Narnia: Prince Caspian is the Worst Film Ever.

Fuck this shit!

1. Preaching all day long about some imaginary being.
2. Stupid illogical tactical decisions by both sides.
3. Terrible fighting choreography. It’s like watching a cripple battle a handless halfling in quicksand.
4. Retarded romance.
5. Got into a small accident after the movie and spilled a puddle of blood via the chin. I am now Otaku X.

Fuck you Narnia!!

16 Responses to “Narnia: Prince Caspian is the Worst Film Ever.”

  • Is it that bad? @#$@#& ! I’m being forced to watch it next week!

  • So, which is shittier? Koizora, or this?

  • However.. Narnia is a delightful fantasy book series! Before it got made into films that is but it.. is still good!

  • Well as I have said, they butchered the series.


  • kan ni narnia CCB

  • What accident?

  • Why did you watch this in the first place then?!

    Oh wait….I see. 姫さま。

  • so, it’s even worse than the first narnia movie? omg… and I thought they’d improve.

  • If that is the case, then I might consider watching it for the lulz.

  • I saw recently. It’s really not that bad (at least for me it’s not). Watch it again when you’re in a better mood?

  • I didn’t even like the first one

  • what’s otaku x?

  • I read the book over my vacation. It was a really bad book. Looking at the source material, they probably had a really tough time making it make sense and not boring.

  • I saw the first movie, it sucked hard. And I’m not suprised to hear new one sux even more. People just don’t have the style, and are bad story writes. Time to grab my pen, and continue the works of Hideaki Anno, Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra and Fyodor Dostoevsky.
    I was always good at writing in school, if someone wants to help me out with crazy ideas (everything is welcome, don’t worry, its not anything worse than what my mind has x) you can contact me on
    I’m serious, I’ll start writing manga! Serious manga! :D I can’t draw yet, but I’ll figure something out. I’m from Europe country that barely has any comics, so my manga will pwn xD

  • Narnia is more like C.S Lewis’ attempt to convey his faith through a series of novels that will also appeal to children. If they get up to the Last Battle without fucking it all up then they might have a good movie on their hands, but I can almost guarantee they probably totally missed the Christian references in this and the first movie or took them out/tried to diguise them further, thus rendering the movie a pointless waste of time.

  • This film is BLOOOODY shit (:
    we walked out half way through it….it was possibly the worst film ever..
    it made no sense and it was completely pointless.
    it was really cheesy and unrealistic.
    even though the guys were quite hot :P
    i do not recommend for anyone..even the blind,

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