[LianYL] Kyou Kara Pokkai

For those who might be interested, Kyou kara is Japanese for “from today onwards”, and pokkai(扑街 – flung onto streets ) is a Chinese dialect slang for being broke.

My card just got swiped by Amazon JP a few days back, indicating a painstaking road ahead of me. From that moment onwards, my card will be seeing payments for 18 more boxes of Kara no Kyoukai Limited Edition DVDs. A bunch of us, three to be exact, have signed the blood oath to collect the full set of TYPEMOON’s newest attempt at leeching money.


Excuse me now while I go watch the movie.

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  • You are not alone, my friend. Let our wallets bleed together.

  • OMG

  • whoa.
    7×7800 x3 = O____O

    unpacking photo, please? :P

  • Another 18 boxes? It’ll be a very big hole in the pocket Lian.
    Now will be a good time to get a part time job. (:

  • Fuck… I want one T_____________T

  • I was listening to Town, Flow of Time, People(町、時の流れ、人, from the Clannad orginal soundtrack), which is one of the most epic background track that has ever played while reading this blog. The realization of the fact that something I was waiting for for over a year is out with the epicness of the song almost made me yell “Haha, YESSS!!! HA!!!!” out loud. Thank god I didn’t, there were normal people around me.

  • I see you drew my old hairstyle.

  • Good Lord, I need to get that.

  • Why 18 boxes worth?

  • “Amazon JP has left me in despair!” exclaimed LianYL, as he fully absorbed the realization that his purchase of DVDs is actually a beginning of his financial ruin.

    Epic win, my friend, Epic win.

  • Oh dear. Good thing I’m too lazy (paranoid) to set up any sort of online payment account. I’d likely go into debt within a week. Huh, wonder why my browser either seems to hate this blog, or is overpowered by it’s awesome so much that it crashes.

    Also, the first time I saw this post, I thought there was some sort of Kara no Kyoukai Pocky being sold.

  • Wow. That is alot of stuff you are ordering for the sake of your friends.

  • @Sojourner

    Who knows? I’m thinking of not collecting and selling my copy. Better for my wallet and Busou Shinki collection.

  • u could publish your BRSticks and sell it to hardcore RIUVA readers. This should generate some income for u..

  • Ordered mine as well, had to wait for Bamboo Blade 5 before it gets shipped =p

    I’ll probably cry in anguish when they decide to re-release all 7 movies on BLU RAY.

  • Is that a mecha tripeman I see? Sho Shcary

  • Actually…Pokkai means ‘die on the street without anybody tending to your corpse’, but in many ways…yeah it’s pretty bad…

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