or through the internet?" Blogging is nothing embarrassing, blogging on anime related topics is also nothing embarrassing. However, when we’re with our non-Otaku friends, how do we survive if all we know of are anime related topics? How are you going to get a boyfriend if all you know of is anime or manga? Fret not, below are 8 tips that you should do so that you can remain a female ninja blogger while having good interpersonal relations with your non-Otaku friends.

Before going out with your non-otaku girlfriends…

1. Study Jay Chou, Farenheit or a handful of the famous.

During outings, a likely topic that will be brought up by ladies would be idols and pop stars. It won’t be sane to mention something like, "I worship Galatea and Miria from Claymore!!!!" Your girlfriends will look at you in horror and wonder what exactly you’re saying. To play safe, go for famous pop idols like Jay Chou, when it’s an individual artist, and any of the members from Farenheit if it’s a boy band. Listen to a few of their songs, memorize the song titles, watch some of the dramas that they’re in and take a good look at them. When the topic on idols is brought up, start flaunting your knowledge on how talented Jay Chou is or how hot Wu Zun from Farenheit is. You only need to know a handful of them as all you need to do is keep insisting that Jay Chou or Wu Zun is the better when any comparison is made.

2. Equip yourself with the lingo to gossip.

If gossiping is a common phenomenal in your clique, it’s best to be aware of your surroundings. Take some time off from manga/anime and take a good look at what’s happening around. You’ll need the lingo to gossip.

3. Equip yourself with "book knowledge".

The "book knowledge" here does not refer to manga knowledge. Instead of going, "My favorites are Claymore by Norihiro Yagi, Vampire Knight by Matsuri Hino, and Special A by Maki Minami", you should say something that fall within the norms. "My favorites are A Walk to Remember by Nicholas Sparks, Interview with the Vampire by Anne Rice and Chicken Soup for the Soul series. Now that sounds better, right? (:

4. Avoid staring at the "wrong goods" for too long.

A common hobby of ladies is to shop till they drop dead. During the quest for impulsive spurges, there will be chances when your gang come across some Otaku shops. For female figure collectors, imagine the reaction that your girlfriends will have when you (a lady) is staring at a half naked Ikkitousen Kannu Uncho figure. Obviously, you would want to collect that figure for collector’s value but your girlfriends will think otherwise. Instead, stare at L or Light from Death Note instead, your girlfriends might even join in.

Death Note LDeath Note Light

Before going out with your non-otaku boyfriends…

5. Learn how to dress up well.

To save your femininity, at least know the difference between a lip stick and a lip gloss. Know the use of an eye liner and learn how to use a mascara. Drop those glasses, go for contact lenses and take a look at how everyone around you (non-Otakus) is dressing.

6. Come up with smokescreen hobbies.

When asked for your hobbies, "shopping" would be the safest answer for any females bloggers. When asked what are the items that you usually shop for, it doesn’t really matter what your reply is. Just name anything that is non-Otaku related and everyone will be pleased. When asked to explain your lengthy online hours, defend yourself by bringing up a few girly sites like Hello kitty Online and Neopets; that you’ve been busy on those sites.

Female Ninja Blogger?

7. Write with a manly pen.

To hide your gender when you’re blogging online, female bloggers can blog with a manly pen. For blog decorations, reduce the number of cute pictures to near zero and come up with a GAR banner. In the profile page, favorites should exclude categories like shoujo, yaoi and emo. The more mecha the better, the more shounen, the more convincing.

Mecha Power!

8. Write with a manly nick.

"Hynavian", manly nick don’t you think so? Did I miss out on any?


Note to tjhan and the guys at RIUVA: Sorry guys for not being able to make it to the outing again. My family decided to hold an early birthday celebration for me today.

Popularity: 12% [?]

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32 Responses to “[Hynavian] Female Ninja Blogger - 8 Ways to Smokescreen Yourself”  

  1. 1 wr 8 comments

    -__- All these sound like the stereotype female. And if your friends are real friends, they won’t mind putting up with our different likes, right? Abit out of point leh.

    And Farenheit’s for kiddy girls.

    And no way would I want to write with a manly pen. Why the hell would I want to sound like a guy? Yucks. Yay yaoi!


  2. 2 Sasa 82 comments

    I worship Galatea and Miria from Claymore, what the heck is Farenheit and there is no way I’m going to drop my glasses because they make me look competent and cute at the same time. Or so.


  3. 3 andrea 1 comment

    When it comes to gender, maybe there will be a space for both sexes to share some common personality, like the claymores where there is a certain neutrality and line between female male, and even female and human. In Jap society, I think the main concern is with the quaity you associate with the character, and the strength he character has, and perhaps that is why women who become heroes like Miria do have some manly traits. Certainly make up does help if you are trying to be a female. Its hard to work towards which gender you want to be, or who you want to be. Hynavian is a nice nick though.

  4. 4 kuromitsu 3 comments

    So much fail.

  5. 5 anonymous 6 comments

    >Drop those glasses, go for contact lenses


    It’s people like you who suck all of the moe out of the world ( ̄へ ̄)

  6. 6 LianYL 778 comments


  7. 7 Hynavian 67 comments

    Ah did the filter eat my own comment?

    I agree with you wr but if you’re out with acquaintances, you won’t want to “talk anime or manga” with them right? Sssshhh…about Farenheit, we won’t want to insult the idol of others. The manly pen is for those who wish to have their female identity hidden, of course with some humor added to it though it back fired. We’re comfortable with it doesn’t mean that every female blogger is willing to step forward and exclaim “I’m a female blogger!”.

    Farenheit is a famous Taiwanese boy band. It’s okay if you don’t like them for I’m just using them as an example. (: Also, I’m keeping my spectacles too because I’m comfortable and “feel smart” with them. I just feel that sometimes its good for a change.

    Thanks, I like my nick too. (:

    @kuromitsu and anonymous
    2 words. “Fatal attraction”.

    I might get clawed to death at the end of this week.

  8. 8 Dorian Cornelius Jasper 6 comments

    Hey, it’s tough work writing with a manly pen!

    Especially when you’re a man.

    *Ba Dum PSSH!*

  9. 9 itsubun 1 comment

    Hey there,

    Thank you for the promo and ping. BTW, my name’s itsubun [check your spelling]. And my my, there has been much hilarity popping up throughout the blogosphere. But I’m glad people have taken notice and been so cooperative in helping us spread the word. Funny entry. I like how it plays on the stereotypes about girls. In RL though, all of my non-otaku girl friends know about my otaku hobbies and blogging. I’ve been very lucky because they’ve all been incredibly supportive and amused by my antics. Anyway, looking forward to getting to know you and the rest of the girls.

  10. 10 Hynavian 67 comments

    Oh No!!! I got the spelling wrong. :( Sorry itsubun.

    In real life, the ones that I usually hang out with are also aware of my otaku habits. My friends and I both take a step back and try to understand each other habits so as to strike some conversation. I’m glad to have such lovely folks as friends.

    Also, looking forward to reading more from you all. (:

  11. 11 Marmot 6 comments

    Hm, I’d think most reasonable people would know how to get along with others who don’t share their hobbies.~


  12. 12 k. 1 comment

    That was quite funny. And probably practical, too!



  13. 13 Caitlin 11 comments

    Thankfully, all my friends of either sex are geeks or not shallow people so I don’t have to put up with that BS.

  14. 14 The Sojourner 112 comments

    [ID Sojourner]

    Ha. Hope you got the joke in my post.

    To share bits and piece of your hobby with your non-otaku friends is fine as long as you do not go overboard. But to profess zealously about your hobby, that makes you the same as over-the-rainbow N***tards whose actions are sending that ‘IT IS THE GREATEST EVAR!’ message in a very obnoxious way.

    Usually I try to abstain from bringing up any topics related to my hobby when mingling with ‘normal’ friends (they make up the majority of my social circle). While I am lacking in knowledge when it comes to Asian idols or drama shows, I tend to engage in conversations related to Hollywood. Most people are suckers for that. kekeke

  15. 15 tj_han 1439 comments

    Never mind Hynavian, Happy Birthday, we shall set up a bot named Hynavian and frag her later.

  16. 16 Dorian Cornelius Jasper 6 comments

    “FEMALE NINJA BLOGGER~, fightin’ for her client!

    Wearing sexy miniskirts and bein’ self reliant!”

    Futurama has a quote for just about anything, really. Give or take a few words.

  17. 17 Jacob Martin 2 comments

    I’ve taken initiative and started this:


    That should direct male attention away from the Girl Power so you lot can have a decent discussion. Do tell your Otaku friends about it.

    It’s not supposed to detract from the Girl Power, it’s just giving us men something to do while we get out of your hair.

  18. 18 Shin 7 comments

    Thankfully, my civilian(non otaku) friends accept the fact that I’m a 2D obsessed lolicon perv, so everything’s cool, I guess. Strangers on the other hand….

  19. 19 gordon 29 comments

    at first i thought Hynavian was a guy. orz

  20. 20 Hynavian 67 comments

    Otaku rocks…to some extent. ^.^

    Hi there,
    I also find the Kannu a rather cool character but her figures are mainly half-naked or 3/4 naked. I wonder why.

    Lucky you, it’s great to have understanding friends.

    @The Sojourner
    Yeah I got the joke and I love that post, lots. Looking forward to reading more from you guys, thanks for always making my day with the hilarious posts.

    Thanks boss. (:
    Use smart bot okay, that way bot Hynavian will last longer.

    @Dorian Cornelius Jasper
    ““FEMALE NINJA BLOGGER~, fightin’ for her client!

    Wearing sexy miniskirts and bein’ self reliant!”

    Ninja fantasies?

    @Jacob Martin
    Goodluck with it!

    Go smokescreen and practice precaution when speaking with strangers. First impression counts. (:

    I guess my nick is misleading; boss thought that the nick was “manly” too. Its a rather useful nick when I want to scare others into submission while gaming online. *hehe* ^.^

  21. 21 issa-sa 10 comments

    Hehe, the tips are probably most useful when facing RL strangers, rather than friends who’ve gotten used to the fact that “ZOMG you’re into 2D characters from Japan???” enough to stare at you blankly and patiently for you to finish your rant on the latest episode of something before resuming whatever subject it was that made you friends in the first place :P

  22. 22 G-Man 52 comments

    “Blogging is nothing embarrassing, blogging on anime related topics is also nothing embarrassing.” *Dies laughing* I’m not sure when blogging became cool, and I’m definitely not sure when blogging about anime became cool. And if so, why is this post about hiding your blogging otakuism? But I figure if a girl is pretty enough anything she does is basically tolerated, as they are alot more social sanctions imposed on guys for some reason.

    I am G-man!

  23. 23 blissmo 20 comments

    I am not manly! I just like killing bunnies!

  24. 24 Hynavian 67 comments

    Yup, it’s better to take a different approach when approaching and interacting with strangers.

    Come to think of it, blogging is not the coolest hobby around either. But we should not excessively brag about our hobbies to others.

    I love your bunnies comics. (:

  25. 25 usagijen 34 comments

    Fahrenheit~ <3 :P
    you can forget about the “book knowledge” really, they’ll work with fellow bookworms, and alienate the normal ones who aren’t fond of reading xD

    like you, itsubun, and other people, my non-otaku friends know about my otaku hobbies very well too… anime and otaku fandom aside, there’s a whole lot of topics girls can talk about anyways~ ^^

    also, LURV that onion head emoticon, that’s my faveee :3

  26. 26 Soshi 93 comments

    Sad enough (or on hindsight, luckily!), all my RL friends are non-otaku. Female friends included. So I guess I’m a super-ninja otaku. I can’t talk anything remotely otaku-ish with them because it’s all gibberish in their minds. D:

    I agree with usagijen - book knowledge would be lost on the average female (omg I sound so sexist). If anything, Chick-lit would work the best. What’s popular nowadays? Er… I think Jodi Picoult? That isn’t totally chick-lit though.

    Hahaha, I thought you were a guy too at first. uber manly nick for the win!

  27. 27 Rin 1 comment

    Woot! Eh…I’ve been thinking of getting contacts, but they’re really annoying from what I’ve seen lol. I’ll just take my glasses off from time to time [making sure I don’t bump into walls o_o;;]. The tips were pretty nice and I’m so happy I know what you were talking about when you mentioned Farenheit! lol

    The thing is though, I’ve already converted all my friends into otaku’s >8D lol But hanging out with non-otaku’s is kewl too. ^-^ I’m happy to be assured by these tips!

  28. 28 Jacob Martin 2 comments

    Well, my Secret Men’s Business round robin for male Anime bloggers doesn’t seem to be going too well. Not enough people know about it I guess. I started with a blog entry asking why it’s OK for Aussies to like Anime if the Japanese tried to invade us in WWII, and how these attitudes have changed, but so far? Only one comment on the original Round Robin post, and none for my latest one.

    Am I just trying to reach out to people too hard, when nobody cares about these issues?

  29. 29 Dorian Cornelius Jasper 6 comments


    Ninja fantasies… about lawyers!

    Don’t tell me you’ve never watched Futurama. The same goes to you, too! You know who you are. The one reading this comment despite it not addressing you. Shame on you for not watching Futurama.

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