[Ascaloth] The Anime Announcements of Suzumiya Haruhi: What Gives?

Hey folks, it’s been a while since I last posted an article here. Been taking a writing break ever since I ended my coverage on ef ~a tale of memories, True Tears, and CLANNAD (TV), but apparently because of that, this blog stops getting regular updates while the higher echelons of the RIUVA staff goes on a sand and sea getaway. No wonder we failed to register on the People’s Choice of the Anime Blog Awards at all. orz

Going back to the main issue, the online anime community has been abuzz this week over leaked images of an unreleased Newtype issue featuring new images of the upcoming  "new" season of Suzumiya Haruhi. First reported on Canned Dogs and subsequently picked up by Kurogane, apparently translations from Canned Dogs state that the production staff at Kyoto Animation felt that they could not just do a second season, so they canceled it to start on a "new" season instead.

Naturally, being the long-awaited and greatly-hyped phenomenon that it is, any announcement on the second season of Haruhi was bound to elicit a flurry of responses at this point, and this time was no different. As there have been no information revealed apart from what had been published on Canned Dogs so far, as well as the fact that the second season of Haruhi has been two years in the waiting and counting, it might therefore come as no surprise that there have been several other reactions apart from the usual ‘squee’ from Haruhiists. Let’s take a look at a couple of these;

As I thought, it’s Kadokawa behind this.

They’re up to their money-grubbing tactics again, this time interfering with KyoAni’s production schedule in order to hype this up as far as they can go. They did it with Hirano Aya, they did it with Lucky Star, and they’re going to do it with this second season of Haruhi! I will love it if I’m right, love it!

Yep. We’ve heard all of this before, and it’ll probably not be the last time we’ll hear it from certain people. Moving on…


Unfortunately, two years of waiting seemed to have become too much for some, having caused them to crack and overreact to what can only be considered as incomplete information. Apparently, a lot of people have assumed from the Canned Dogs announcement that KyoAni have ditched the original script for the second season in order to "remake" a "new" Haruhi. Wait, what?

For one thing, the Canned Dogs announcement was somewhat vague, to be honest. All it mentioned was the KyoAni production staff’s reasons behind why they cancelled the "2nd season" for a new "Suzumiya Haruhi new season"…and that’s it. It didn’t mention anything about them ditching the script to make a new one now, and considering that translations may not be 100% accurate, it could very well mean the announcement that was made approximately one year ago. This would make even more sense for those who are familiar with the content in Volume 4, The Disappearance of Suzumiya Haruhi, and knows that KyoAni couldn’t possibly direct the coming 2nd season the same way they did with Volume 1 in 2006. After all, judging from the images in the scans, they’re most likely going to be basing most of the season on Volume 4; anyone who recognizes the different uniform Haruhi is wearing in the Newtype cover page for what it is should understand.

Lastly, unless I’m entirely mistaken, the scans are from an as-yet unreleased Newtype magazine. It is entirely possible that whatever information Canned Dogs provided in its announcement is not the whole thing; is a full translation even out yet? Until it is, there’s still no cause for panic as yet; even if it turns out that we won’t be seeing the second season until 2009, so what? One can always watch other anime in the meantime, there’s really no cause for rush there.

(Although considering recent anime seasons where the most watchable types of anime are those that try to pass off million costume masqerades as part of the plot point, I somewhat understand the anxiety…)

Well then, all we can do is to wait until a full translated version of the upcoming Newtype magazine appears, for only then will we have complete information to speculate upon. However, I have been wondering about something; how many of those who are expecting The Second Season of Suzumiya Haruhi actually have an idea what’s coming, and how many have not actually spoiled themselves as yet? What are you looking for in a Second Season, and how do you expect Kyoto Animation to handle the direction and execution? Will it be anything like the random-episode-order of the first season, or will it become more conventional to suit the darker mood of Volume 4? I hope to hear from you guys.

Ascaloth, out.

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  • Now who’s being overly serious?

  • Gee, thanks…

    Though I probably deserve that… >_>;;

  • Ah well I don’t really mind

    I’m still going to watch this

    But I prefer Haruhi with short hair …

  • @Kaioshin,

    I haven’t got a clue. Why don’t you tell me who?



  • I don’t know either, I think somebody’s article is in jest, or is it both? Though I do know that to me cancelling a second season in order to make a new Suzumiya Haruhi second season means pretty much the exact same thing as scrapping the original script/ideas for a new one. Unless your assuming they are combining them together or something…..which doesn’t quite fit in with the term cancelling.

    Of course benefit of the doubt is something we should give and obviously we know that they aren’t going to be remaking the first season….I hope. What I imagine the announcement means is nothing short of them scrapping whatever they had going and starting over because something either wasn’t to Kadokawa’s liking or they are trying to rework it from a different angle. There are after all multiple ways to approaching an adaptation.

    What am I looking for in a second season….something to make the whole of Vol 4. more dynamic when it is converted to open animation as I can’t say I enjoyed reading the novel as much as I imagine what it could have been. Maybe it’s actually a good thing if they are taking a new approach, maybe they’ll end up making a more exciting season then the novel it’s based off. Really though what I’m looking for Kyoto Animation to do is what should be expected of any animation studio producing a work, make something entertaining, fun to watch and fun to discuss/analyze. No more, no less.

  • @Kaioshin,

    Look at DarkMirage’s article from one year ago again. I’m more inclined to think that their mentioning of “cancelling” the second season is really nothing more than a reference to the little gag they pulled one year ago, turning “SHnY 2″ into “SHnS”. Which, of course, means little more than a mere name change.

    I know looking for conspiracy theories where there may be none is your style, but maybe it’s time to look somewhere else? Your obsession with Kadokawa is getting old fast already.

  • Yeah well you leave the speculating about Kadokawa to me, cause that’s what it is, speculation. You just seem unhappy once again that I am looking at a situation from multiple angles and weighing more possibilities then simply what Darkmirage speculated. Though even if it is the case, why take all this time to announce the exact same thing again? That lack of anything to show for the 6 month gap is still there, which is what most people are upset over.

    Look at it this way, Kadokawa has shown that they like to interfere in franchise productions with the likes of Full Metal Panic and Lucky Star to see that their desires are met, it’s similar to what Bandai does at times as well. Now I’m not saying for certain that this is the case with Haruhi Season 2, I’m just putting it on the table. You take things so literally though that you assume I’m out to get Kadokawa/Kyoani/Haruhi whatever all the time, when really I’m just adding my thoughts. It sounds like you think I’m involved in some sort of conspiracy…..

  • @Kaioshin,

    I’m just saying we’ve heard it all before, and it’s getting old. I’m not getting mad about anything.

    Interesting though, that you insist on your right to “speculate” about things KyoAni and Kadokawa, and yet when other people “speculate” about your beloved Code Geass or Gundam 00, you’re the one getting all pissy… :p

    Anyway, continue this if you want, I’m yawning already. Me go nap now.

  • Yeah, I only ever really get upset when people engage in silly bashing or misrepresentation of something for the sake of taking a negative stance, which just happens to happen with Gundam 00 and Code Geass a lot. It’s also kind of happening in this case too. That’s why I’m somewhat taken aback by certain people (did I just steal your quote?) who are taking this as news that it’s a remake of Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu which is most certainly not the case unless you twist it or deliberately take it as the worst case scenario to allow a reason to take a negative stance on the announcement.

    And yes, perhaps you have a point about the Kadokawa thing, I think I have made my stance clear on it by now and should lay that bit to rest.

  • I suspect manipulation via incorrect news


  • In this blog post: people showing that they getting sand in their wetsuit when people talk bad about about their favourite franchises.

    And you wonder why trolls exist.

  • It’s a gimmick.

  • I’ve yet to spoil the new season of Haruhi for myself (and thanks for not including major spoilers in your post!). I don’t know what’s coming in the novels and I’d like to keep it that way. The new season will be more exciting that way when it actually comes. ^^

    I was pretty much expecting more of what we had last season, meaning more out of order episodes filled with a lot of comedy, mystery, action and excitement. You mentioned that the new season probably can’t be directed the same as the last season given the content of book 4, the basis of the new season, so I’m extremely curious about why you said that and what KyoAni might possibly do… I’m so close to just giving in and reading the novels at this point, but I really want to wait it out and see what happens in the anime!

  • Yeah I’m trying not to assume too much — just reporting what I see.

    All I care about is the release date, which some still say is this summer while a few others say it’s later.

    As for the actual content of the series, I don’t care too much. As long as it’s canonical Haruhi in some form. Although this whole time I had been expecting Disappearance (though I’ve never read the light novel to know the finer details), which I assume occurs later on in the timeline after the events of season one.

    If that isn’t the case, well… I just want to watch something good this summer is all. ^^; Want more Nagato.

  • Please learn to resize beforehand instead of using HTML.

  • @Crisu: I think the correct answer is that nobody knows when it’s going to start and that somebody needs to start a betting pool for fun and profit. First person that guesses the exact right date of episode 01 (00 whatever) before it’s announced gets 100% of the pot and likewise down the chain if nobody gets it bang on, the first person that guesses the right week gets 50% or if nobody does, first person that guesses the right month gets 25% and if nobody gets it even then the closest person overall get’s 10% and the organizer walks off to bank. Entry is 5 Canadian dollars….

    Of course I’m kidding.

  • “@Kaioshin Sama @Crisu: I think the correct answer is that nobody knows when it’s going to start and that somebody needs to start a betting pool for fun and profit. ……. and the organizer walks off to bank. Entry is 5 Canadian dollars….

    Of course I’m kidding.”

    actually that’s a good idea, all u need is William Hill who accepts anything haha


  • @Kaioshin Sama: “I think the correct answer is that nobody knows when it’s going to start and that somebody needs to start a betting pool for fun and profit. First person that guesses the exact right date of episode 01 (00 whatever) before it’s announced gets 100% of the pot…”

    Well, let me jump in before anyone else and claim December 18th. ^_^

  • Lol at random football link! As a Newcastle fan, I’ve learned not to partake in hype and random speculation, it’ll come when it comes and be what it is.



  • Has is occured to anyone that this is part of the marketing? I mean those familiar with the 4th novel will understand what I mean when I say the Haruhi disappears and reapears in a new format? An d now the second series is canceled and is going to be redone? It’s not impossible that this a just another hint is it?

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