Cosfest Day 1: Standards are Slipping, Singapore!

Today is the annual Cosfest, now in its seventh incarnation and supposedly getting better. Since Ascaloth, Mr "Pre-arranged Fight" of Riuva, was there was well covering the event in great detail, he will be responsible for the minute details and photographs. It does not help that my camera is destroyed (either that or the memory card) and the only pictures I took were via my other half’s handphone, which I did not receive :(.

I’m planning to buy a DSLR sometime this week though.

This report will be a short one stating my opinions of the event, cosplayers and highlights. I’ll link up to Ascaloth’s pictures.

The best cosplayer award goes to… the man in the Gundam Exia suit! Seriously, that is the best mecha suit ever in the history of this island. It had flashing blue lights for eyes and the blue thing behind (whose name I forget), the whole thing was a great fit, crisp and perfectly built with none of those cardboard cheapness. All the weapons, including seven (didn’t count but seemed like it) swords, shield and beam rifle too! Too bad he stayed outside the main area. Zer0 was his chaperone and pose coordinator. Checking up most of the photographers’ albums showed that very few actually managed to get shots of this elusive mecha. Thankfully, Windbell was on hand. Honorable mentions include: Cloud Strife (Crisis Core Version), Genesis (though I hate the character in the game, the wings are bloody good), KOS-MOS (ver 4 by Lenneth as usual, who’s always in with fantastic costumes) and the TF2 engineer + scout. Oh there was a … the star hitter from Oofuri. Haha, she was so pitiful, her excellent cosplay went unnoticed because nobody knew the show. EXCEPT ME. I made it a point to mention I knew where she was from, she must be pleased to hear the great TJ Han recognising her efforts. Hmm but come to think of it, she could be almost ANY character from the team, not just Abe. But since she has a bat and a ball, most probably the star slugger.

Standing twice as tall as you, mother fuckers!

Protip: Underboob apparently, but it’s fake! Not real boobies, at least I think so. Ascaloth took an unflattering picture.


4th to bat.

To be honest, I was rather disappointed with the standard of cosplay on display this year. I attribute it to the organisers’ retarded decision to have a two day event as this might dilute the quality. I’m not going tomorrow for day 2 as I see no purpose in travelling 2 hours with no camera. The only cosplay to really wow was the Exia. Now that was fucking amazing.

The best cosplay team goes to… the Air Gear one. Now Air Gear costumes are more revealing than FHM magazine babes, which means the girls who gamely wore the exact same costumes for our eyes to feast on deserve respect. They had a good line up of characters covered, scored points for actually going around in skates and best of all, were actually good. This year marks a significant lack of large teams and there were fewer than usual Naruto, Bleach and D’Grayman characters (but still numerous). Other honorable mentions include: one D’Grayman team, the Sailor Moon team and Team Soul Eater. Maka’s scythe is perfection.

Ice-cream for eyes here, Picture courtesy of Zerartul

Picture courtesy of Zerartul. I am ripping this poor man’s pictures off and hotlinking them like a common thief because I am a useless cameraless noob.

Best Karaoke Singer is obviously fat Rika, though she cosplayed what appears to be Shiroyasha version of Gintoki. Man this girl is good! She sang the Nico Nico Douga medley, which is sort of cheating. In the end for the karaoke competition, there were only two great singers, a bunch of average ones, and some shit-asses even I’m better than. The two are always the same, fat Rika and the Indian, the latter sang Sousei no Aquarion, an obviously fantastic song. The Rika won because NND fucking contains almost all the songs her competition sang, including SnA and God Knows, not to mention it’s incredibly long, plus she had to change her tempo, rhythm, vocal tone for each and every part of the medley. She amusingly carried a water bottle around which we were all critical of, but which later proved to be a correct decision of hers.

Best Booth is nobody. All the booths are bad. The goods are either pirated, pointless or just 2nd hand crap.

Random Remarks

Today was the girlfriend’s first cosplay viewing experience, and after the wonderous tales of beautiful men and women I enamoured her with on the long 2 hour trip there, she was sorely disappointed, except with a couple like the handsome Lavi from D’Grayman and Exia. The bad singing also very irritated her sensitive ears. Truth be told, she had a "WTF" expression everytime she saw a Code Geass cosplayer, because they were all quite average, to say the least. I personally thought the two CCs on show were quite good, but newbies always have unrealistically high expectations.

Picture courtesy of Zerartul

I drew Tripeman on the graffiti wall but the marker CDS lent me was the super fine type used for art. Damn, nobody could see my beautiful triple blessed fruit!

The emcee is pretty alright, is it the same guy as last year? He still can’t pronounce the word "anime", neither using the American "eh nee mei" or the Japanese "ah ni mei", but some strange invention of his "ee nee meee". Code Geass became Code Geese, and other hilarious accidents were common.

The toilets at the venue were awesome. The signs pointed to both the gents and ladies but when you turned a blind corner, you’ll find a row of sinks and mirrows before the path splits into the male and female section. In other words, a common washing area. This is hilarious because many female cosplayers were hogging the sinks and blocking the view of the gents. Almost all the guys who stepped into the washing area looked stunned, and literally fled backwards thinking they entered the female toilet. I know because I did the same. After realising my mistake, I stood at the entrance of the place observing what females do at sinks and how every male reacts the same way as I did. SO GOD DAMN FUNNY. Mind you I stood there waiting for the girlfriend, not because I wanted to see cosplayers spray weird gunk onto their wigs or adjust their elfin ears.

[Bj0rn] the Little Prince was there, with his miliary-enforced lack of hair. His loyal supporters built him a booth, and christened it the Meet the Bjorn booth which proved very popular with the indigenous people.

Hi Brandon from Japanese Studies class, I would like you to know that you will forever be remembered as the "Vin Diesel" guy for your really low voice and similar (non)hairstyle. Good to see you again.

Overall the organisation is getting better and better each year. No queue, smooth running, everything’s ok. Except for the two day shit, why two days? Could be good for those who managed to get a chalet nearby I guess or those living in the area.

The number of goth lolis has decreased significantly. WHY? Is the kind going extinct?

There was a V for Vendetta guy who sprayed paint over the graffiti board lol. Awesome. Many "artists" are mad at him. It’s funny how because you draw on a graffiti board, you are now an artist!

Nobody came up to me to ask if I was the great TJ Han. Wow, this means I’m not popular anymore. In the past, there would be many. :(

DarkMirage did not show up. He missed the sight of CCs and Kallens.

17 Responses to “Cosfest Day 1: Standards are Slipping, Singapore!”

  • i agree the newbies seriously have too high an expectation.
    i got a friend who was expecting an impeccable imitation of allen walker with crowned clown.
    and i told him ‘get right out of town dude!’
    completely unrealistic, i say we should appreciate their efforts and gawk after them instead!

  • No mention to the Rozen Maiden Team? T_T

  • shit.

    I missed a Caramelldansen Conga line?

    I am sooooo screwed.

  • I thought I saw DM at Kinokuniya so I thought whether was it really him or not

  • The cosplays weren’t all terrible as you described. It was also much better on day 2 IMHO. Perhaps its better to pick day 2 to go instead?

  • Day 1 > Day 2 though, but lol @ the toilet. When I went there were not many people and when I came out of the gents I went to the ladies’ washing area instead.

    Are you sure that was Version 4? Then again I never played Xenosaga, so not sure what version that is, despite me having Ver. 4 figure.

  • Well, there was this Ironman Cosplayer. Equally awesome.

    Today had alot of the tards, but there were loads of hidden gems.

  • i agree day 1 was definitely better than day two and omg the crowd,
    it was near impossible to take any good shots… love the caramell dance though haha
    also got to meet kokanaden and the nus anime club, all in all good harvest. hope to see ya all next year!

  • lol. Vin diesel comment was from your gf?

    And nice seeing you again. Riuva rocks especially your posts. I never had the habit of reading anime related blogs but i’ve been following this site since u passed me your namecard :)

    personally, day 1′s overall standard was kinda better, while day 2 had more misses but some bigger hits too which weren’t there on day 1.

    day 1′s totally messed up sound system and (mostly) totally ear torturing singers were absolutely unbearable though.

    i think day 1 had more eye candy though (for guys). heh heh.

    i’m kinda disappointed at the stage events and organization but standard of cosplay (of the general crowd) seems to be rising.

  • Nobody recognized you because I didn’t go with you, noob.

  • everybody always thinks the old days were better.. sound like those old men at void deck.
    and what’s the problem with having it over 2 days? day 1 already so packed. just shows it’s growing doesn’t it?

  • Awesome photos, I was searching for cosfest photos and came to your blog, hope you don’t mind me commenting. The Air Gear team was great, er D.Gray-Man? Which team were you referring to?

    Ho ye, KOS-MOS was TOO good.

  • KOS-MOS underboobs is real yo.
    Have some faith for local ladies.

    And what was the person who set gundam with kos-mos up for photos thinking? -_-

    Soul Eater & Ofuuri rawks!!!!!!

  • I love the era of void deck cosplays. When costumes were really made from scratch with household materials. I’m such a geezer.

  • You were actually there? O_O;;

  • I actually saw you, but maybe you didn’t recognise me anymore haha. I’m too timid to say hi to everyone in case they don’t recognise me. I did say hi to Lenneth though.

  • Now THAT IS what I call an interesting position on things. What I would suggest though is speaking to other people actively involved in the scene and bring to light any different points of view and then update your site or create a new article for us to . I hope you’ll take my ideas, I’m looking forward to it! Try to cover off on some graffiti characters as well if you can, they’re everywhere at the moment.

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