[Hynavian] Telepathy Shoujo Ran Episode 2 – Telepathy Shounen Rui?

Episode 2 continues from the ending of episode 1 and Ran struggles with her class test. Though she relies merely on guessing, Ran scores full marks, along with Midori, for the test. Sounds like good news to Ran but she’s hit with a "telepathic crisis". Her partner is jealous and feels Ran is a liar, studying secretly while denying that she actually studied. Everything seems fine as long as she keeps her negative thoughts to herself. However, the gist is that Ran in this episode learn that she can "hear" the thoughts of others. She’s able to hear other’s inner thoughts, consciously or unconsciously, as long as they’re in her field of vision.

Midori taunts Ran from the rooftop and communicates with her telepathically, telling her that they’re freaks and would be interesting test subjects if their powers are made known. Ran feels down and struggles to accept her "condition" but the girl is re-energized once she "hears" the happy inner thoughts that her family members are feeling while at home.

Rui, aware that Ran is troubled, asks her out. After much reluctance, Ran tells Rui the truth. It’s strange though, Ran is unable to read Rui’s thoughts. The duo is soon attacked by Fumi, the dog that Ran often plays with. It seems like there’s a masked character who’s out to create trouble for Ran and he/she is responsible for all the recent "dog attacks". Ran chases after the masked character and found Naha Midori nearby. They talked and a frustrated Midori ran away after failing to convince Ran that Rui is merely a "sweet talker". Though I have the hinge that Midori might become friends with Ran, their friendship progresses rather quickly. Midori is still a snub, looking so stuck up and such, but it seems like she has been trying to "watch" and help Ran all along.

I actually thinks that the other one who has telepathic powers would be Rui but since he’s kidnapped rather easily at the end of the episode, I change my mind. Or maybe, Rui’s telepathic powers are defensive instead? Another character to watch for would be the partner who’s sitting beside Ran. The masked figure did something to her while she’s studying in the library but exactly what was done is undisclosed yet.

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