Druaga: The New But Shittier Vandread.

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When it first started, I raved about the Tower of Druaga, thinking that GONZO had finally gotten back to their roots, ie making good anime in multiple seasons. I was since proven half-right, as ToD was an average to slightly above average anime with major cliffhanging plot twist, set to continue next year in a new season. The similarities to one of GONZO’s most awesome titles, Vandread, is striking.

Like Vandread, ToD is divided into most likely two seasons, each with 12 or 13 episodes. Each season starts off well, then uses some middle episodes either for comedy or for character development and ending off with a big team battle against what would appear an insurmountable foe. And after that, it would be revealed that the foe was the mere tip of the enemy iceberg. Happened with Vandread season 1, as the huge efforts to destroy a harvester mothership only attracted the attention of several more of the same. Likewise, Druaga turns out to be a mid-boss, quite literally.

To me, ToD being a shittier version of Vandread bodes well for GONZO, as it’s a massive step up from the other muck that is their recent productions. Let’s just hope that they continue this improvement…

Neeba and Kaaya are a lethal combo, as shown in one episode when they were in a pair. But are they enough to win the new tower? Why didn’t they take Jil along? He’s the currently best melee monster available, and should make the team.

Finally, for the new adventure, I would choose a party of Jil, Fatina (for the sex), the Golfer Mage + Cooper (for their ultimate spell), a new oracle, and a new ranger/archer/lancer. The show needs to tell us what are the job classes available so we can talk nerdy stuff about who would make the best team. Hell, they should make a ToD game that’s like FF Tactics or Wild Arms XF.

Popularity: 8% [?]

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10 Responses to “Druaga: The New But Shittier Vandread.”  

  1. 1 omo 137 comments

    Vandread funnier IMO.

  2. 2 FFVIIKnight 16 comments

    You Vandread just had more fanservice? -discounting that one gender-bent episode-

  3. 3 shiachan 57 comments

    The original Druaga was a Arcade game called Tower of Druaga, and Aegis of Uurk is made out of the anime and the MMORPG located at http://druaga-mmo.com/index.jsp?mid=aou

    and anyway although the series is animated by gonzo, most of the jokes come from NBGI. Its more likely it was directed by NBGI (Namco Bandai Games Interactive)

    Personally, I think, Gonzo can animate well , but they lack direction and storyboarding.
    They can make good animation, only if they team up with other studios.

  4. 4 Kaioshin Sama 101 comments

    Nobody can speak until they’ve actually played the game.

  5. 5 zaeris 4 comments

    I guess everyone is entitle to their opinoin.

    I enjoy Druaga for what it is, simple RPG adventure with a hint of comedy. I can understand some similarity between Vandread and Druaga but the differences lies in style of comedy used, Vandread uses gender and ignorance as their basis for comedy while Druaga combines RPG cliche with a touch of modest humour. As for season 2 I’m expecting serious drama, maybe 1 or 2 filler episodes of wackiness.

    Anyway, solid ending to me as I was craving for more Druaga, the ending just left me craving for more ^^. As a fantasy genre its alot better than what’s around, the coming season has Slayer~revolution to fill the void before the second season starts.

    “and anyway although the series is animated by gonzo, most of the jokes come from NBGI. Its more likely it was directed by NBGI (Namco Bandai Games Interactive)”

    Goes off and checks the credits, nope not there. I feel fans need to be more appreciative and give credit where it’s due. Koichi Chigira is the man in charge with past experience directing such title as last exile, brave story and gatekeeper you’ve to acknowledge he’s ability to direct a good anime and then there is Shoji Gatoh who is in charge of storyboard, in case you don’t know he wrote the FMP novels.

  6. 6 shiachan 57 comments


    My bad, i read the copyright instead of the production group, NBGI is copyrighted for druaga because druaga is a game from Namco.

    The original Druaga arcade game port is from Namco, which merged with Bandai a few years back.

    I really hope Gonzo gets back their standard for storyboarding and plot again.

  7. 7 Panther 59 comments

    Fatina for the sex pl0x. So far though season 1 can be summed up in just episode 1 alone, downtoned. Otherwise it was an ok anime. Then again I have yet to watch the last episode so I would not know.

  8. 8 Silencers 61 comments

    I prefer the senseless mecha brawls in Vandread, still.

  9. 9 Snacks 12 comments

    Damn, Fatina is hot.

  10. 10 feng 38 comments

    The music was pretty good, quite fitting for a game adaptation.

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