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[Tsubaki] RIUVA, hijacked.

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Because tjhan is shit, I’ve decided to take over RIUVA.

Starting from today, I am the new boss of RIUVA. I’ve acquired enough shares and stocks of RIUVA secretly over the months and finally RIUVA belongs to me. I’ve fired all the fuckers here, so if you want to be part of the new RIUVA team, drop a comment and I’ll consider. As for Anime Desho Desho, it’s going to be retired. She’s like a vintage car now, I just want to keep her in the garage and not drive her out anymore.

I kid.

Starting from today, I’m part of the RIUVA team. Tjhan tells me write and introduction post, because I’ve probably faded away long enough to be found on a historical timeline of animebloggers. Thanks Impz. So here goes.

I am Tsubaki, 21 years old this year. I used to run the now defunct Anime Desho Desho, where it used to do a lot of figurine posts , random anime recaps, random editorial, random rants, random fandom and a lot of Hirano Aya-ing. I founded Ayaism and while I’m no longer a fervent zealot, I still do pray every Sunday to my goddess. Back then tjhan was my lover, but now he’s gotten himself some stolen princess to add to his street creed. He thinks he’s less otaku, but he’s still the same. Oh, and we broke a lot of hearts in the yaoi fan circles, when we announced our divorce sometime ago. LianYL of course was the bastard child and kokanaden is my twin brother.

I sort of drifted away from the anime blogging because of a couple of reasons, firstly XEDO was being a pain in the ass back then and I couldn’t afford to be as gung-ho as DarkMirage (we all know he’s fucking rich because he wins ipods and xbox360s and sell them all the time) so I stopped downloading animes. And thus I could no longer blog about anime. Then it made no sense for my blog to be called Anime Desho Desho when it was becoming more like Tsubaki’s Day of Our Lives Desho Desho. Then came school, which got very busy for me because I was preparing for my graduation short film. By film, I really do mean film. I’m a film major, and I love filmmaking. I am also lucky to be able to work with one of Singapore’s leading directors- Eric Khoo.

I’ve uploaded some of my short films I’ve made in school, and they are quite heavy influenced with anime/jdorama references including the use of anime soundtracks. I probably won’t make such films ever again when I start building up my career, so enjoy this two films while you can. It’s not exactly the best, but I think some of you will be entertained.

Chu He and Swindle. Swindle probably has the most number of reference, and it also features the former cosplayer Vanda Lim.

Now that I’ve graduated from school, am very free and awaiting my National Service, I’ve decided to pop back in to touch base with the anime community. Though I was away for awhile, I still miss it a lot. I’ve decided not to continue ADD because like I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s time to let that vintage car rest. No point awaking the dead horse.

So yeah. That’s pretty much it. Hi?

PS: My hair is so damn long now, tjhan is jealous.

Popularity: 8% [?]

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23 Responses to “[Tsubaki] RIUVA, hijacked.”  

  1. 1 tj_han 1439 comments

    Your hair is like Age from Heroic Age. Except you prob didnt watch it.

  2. 2 0ne 135 comments


  3. 3 Soshi 93 comments

    @tj_han: He wants you to watch it lovingly instead!

    Gah. Now I have no excuse not to read RIUVA.

  4. 4 The Sojourner 112 comments


  5. 5 Sasa 82 comments

    Make me a child, tsubaki

  6. 6 jinyamato 110 comments

    lol tsubaki .. looking at the comments everyone misses you.. Welcome back tsubaki to the world of animeblogging…….
    hope to see more of your poast soon

  7. 7 double 115 comments

    Hi. You finally decided to get back with tjhan? Don’t disappoint the fangirls again lol.

  8. 8 pp 11 comments

    welcome you to the green man slavery first. Shaved heads, standard issue green fashionable clothes and zero freedom of speech.

  9. 9 Crest 49 comments

    The audience know not of you?

  10. 10 LianYL 778 comments

    Fleshy debut.

  11. 11 SnooSnoo 172 comments

    “if you want to be part of the new RIUVA team, drop a comment and I’ll consider”
    So can I join? (’~')

  12. 12 Forceflow 32 comments

    LOL. Need to copy pasta your Zettai Ryouiki guide here.

  13. 13 ron~ 13 comments

    welcome back!

  14. 14 Tsubaki 518 comments

    @tj_han Right. Load me up with this season’s best.

    @0ne Hur hur hur. Teh soon to be married man has so much time to read other people’s aniblogs!

    @Soshi Oh come on -.-”

    @Sasa My dear sasa! How are you! I’m sorry I left without pregnating you.

    @jinyamoto Thank you. Soon, soon.

    @double I see all those tsubakixtjhan communities mushrooming again.

    @pp Thank you.

    @Crest I think so.

    @LianYL I’m in the entertainment industry, what do you expect?

    @SnooSnoo I was joking about it. Hah. Check with the boss. RIUVA’s getting harder to get in now unless you have street creed.

    @Forceflow Hmm. I should revise it.

    @ron~ Thank you.

  15. 15 Hirvine 6 comments

    Tsubaki woot :D I follow like 8 anime blogs. When I read yours blog was closing a felt disappointed. Now it seems I won’t need to miss you. Welcome ‘back’!

  16. 16 Nano 79 comments


  17. 17 Hynavian 67 comments

    I’m so fortunate!!!! Another sexy guy!!!

    *Floats to heaven*

  18. 18 Kherubim 32 comments

    And here I was hoping that you would start making SG-style tokusatsu… Well at least low budget versions…

    There’s a unit in the military which does training videos and stuff, which they show to us reservists just to keep us from falling alseep, probably simple stuff to you, but at least you get to use what you know… Of course you’ll probably need to endure the first 3 months of green hell…

    Also Zettai Ryouki guide… DO WANT!

  19. 19 Tsubaki 518 comments

    @Hirvine Thank you, you have been missed too.

    @Nano yay

    @Hynavian Hello baby.

    @Kherubim Lol. Tokusatsu is not my thing sadly, because the props are a pain in the ass to accquire. That military unit only accepts PES C people. I, in my infinite abilities failed to chao keng and got PES A. Epic fail.

  20. 20 hirit 1 comment

    what a lame way of introducing yourself.

  21. 21 exaltdragon 162 comments

    Welcome back !

  22. 22 Pyoro 15 comments

    dude i totally missed out on your return! wth stupid rss feed reader….
    i am looking forward to ya future posts oh wait ya got a few up already….

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