I’m in the midst of marathoning the remainder of Eureka seveN with teary-eyes and crumpled face. But Fasalina, possibly the sexiest anime girl ever created, told me to take 5 minutes and type this post out. This new trading figure set from Max Factory features the girls from GunxSword in their swimsuits, yes those they wore during the amazing swimsuit country filler episode. Note the funny donkey self-censorship on-going joke.

Set for release in October, these will cost 600 yen each. There are five and one secret. The five are:

Wendy in her school uniform swimsuit. She shows the least skin but has her gun strapped on her back.

Priscilla is in a white string bikini and a crosslegged pose. I like her too.

Yukiko, who’s supposed to be conservative, shows her daring side and her ample bosom. The skirt is a nice variation.

Carmen 99 who’s the inevitable cow of the group, is in a one-piece orange suit which in real life would require lots of tape to stay in.

AHHH Fasalina.. her purple one piece is so revealing the donkey has to work overtime. She’s also wearing her usual thigh and wrist belts. NICEEE.

Also, in the 11th GxS DVD, there will be a pre-order only limited edition figurine of the sexy pole-dancer Fasalina. In April, a resin kit of Carmen 99 will be released by Kotobukiya.

Click for a biggg picture. Fasalina is so hotttttt. Her voice is sexy and she screws Kira too.

Vital Stats

  • Maker: Max Factory
  • Release Date: October 2006
  • Material: PVC
  • Price: 600 yen each
  • Set: 5 normal and 1 secret

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