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Today was the first day of Cosfest VII, held at Downtown East for the seventh year running. Considered one of, if not THE, biggest anime/cosplay conventions in Singapore, I have to confess this was actually my first time attending such an event. Of course, with the CEO TJ being restricted by his having to tag along his 姫さま, and Kokanaden once again being busy with promoting Graphite…..yeah, you get the idea, I’m the one having to do photography and blog duty again. Oh well, not like it’s in any way a bad thing at all, since unlike the inaugural STCC which was held last week, the organizers have had 7 years of experience in organizing Cosfest, and naturally it was a much more interesting event to be present at.

Well, let’s start off with some random cosplay photos first.

Some Random Cosplay Photos to Start With

Clark Steel, Ralf Jones, and Adelheid Bernstein from King of Fighters were the first cosplayers I saw at the event.

Remember her? Yep, it’s the same Lenalee who took second place in the anime CosCon competition at the STCC last week. Don’t ask me why she’s holding a clipboard, I haven’t got a clue myself.

The same Sataka Gintoki and Kakashi from STCC last week.

The same Genesis Rhapsodos who took third place in STCC’s CosCon last week, with a new blood-red sword and posing together with a guitar-wielding Kagamine Rin. For someone wearing such a humongous wing that must have impeded his progress, he was moving surprisingly fast when I first found him, and somehow managed to lose me and my shitty compact the first time round. Afterwards, I spotted him hanging around the same Rin several times.

For some reason, this cosplayer could just sit there and look cute, and somehow attracted a horde of flashing cameras just sitting there. And I’m not even sure who she’s supposed to be. Is there something I’m missing, or is sitting there and looking cute precisely why?

There’s always a Haruhi around. And in the case of Cosfest, this one was hardly the only Haruhi around either. You know, it’s funny how long the Haruhi phenomenon has persisted, such that there are still plenty of Haruhi cosplayers around 2 years after the end of the series. Unfortunately for the rabid fanatical Dark Legions of the Irreparably Broken, there was nary a Seitenkan character in sight.

Alright, enough cosplay for the time being. Let’s take a look at what else Cosfest VII had to offer.

Companies and Organizations

77 Star

77 Star is the local animation company which recently put itself on the radar of local animeblogs with their introduction of a voice acting class, which was covered by Zer0.

Apart from the voice acting course, the company also offers an animation course, and is also responsible for Singapore’s first locally produced anime, Gacha=Gacha. On the television screen that they had in their booth, they were showing scenes from their newest work Double StrikeR, for which they seemed to have held auditions for voice actors some time ago.

Project Caraplay

Project Caraplay is apparently an idea first spawned by someone going by the moniker of "Gin" in the SGCafe forms. The motive of the booth is to create a video clip showcasing cosplayers of Cosfest VII doing the Caramelldansen dance, and appears to be sponsored by the Singapore Cosplay Club, which is also one of the main organizers of Cosfest.

The Caramelldansen is a popular Internet meme that first started during the second half of 2006. It was based on the first track of the Supergott album released by the Swedish group Caramell, and the original progenitor of the meme was an animation loop featuring Mai and Mii from the visual novel Popotan, imitating rabbit ears to the beat of the Caramelldansen Speedycake Remix.

The meme spawned a number of copycat videos featuring different anime and video game characters "doing the Caramelldansen", and recently enjoyed a brief revival in the Animesuki Forums. Famous for its "Uwa uwaa~" refrain, it now remains to be seen if Project Caraplay can now bring the Caramelldansen craze to Singapore with this effort.


Pan-In-The-Box specialises in costumes and accessories for the needs of cosplayers. Their main store is situated at 133 New Bridge Road, Chinatown Point #02-09, Singapore 059413. I was forbidden from taking any pictures of specific products, so unfortunately this was all I have.

Of course, these are but just some of the companies and organizations which were present today.

Doujin Groups


Zemotion is a doujin group made up of Singapore-based art photographer Zhang Jingna, and Shanghai-based concept artist + illustrator Kuang Hong.

With the sense of ethereal beauty in Jingna’s photography and Kuang Hong’s works, Zemotion has gathered quite the fan following, as can be evidenced from their Facebook group.

SWT Team

SWT Team are a doujin group made up of 3, and although I did not have the chance to interview them, it appears they are from Indonesia according to their DeviantArt page. Of course, considering that’s the only thing I have to go on, I don’t know for sure.

It also seems from the DeviantArt page that the monikers they go by are Abra, Hima, and Win, although I have no idea who’s who, and indeed I’m not even sure if that is really their artist names, or just a red herring I happened to fall for. Coincidentally, I thought Meido-san was a fine Mikuru….although now I’m not sure whether she is indeed cosplaying Mikuru. LOL.

The works they are selling includes anime horoscope bookmarks, and stickers. If you like what you see here, there’s still one more day left; do come on down tomorrow to support them!

Rojak Labs

Rojak Labs is currently working on a visual novel game titled Rojak Institute (RI, geddit?), and seems to have currently released Episode 1. Probably one of the first locally-themed visual novels around, Episode 1 of Rojak Institute has about 20 minutes of gameplay, and the Episode 1 Package consists of 1 full-colour art booklet, 1 B/W concept art booklet, and 1 CD containing the game. If you want to try your hand at one of the first Singapore-made doujin VNs, do check out their site for details.

Yue Illustrations

From her DeviantArt page, it seems that Cosfest VII is Yue-Iceseal’s first anime convention. Selling everything from postcards to photo prints, her works display a very keen artistic sense. If you like what you see here, do come down and support her tomorrow!

These are but just some of the doujin booths that were present today, and might well make a return tomorrow. Do take advantage of this last chance and come on down to Downtown East if you wish to purchase any of their works.

More Cosplay

Of course, the main draw of Cosfest VII, as implied by the name, is still the cosplay. And indeed, seeing Cosfest in action is an utter visual feast. Let’s take a look at the numerous other cosplays that were seen in Day 1 of Cosfest VII



No, I haven’t got a clue why Fuuko has silver hair, either.

Other than that though, this was a pretty well-done Fuuko, the cosplayer being loli and sweet-looking and all.

Cute, isn’t she? I just hope she doesn’t begin appearing in the most non sequitur moments…

Code Geass

There were at least…

…two different Lelouch Lamperouges running about. Thankfully, there wasn’t a Suzaku around to gay up things.

…oh, dear. Euphie-sama, I admit to being an Eleven, please kill me already.

C.C. and Mao. I’m fairly sure I’ve seen this C.C. on at least one other occasion before, I think it was the Cosplay Matsuri 2008 that took place at Vivocity.

Poor C.C. is caught in the middle as Mao and Lelouch face off for the rights to possess her.

Pizza Hut supports the Rebellion.

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu

Like I said, the first Haruhi in this article was hardly the only one around; there had to be at least three of them, perhaps even more.

This one came with her own SOS-Dan, although troublingly, Haruhi seems to have started regarding Itsuki as her biggest rival for Kyon, and promptly did away with him…

Different Yuki, with lighter uniform colours and packing a guitar. God Knows Yuki can Lost My Music anytime, if you know what I mean.

The day it is proven that the pen guitar is mightier than the sword.

Although fairly cute…

…I can’t help feeling that this Mikuru should have ditched the battle waitress uniform and gone All-Woman mode instead. Mi-mi-mirekuru, minokurun-run!

The Highlights of the Day


There were many great cosplays on the day, but two in particular stood out. One of them right here is KOS-MOS from Xenosaga, and let’s face it, she is FREAKIN’ GORGEOUS.

Take a model who is already sizzlin’ hot to begin with, add some careful planning and a meticulous eye for detail into the making of the costume, put them together, and you get the unholy mixture of awesome that is Cosfest VII’s KOS-MOS. Even TJ Han himself told me that I should go search out KOS-MOS and snap her picture, since he was completely awed by the detail on her costume…especially one particularly significant piece of detail on the chest area.

Well, we all know that TJ is a bit of a perv, so that observation alone isn’t anything special…apart from the fact that he made that observation to me right in front of his 姫さま. Which implies either a great deal of GAR sufficient to appease his partner with a GAR-filled proclaimation of love, or simply a great deal of stupidity and recklessness. Heck, maybe both.

In any case, such detail to the costume is not without its price; KOS-MOS could barely walk on those killer heels, and required a ground crew of around 4 just to get from one place to another, as well as doing "maintenance work" just like a real war-machine. Still, the effort was more than worth it; she stole the show wherever she went, and more likely than not will have a good chance at being voted Best Cosplay in any competition she enters in.

Still, think that’s awesome? You ain’t seen nothing yet.

GN-001 Gundam Exia

Holy. Crap.

Remember this guy? I have my suspicions that it’s the same guy, but to be honest I don’t know for sure. I guess the only person who can confirm is Zer0 himself, so check his blog for further details. In any case, Exia was clearly the best cosplay of the day, if only for the fact that clearly it’s the cosplay that required the most effort to make.

The suit can be equipped with the standard GN Blade, and can also wield the optional GN Long and Short Blade. In effect, it is a complete set of armor; the cosplayer could barely move at all, and I doubt he could have even taken the short walk from the lobby to the hall if he tried.

However, make no mistake; Exia was by far the most detailed cosplay of the day, and if not for the apparent inability to move towards the hall, he would have most definitely stolen the show from everyone, and gotten even more worshippers than he is already getting here right now.

It seems that Windbell has a KOS-MOS vs Exia picture, so watch his space for it.

So, to cap things off…

I leave you guys with the rest of the cosplay pictures.

D.Gray-Man gang


Sailor Moon gang


Found Genesis with Rin again.


Yuna from FFX-2, Seifer (I think) from FFVIII, and Cid Highwind from FFVII: AC

Zack from FFVII Crisis Core

And finally, Rin once more.

And that concludes Day 1 of Cosfest VII. I will bring you further coverage for Day 2.

Ascaloth of RIUVA, signing out.

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