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[Tsubaki] Japan will allow military use of space

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TOKYO — The Diet has passed a law allowing space to be used for military purposes, including allowing Japan to possess early warning satellites that could be used as part of a missile-defense system and to jointly develop with the United States satellites for defense purposes.

The bill cleared the House of Councillors at a plenary session Wednesday morning.

The new law emphasizes the development and utilization of space, based on the U.N. Outer Space Treaty, which prohibits the deployment of nuclear and other arms in space, as well as on the defense-only principles of the Constitution.

The law proposes space development for security purposes based on the following aims:

• Improving people’s livelihoods.
• Eliminating threats to human lives.
• Contributing to international peace and Japan’s national security.

In addition to this, the law also includes provisions for the establishment of a new strategy headquarters, headed by the prime minister, to deal with space development in order to strengthen Japan’s competitiveness in the global space industry. Once the new office is created, a Cabinet member will be appointed to oversee development, while a space agency also will be established within the Cabinet Office within a year of the law going into force.

The law aims to set up a tax system and other monetary measures that will enhance the technical capacity of the nation’s space industry and promote private sector investment in the field.

Since 1969, when the Diet adopted a resolution that restricted the use of space to peaceful purposes, successive governments have limited the nation’s space development to “nonmilitary” purposes.

About time we get Gundams in space eh? Since Japan doesn’t really have a very big armed force, they can spend their defense budget in space and build giant mechas to take over teh worldz!!!!111111 Think about the possibility!

Popularity: 3% [?]

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12 Responses to “[Tsubaki] Japan will allow military use of space”  

  1. 1 dood 2 comments

    then every country will its own “Area XX”.
    they should start with the UK :P

  2. 2 Kresnik 27 comments

    or they should have try to help to revitalize this dying world. That would prove to be more worthed than making weapons and huge spy glass.

  3. 3 Orenji 7 comments

    In before Side 3.

  4. 4 wr 8 comments

    … note the word “defense”.

  5. 5 leefe 70 comments

    The best defense is a good offense.

  6. 6 Victor 57 comments

    waiting for orbital ladders

  7. 7 Silencers 20 comments

    Before Gundams, they might build Genesis first.

  8. 8 LianYL 617 comments

    pew pew pew

  9. 9 Kherubim 7 comments

    Call me when an alien giant spaceship crash lands on a South Pacific island and they get variable F-22s…

  10. 10 SnooSnoo 15 comments

    Did the discussion about bipedal mechas end with bipedal mechas being superior to non-bipedal mechas? If so, the Spiral King is proud of you. The humanoid form boosts Spiral Energy tremendously.
    Now all thats left is to wait for aliens to come and introduce tentacle rape.

  11. 11 Loba 25 comments

    Let’s go jupiter and build solar furnaces.

  12. 12 TP 20 comments

    Nippon BANZAI!!!

    Just in time for C&C: Red Alert 3.

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