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Kara no Kyoukai 2: Still Boring. Overrated!

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As the title says, I saw episode 2 (or rather movie 2) of the much-lauded Kara no Kyoukai and it still sucked balls. Why do people like it? The art is average, save for some nice stills of backgrounds. The story is boring and the pace is turtle slow. The characters, Kokutou in particular, does not behave realistically. He is a psycho, far more so than Shiki. Shiki herself is alright, but nothing special. The good old ancient-family hidden-deadly-skill silent girl who learns the power of love via a caring normal person.

I really felt quite bored throughout, maybe except the part where Shiki was trying to kill Kokutou.

Let’s hope movie 3 will be better, it looks better in the preview already.

Can anyone tell me why the two movies so far are so highly praised?

Popularity: 5% [?]

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6 Responses to “Kara no Kyoukai 2: Still Boring. Overrated!”  

  1. 1 DrmChsr0 172 comments


    Would not read again. Trolling too obvious.

  2. 2 FFVIIKnight 7 comments

    First movie was praised because it has the ghost/spirit fight in the middle. Nothing could be bad with a tsundere girl eradicating them with a knife. The music is good.

    Second movie is a let-down for people who set the standard from the first movie. It’s rich in background info and wouldn’t do for the “average” fan. Probably geared more for people who dabbled in Type-Moon. Only interesting part was that SHIKI in Shiki is the boy persona… who’s more outgoing and impulsive. Would that be a trap or just half trap?

    Movie 3 = “bending” power girl who poses a threat to Shiki, power almost equal to her Mystic Eyes of Perception. I’m pretty sure this explains why Shiki has the prosthetic in movie 1.

  3. 3 musa 2 comments

    Doh, KnK is only for fans. If you can’t appreciate, then too bad. Next stop, brutally abused joshikosei welding invisible tentacle claws. Woohoo, probably the most R-rated story of KnK.

  4. 4 FlameStrike 34 comments

    Third movie has rape? I think.

    The art is really top notch imo, the quality is maxed out.

    I guess I can understand that people who aren’t Type-Moon fanboys would be a little bored.

  5. 5 madeener 5 comments

    Yeah, it’s unfortunate that the people on the job decided to cater it almost exclusively for people who have already read the books and stuff.

    The rest of us ‘newbies’ to the franchise just land up with a corny, borderline pretentious script of a show we can barely follow. I do however concede that the atmosphere of the movies are pretty well done :P.

  6. 6 Nagu 1 comment

    Well, this series seems like its going to be slow-paced from beginning to end, and you wouldn’t expect it to go at a pace like Code Geass or so. When there’s action, it’ll probably be short-lived, but creatively put together. ;P

    The points I really like about it was the strong focus (or lack of focus?) on characters. They’re never presented clearly, so you’re always wondering why do they decide on the action that they take, and wondering what problems are on their mind that decides their actions.

    Other than that, the artwork, music, and the dark atmosphere of the story’s good enough for me. ;P

    Btw, I don’t know anything about this series. ;D

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