Toshokan Sensou Ends. Very Familiarly…

In the last episode, Dojo, having suffered relentless attack by the Media Censorship Force, falls into an mako-inebriated state and is wheelchair-bound. Kasahara stays back to look after him, and the team move on in the airship, with Cid now has the temporary leader. Dojo is unable to speak or hear anyone, and this makes Kasahara very upset.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team have to capture the Huge Materia before the Media Censorship Force gets hold of them to use as missiles to destroy Meteor.

Ultima Weapon strikes the hospital where Dojo and Kasara were at, cracking the ground open. The two fall into the lifestream.

Kasahara finds herself in Dojo’s memories. She revisits each of his precious memories, and realises the truth – the Knight was not Dojo after all! Dojo never made 1st Class Library Taskforce. He was a mere grunt in the administrative department, sorting the books day after day. He got his memories confused with his good friend who did make it, and was the "knight" who rescued Kasahara. Dojo was actually trembling with fear in the corner, having no authority to do anything. The knight was shot dead by the Censorship Force in the act of rescuing Kasahara, and the shock confused both Kasahara and Dojo.

The truth was startling for her. Nevertheless, Dojo was still the man she loved and she showed him his true memories, upon which he awoke from his mako coma, and strutted back into the taskforce with renewed vigour. Shibasaki gets killed by the Censorship Force while trying to use the White Materia.

Seriously, Toshokan Sensou did not make sense from start to finish. The illogically elaborate setting and plot was a mere vehicle for a quirky romance comedy between a tall trainee and a short instructor. The ED song is very very good. There was much character development, Kasahara got some limit breaks.

I wonder if the new Noitamina show will be any good, considering it’s a food show. To some extent I guess. Food + buttsex.

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