Kara no Kyoukai 2: Still Boring. Overrated!

As the title says, I saw episode 2 (or rather movie 2) of the much-lauded Kara no Kyoukai and it still sucked balls. Why do people like it? The art is average, save for some nice stills of backgrounds. The story is boring and the pace is turtle slow. The characters, Kokutou in particular, does not behave realistically. He is a psycho, far more so than Shiki. Shiki herself is alright, but nothing special. The good old ancient-family hidden-deadly-skill silent girl who learns the power of love via a caring normal person.

I really felt quite bored throughout, maybe except the part where Shiki was trying to kill Kokutou.

Let’s hope movie 3 will be better, it looks better in the preview already.

Can anyone tell me why the two movies so far are so highly praised?

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  • 0/10

    Would not read again. Trolling too obvious.

  • First movie was praised because it has the ghost/spirit fight in the middle. Nothing could be bad with a tsundere girl eradicating them with a knife. The music is good.

    Second movie is a let-down for people who set the standard from the first movie. It’s rich in background info and wouldn’t do for the “average” fan. Probably geared more for people who dabbled in Type-Moon. Only interesting part was that SHIKI in Shiki is the boy persona… who’s more outgoing and impulsive. Would that be a trap or just half trap?

    Movie 3 = “bending” power girl who poses a threat to Shiki, power almost equal to her Mystic Eyes of Perception. I’m pretty sure this explains why Shiki has the prosthetic in movie 1.

  • Doh, KnK is only for fans. If you can’t appreciate, then too bad. Next stop, brutally abused joshikosei welding invisible tentacle claws. Woohoo, probably the most R-rated story of KnK.

  • Third movie has rape? I think.

    The art is really top notch imo, the quality is maxed out.

    I guess I can understand that people who aren’t Type-Moon fanboys would be a little bored.

  • Yeah, it’s unfortunate that the people on the job decided to cater it almost exclusively for people who have already read the books and stuff.

    The rest of us ‘newbies’ to the franchise just land up with a corny, borderline pretentious script of a show we can barely follow. I do however concede that the atmosphere of the movies are pretty well done :P .

  • Well, this series seems like its going to be slow-paced from beginning to end, and you wouldn’t expect it to go at a pace like Code Geass or so. When there’s action, it’ll probably be short-lived, but creatively put together. ;P

    The points I really like about it was the strong focus (or lack of focus?) on characters. They’re never presented clearly, so you’re always wondering why do they decide on the action that they take, and wondering what problems are on their mind that decides their actions.

    Other than that, the artwork, music, and the dark atmosphere of the story’s good enough for me. ;P

    Btw, I don’t know anything about this series. ;D

  • That whole movie series SUCKED. TYPE-MOON got kickass story writers but for the story board writers (whoever it is) SUCKS ASS. Like seriously, develop and review the sequence before directing and illustrating. It was gross ewww. Just violence and cliche art and gay shit lolfuck.

  • I am not exactly a type-moon fan, and being familiar with their other works weren’t the reason as to why I like Kara no Kyoukai.

    This anime IMO is story and character driven. However if you’re not used to asian cinema in general you might feel bored. The pacing is done such so you’d get the feel of the character and the ambiance if you were there with them. There’s no multitude of super-powered beings or ultra-cool action sequences that are way improbable to happen in reality, just a few people with a story to tell.

    As to sequencing, they were just following how the book was written. NOw IMO with all those said if you’re not interested with the story just drop the damn thing, I mean if its not within your preference then why waste your time.

  • if you don’t like the movie, then don’t watch it you dumb fucking shitheads. obviously it is not created for mentally retarded people, like the fucking cunt who wrote this entry, so politely shut the fuck up and watch your Pokemon.

  • “Go watch your pokemon”, that was humorous…
    Anyway. what’s so bad with the art/animation? It’s actually VERy detailed and clear. But I like the movie because of it’s creativity (cool fight scenes and surroundings, rich in details), it’s music (it matches the suspense filled movie really well and are very catchy) and at last, it’s story. It’s suspense filled, making the viewer want more. (me at least). Sad to find people not amazed by this. . .

  • i like this movie because it’s kind of serious… the characters… the story…etc…
    pretty emotionless(what i mean is lack of expressiveness) but intriguing…
    plus what i really like about it is the strong/stiff character of the heroine…
    which i find really attractive… it draws my attention to watching the series/movies straight to the end…

  • try watching it in order movie – 2,4,3,1,5

  • maybe it is over rated but the thing is this movie isn’t action assholes :) ) is thriller and supernatural get it if you want action go watch bleach or if you want drama and action watch naruto if you watch kicking ass comedy action then watch one piece but not KNK isn’t action story nor shonen it is a supernatural thriller.
    go watch KNK if your a interested in their meta narrative if not suck ass go watch the three kings bleach, naruto, one piece or (BNOP)

  • you sir a faggot. End of story.

  • What does it mean when the comments section reads far more eloquently and coherently than the blog post itself?

  • Your post is hillarious, please… watch ALL seven parts and then post something like this. Because the story-telling style is very unique and you get answers slowly through every each movie

  • I had never heard about anything Type-Moon related before I watched KnK, but I absolutely loved it. I actually loved it to the point where I didn’t want to even look at other anime and I couldn’t believe someone may not love it lol.
    What I want to say is – you don’t have to be a Type-Moon fan, or “asian cinema fan” to like KnK. You just have to be willing to THINK during watching and you have to be willing to explore the characters, solve the mysteries, drown in the atmosphere etc.

    It’s not an anime for 15 years old mech fans.

    It’s not about flashy fights.

    Just don’t compare it to Code Geass ok? Ok? (I guess I could’ve said everything I wanted to say with just this one sentence lol).

  • I just found out about KnK while browsing some anime AMVs in Youtube and decided to try it out. Even as a newbie in the Type-Moon world, I found Kara No Kyoukai very interesting from the very start ’til the 6th episode. I haven’t watched the last one yet but I definitely will!

    Though I can understand the series would bore most non-fanatic people. I can easily tell that when I let my friends watch this, they were just dragged by the slow story progression. But in my case, these ‘slow’ scenes or episodes are what makes us enjoy the latter episodes to come. For example, the first four would prepare you in understanding the 2-hour long 5th movie. It lets you appreciate that much.

    I agree with Lala! Watch everything first before you judge. I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. :D

    By the way, I was able to watch other cool animes such as KnK so try these out as well when you get bored:
    Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni
    Time of Eve
    Denno Coil

  • man this guy is a loser.
    i just wached the first movie and i LOVED it. but im searching despretaly for the ending song of first movie its soooooooo cool if any one knows it plz say so cause i really wnat it at leadst tell me where to find it.,
    u will be rewarded……………………………NO U BWONT LOL

  • The only other Type-Moon I watched was Fate/Stay and I fairly enjoyed it but I can’t say the same for KnK.

    I enjoyed the music, really beautiful (but kind of boring) and despite being typical Yuki Kajiura fare it fits the tone of the series pretty well.

    The same can be said for the movie series as a whole, beautiful to look at but honestly boring. All the characters spew a bunch of psuedo-intellectual crap to make the series seem deeper than it actually is, but it is like reading a book on the theory of physics, all science but no chemistry.

    All the characters seem to go through some kind of development but it appears stilted or forced to me, perhaps because I’m not otaku enough to learn jap and read the novels to get a better idea of the story but honestly I don’t think this is a product of bad script writing nor should that be an excuse if that is the case.

    Characters talk and do unrealistic things, without much explanation, reason or growth. Most of them seem to stagnate until there is a need for a convenient deus ex machina or to simply fulfill a kink of the author.

    Fujino is one character that makes absolutely no sense to me, wanting to be normal yet acting abnormal. If Nasu had written her as an autistic girl I may have bought it…but a girl who ended up like a mindless puppet simply because she had no sensitivity to pain? Sounds like a bunch of pretentious bullshit to create unnecessary angst…

    Also the whole bullcrap about killing and being killed. It started out alright, pretty interesting but by the end of the story it was so convoluted that it started to become ridiculous. I’d rather my romantic bullshit be outright labeled as romantic bullshit than have it be preached to me under the guise of crap philosophy.

    Also why does almost all the main girls fall in love at first sight with Kokutou (and to a certain extent Shiki). His sister falls in love with him because of…what? Honestly I didn’t hear any reason apart from “He doesn’t cry”. Fujino falls in love with him because he carried her piggy back. Shiki falls in love with him because he won’t leave her alone. The Ghost girl falls in love with him because she was delusional… ok that reason I may buy but all the others seem like a pile of Bullshit nerd fantasy to me.

    My verdict for KnK: Overrated.

    Fate/Stay had (slightly) better characters and it made (slightly) more sense. The only good parts are the music, fight scenes and Touko. Everything else needs more work or at least more bullcrap to cover up the fact that KnK is nothing more than a nerd’s masturbatory fantasy.

  • What summed it up nicely: “All the characters spew a bunch of pseudo-intellectual crap to make the series seem deeper than it actually is.”

    Perhaps the light novels are better… but the movies were disasters at best with only obsessed “fans” loving the series. Pseudo-pop-psychological over-the-top cheezy shit just doesn’t do it for me.

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