[Tsubaki] Man goes on a stabbing spree, kills 7 people in Akihabara

I interrupt the usual anime fanfare with a disturbing news from the holy land of the otakus.

Just yesterday, A man plowed into shoppers with a truck Sunday and then stabbed 17 people within minutes, killing at least seven of them. His reason? “He said he was tired of life. He said he was sick of everything“. I can’t even think of anything funny to say, other than how disturbing this is and how the media will undoubtedly blame animes like Higurashi for such an influence. More details of the incident can be found here:

Yahoo article.
Japantoday article.
BBC article.
Youtube video of the news in Japan. (WARNING: EXTREMELY DISTURBING)

Let’s all offer a moment of silence and prayers for the 7 people who died, and the 10 others speedy recovery.

7 Responses to “[Tsubaki] Man goes on a stabbing spree, kills 7 people in Akihabara”

  • I really hope that it doesn’t spiral into a blame game because the fact is, people died. D:

  • I think the media said the man chose Akihabara as that area had high human traffic levels, and not because of Akiba’s relationship to animes…

    But then again, some people just want to blame anime for EVERYTHING

  • Do otakus look that dispensable to the common folks of japan so much so that they are the first thing that comes into their head when killing is concerned. -_o

    Either that or common folks sees anime as films of evil or something. I’m sad for the victims but i have a bad feeling this case might just give us anime viewers a slap in the face.

  • 誰もよかった。。誰もよかった。。was what he shouted when he goes killing spree..

  • Hoo noes…

    Killer’s apartment found to contain numerouse doujins and killer claims that he only had interest in “anime and 2D worlds” and singing anime songs

    Now, not only the media, perhaps even the Gahmens are going to have a field day on Anti-Otakuism

  • A terrible tragedy, the worst I’ve heard in my 4 years here in Tokyo. Japan is generally as safe as Singapore, but when something like this happens it becomes ever more alarming.

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