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Who is your Favourite FF Hero?

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Popularity: 6% [?]

In the 3rd series of "Really Fanboyish Questions that make you look Fanboyish", we bring you the popular "WHO IS YOUR FAVOURITE FF HERO?"

Scientifically-obtained data shows that 67 percent of the world’s population is a Final Fantasy Fanboy (or girl), and the remaining 33 percent are the haters who are fanboys deep down.

The population can be broken down into…

  1. FF7 (original) Fanboys
  2. FF7 AC Fanboys
  3. FF6 Fanboys
  4. FFX Fanboys
  5. Traditionalists
  6. Others (FF Tactics, FFXII, FFVIII etc)

FF7 Original Fanboys
These are generally males who are older than 21. As FFVII came out in 1997, and you had to be at least 10 years of age to be able to comprehend the story. I myself played it when I was 11, and because I’m so clever, coud comprehend the story better than most others whose only comment was "Sephiroth is sexy". Anyway, the traits of FF7OFB are:

  • They get upset when others state they have never played the FF7, especially when the reason stated is bad graphics.
  • They have mastered all materia, defeated all Weapons, and gotten every secret in the game.
  • They talk about how awesome the story and characters are and how Square has turned into shit.
  • They all think Advent Children is shit but pretty shit.
  • And Tifa is hot.

Mind you, Advent Children is shit, but looks pretty. Still shit.

FF7 AC Fanboys
Man, these are the worst. Generally youthful (read: immature brats) who are drawn to the franchise because of all the bishounen. Generally female. Never played the game before, don’t know the story and always pick Cloud, Sephiroth and Vincent as their favourite characters. The worst ones might pick the 3 silver fags. These are the fans the new Square try to attract. The first FF game they might have played is FFX, or even Crisis Core, basically those with pretty boys. Many of these fanboys also become cosplayers, which is fine if they are hot but awful when not.


  • Squeals loudly about the bishiness of Vincent Valentine (they always stress his last name because it is romantic).
  • Loves leather clothing.
  • Loves Bishounen and yaoi fanfics where Cloud mates with Sephiroth and his "Masamune" *snickers*.
  • Talks nonsense about the plot, and discusses stupid issues like "Who is the strongest character?" dragonball style.

FF6 Fanboys
These are the people who try to be elitist because too many people like FF7 and they feel the need to be special. Granted, FF6 is a great game as well but it’s just like anti-Haruhists who want to gain status by pushing unfair criticisms of the show, some FF6 fanboys diss everything that came after that. In fact, dissing everything that comes after what they love best is a universal fanboy trait.


  • Talks about the good old days, and the death of gaming, with its reliance on graphics and flashy cutscenes.
  • Elitist, looks down on anyone who dares praise new games.
  • Always selects Terra or Celest as their favourite FF girls, and Kefka as the favourite villain.

FFX Fanboys
These were numerous back when PS2 was king, but strangely in recent years they’ve all been converted to FF7AC fanboys. Girls seem to love FFX as well, with many favouring Yuna. And dressing up as Yuna even though their flab prevents them from making any sort of journey or doing any dance. Thankfully, FFX was a decent game in its own right and had only Tidus as a bishounen.

  • Extinct. Converted to FF7 AC fanboys.

The Others
And there are those who like the other FFs. In particular, FF Tactics is fanboyed by nerdy males who love to have a logical system and full usability of that system.

My own personal preference is actually FF7 (being my first RPG on the PSX), FF Tactics and FFX. I would have added FF6 in if not for the fact that I did not manage to finish the game due to some incident which I have since forgotten. Ditto FF9, 8 and 12. The latter 2 due to faulty PS or discs, and the last one due to sheer boredom.


As an anime fan, I reckon most fellow anime fans would pick Tifa, Rikku and Yuffie due to their fitting the mould of most likeable female anime characters. I hate Yuna, because she smells like Tuna. Or maybe because one of the many cosplayers added a tuna flavour to their perfume. I quite have a liking for Elena, Cissnei from the Turks too. And that’s for the females.

My favourite protagonist is a toss up between Ramza and Cloud. Ramza is all about dogged persistence, determination and being a strong oniichan, and is humble and kind despite his birth into a famed noble family in a time when the rich trod over the poor. Also, he shares the same faith as us Internet users (atheism actually, he fights the Church and Jesus). FFT is basically the story of him hounding each and every bad bad guy out there, and the final boss is Jesus.

Cloud, despite his being a chick magnet in recent years, is (ok actually was) also a great character because he’s … a fucking Shinra infantryman who thinks he was SOLDIER 1st class despite being a scrawny carsick wimp. I liked him better when he was infantryman. Now that he’s some emo brooding Sasuke-wannabe in AC, it’s no longer fashionable to say Cloud is a good character. But he once was, remember? Crisis Core’s Zack is also pretty awesome, he reminds me of Shun from Gatekeepers and Shun is man God.

Off topic, but the reason why Crisis Core is a great game despite it not appearing to be a great game, is because we all know he dies in a tragic, futile way. It’s the same reason why Gatekeepers is a legendary anime even if it’s not really that good logically.

To summarise,

Best Sexy Female Character: Tifa. Do we need to know why? The reason jiggles. Also, her limit break is cool and the recent Dead Fantasy fan-made video makes Final Heaven even cooler. Cissnei comes close though in a different way.

Best Anime-ish Female Character: Rikku. Yuffie comes a close 2nd, but she steals my materia and is a cousin of Naruto. Rikku on the other hand, is good with machines and is a nerd at heart but with the killer bikini body. I had this hugeass wall scroll poster of Rikku in my room hanging but her awesomeness was too heavy for the hooks and it fell onto me while I was in slumber.

Best Newcomer Female: I made up this award just to give Cissnei some recognition. Man, she’s so burningly hot my PSP overheated. Girls in sharply tailored suits are the best. Zack was a fool not to have screwed her, she was practically asking for it in the ruins that is GONGAGA. FOOL YOU ZACK. Also the fact that the Turks would’ve saved Zack and Cloud rather than kill them like the infantry. FOOL YOU ZACK.

Wtf, so hot.

Most Annoying Female Character: Yuna and Aerith. I hate these soft magic types who demand they be served like princesses. I mean, I make you 1 flower cart and you think it’s ugly, Aerith (I keep spelling it Aeris out of habit)! You need 3 flower carts!! Wtf is that, greedy bitch. I dislike Yuna for mysterious reasons, probably because she steals gametime from Rikku.

Best Male Character: As stated, Ramza, Zack and Cloud. I hate Zack’s hairstyle though, it looks like the hedgehog monsters seen in sector 5 slums.

Most Annoying Male Character: It’s not Sephiroth, nor is it Californian Surfer boy Tidus. It is that pretentious sissy GENESIS. Seriously, who reads out lines (the same lines too) from a stupid play instead of talking normally? Even Sephiroth talks normally, albeit his mother complex. Angeal is also very gay, it’s similar to Blassreiter’s uncle Boylove.

Shit I so need to buy those Playarts figures of RedXIII I missed! Square had better make a proper Playarts figure of Cissnei, along with Tseng and Rude and Elena. And Zack. But knowing the vast numbers of fangirls out there, the likes of Genesis and Angeal would get made instead.

Popularity: 6% [?]

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28 Responses to “Who is your Favourite FF Hero?”  

  1. 1 Hei 9 comments


  2. 2 Orenji 11 comments

    Penelo, she is cute.

  3. 3 jpmeyer 89 comments
  4. 4 Beowulf Lee 26 comments

    That one guy that didn’t look like a girl. Oh wait…

    Ramza. I thought FFT had most in depth characters ever to walk around in a JRPG.

  5. 5 nunka 2 comments

    All FF protagonists suck. No exceptions.

    So, instead, my two favorite villains: Kuja and Dycedarg.

  6. 6 Anonymous 33 comments

    Extinct? No way, my favourite FF game is still FFX. Couldn’t play FF7 since I was 6 at the time. Can’t get it now since th PS2 died.

  7. 7 scootarski 3 comments

    favorite hero(main): cecil
    favorite girl: celes
    favorite other guy who isnt the “main” hero: sabin
    favorite villian: Golbez or Kefka

  8. 8 Ez 3 comments

    I totally loved FF7 and all onwards (too bad 13 isn’t out) but my favourite characters aren’t in any of the FF’s you mentioned.

    My irreplaceable hero favourite: ZIDANE!!!! Cmon where has all the love gone for him? Squall I can understand but why hasn’t anyone mentioned Zidane?!

    My favourite female lead: Dagger/Garnet. I’m not so sure why but I’d guess my favourite female lead would have to be her. After all, FF9 was nearly a visual novel of some sort.

    My favourite villain: Duh, Kuja. I mean the guys so insane he tries to destroy the very existence of everything that is anything. Plus he has that awesomely cool dress/shirt and silver hair! Oh, and his version of Ultima is ubercool.

    Other honourary mentions would include Ramza, Cloud and Vaan (yes,yes,yes I think he deserves some mention). As for female characters Tifa, Aerith, Rinoa and Rikku get mentions. Since villains make up a pretty extensive list I’m not going to list my favourite. Oh, and as you might have guessed FF9 was my favourite, and FF7 comes in second. xD

  9. 9 issa-sa 8 comments

    Anyone from FF6. Because it’s the only one I ever played, and not in the good old days either (so I’m prepared to be looked down upon, rather than look down on anyone), and because it doesn’t have emo teenybopper protagonists :P

  10. 10 Panther 15 comments

    Only played FFX and FF12, so I would have to be biased. I still like Tifa though, much thanks to Dead Fantasy too. Hardly bother about male characters…but Lulu should get an honorable mention. Fran too, because she is so fanboyish-type?

  11. 11 Stifler 63 comments

    One thing you got right about FFVI fanboys - we do tend to select Celes and Terra as our favorite female characters.

  12. 12 DKellis 11 comments

    Favourite Male Hero: Edgar, from FF6. The man is a king and an engineer, in charge of a travelling castle. Also, he’s not angsty, or at least not much. Zidane from FF9 is second, and Auron from FF10 third.

    Favourite Female Heroine: Rydia, from FF4. Loli turned legal. Selphie from FF8 comes in a close second, and Penelo from FF12 third.

    Favourite Villain: Kefka, from FF6. Entirely because of Dancing Mad.

    Favourite Dialogue Character: Balthier, from FF12. Yeah, I like the accent, plus the localization. Sad to say, I’m not as impressed with earlier FF games.

    If you’re wondering, I identify myself as a FF6 fanboy. Best musical score in a FF game in my opinion.

  13. 13 Hirvine 3 comments

    no final fantasy ix lovers? My top 3.
    1. Garnet Til Alexandros XVII
    She’s so responsible and well thinking of the people. Give second chances to thieves and well … lovely.
    2. Aeris Gainsborough
    Can’t replay FF7 without crying if she dies. She absolutely knew Sephiroth would kill her,
    but she never stepped back. She’s considerated and brave.
    3. Terra Branford, awaiting FFX started FFVI
    All stuff bad things happens arounds her and she’s feeling responsible.
    She’s caring like Aeris … Well, it’s just such a great story and such a great theme!
    1. Zidane Triball (like EZ)
    The whole world of Zidane trembles and collapses. Finding the ‘otherworld’, being cheated,
    being alone, being left alone. He has marked his own goal and isn’t afraid to follow the path.
    2. Cloud Strife , no need for explanation,
    3. Cecil Harvey
    Being super loyal, he’s able to choose for good. Even fighting himself, he succeeds…
    Good post, somehow I really read the full article at 7:35 AM.
    @Panther, unlike some FF fans I have no clue why people start rumbling about not playing the old games. It’s not like the FF series are sequels.
    notice: don’t hold me at this ‘current’ top3. Time of day might have influenced my judgment :P

  14. 14 Nekonron 10 comments

    I would have to say Zidane. My first console game (or JRPG for that matter) was FFIX. I didn’t have a PS at the time but the game attracted me so much that I bought the game and camped out at my best friend’s house day after day completing every possible quest except the Excalibur II. We both ended up as FF-fanboys after that :P
    Cloud comes very close, tho.

    Rikku and Yuna were top of my list for hottest female FF char, until AC came out with the Goddess Tifa XD~

  15. 15 tj_han 1115 comments

    Beowulf: Much as I’ll like to agree with you since I’m a big fan of FFT, that line is nonsense. Xenogears has the best characters in a JRPG. Are you named Beowulf because of the FFT Beowulf?

    Nekonron: You youngster! But your FF fanboyism qualifies.

    Hirvine: Funny I don’t seem to have much recollection of FF9, except for this armoured big man, a monkey boy Zidane and a dragon knight girl Freya.

    Dkellis: You’re right about the score, pity it’s a MIDI quality. If they ever port 6 over to PSP, I sure hope they do something to make the score a proper musical one. And you’re lolicon..

    Panther: But Lulu is from Code Geass. The FF Lulu is female… I thought you were old, but are you young?

    Anonymous: Play it on PSP or a PSX emulator on PC.

  16. 16 Sasaki 26 comments

    Male: Never really liked any of the FF male characters. I much preferred the male characters from Chrono Trigger and Xenogears.

    Female: Agrias Oaks lul.

    I liked Gogo from 6, but what is his gender?

    Guess I would fall into the FF6 fanboy category; even though I love 7 and 9 almost equally they just lack the magic (pun not intended) of 6. Elitist? Maybe, but with probably more grounds for elitism than otaku elitists who swear by Gundam or whatever rocks their boat.

  17. 17 kokanaden 300 comments


    Meryl Silverburgh and Naomi Hunter are the hottest.

    Oh I forgot, Mei Ling too.

    Oops, this is FF, not Metal Gear.

  18. 18 Caitlin 2 comments

    I also very much liked FF9’s characters too. Kuja is the exception…man in a thong does not equal villain for me. Sephiroth is still the greatest in that category, IMHO.

  19. 19 omo 75 comments

    I thought all the cool kids hated heroes and liked side characters. Whatever.

  20. 20 The Sojourner 48 comments

    I liked Xenogears as well. Fei’s mental instability was disturbing and riveting and so was the entire plot. Oops. I have nothing to say about FF.

  21. 21 tidal 1 comment

    Balthier. I’m so GAR for him, it’s even scaring me. After all, he IS the leading man.

    And i must protest against awarding Cissnei Best Newcomer Female. Granted, I also think she’s hotter than Tifa and Rikku combined, but have you seen FFXIII’s Lightning? DAMN that is hot.

  22. 22 Fabio 4 comments

    Cecil is the best.

  23. 23 Silencers 31 comments

    *cries alone in the corner*

    That sexy teacher from FF8 was nice… though I forgot her name.

  24. 24 Hynavian 50 comments

    My favorite FF is FF8, followed by FF7 and then 9. I didn’t get PS2 and I’ve tried all the other higher numbered FF. However, FF 13 seems fun though, with lightning as the first female protagonist.

    Favorite FF character (male): Squall. For his cool soldier attitude, nice poses and fashion sense.

    Favorite FF character (female): None. I feel that female characters are weaker than the male characters; they’re unable to deal substantial damage to enemies. Eg: Aeris, Rinoa. I don’t really like Tifa too as her punches do not deal much damage as compared to the other FFVII characters, or maybe it’s my fault for not knowing her plus points. Also, Tifa’s limit break is unpredictable and I’ve rotten luck when it comes to jackpots.

  25. 25 tj_han 1115 comments

    Hynavian!!! In FF Tactics, the female characters can equip all the good stuff, and the males can’t! Which means females are vastly overpowered. Also Reis the little Dragon Girl has the best stats in the game.

    Tifa is also the 2nd strongest in FF7, and her slots aren’t random. And Yuffie is so awesome.

  26. 26 Tsubaki 495 comments

    I still like FFX out of the whole series because it’s the only FF series that I actually bothered to complete. Tidus’s is a dick, but compared to the emo boys like Cloud and Squall, he’s actually much better, except his wardrobe suck balls. In comparison, the girls of FFX beats the rest of the other FF series. I mean who can beat Rikku, Yuna and Lulu combined?

  27. 27 Somatic 9 comments

    Add in Garnet into the most annoying females please. I rather prefer Beatrix over most female characters in FF IX. Plus you have to admit, after Crisis Core, Zack would be the more better character over Cloud, even thought the latter does have much to contribute. But AC does ruin part of his achievements by putting him in a “I need to stay alone” setting. Cissnei is HAWT, not to mention her DMW support is superb. Plus they added a Bikini Scene for her which totally Wowed me over.

  28. 28 CDan 15 comments

    Penelo´s butt FTW.

    Although my fav FF female is still Yuffie, even if she looked and acted dumb in AC and Dirge of Cerb.

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