Eureka seveN!! “Decent” Anime?? CHIGAUUUU!! Ultima Class Anime. Spoilers here.

I cry when I see this picture. Click for bigger version.

I finished Eureka seveN five minutes ago. So pardon my lack of self-control from the high of emotion. Nothing but a lot of caps and exclaimation marks can convey the whirlpool of emotions I now have surging through my head. EUREKA SEVEN IS FUCKING GOOD!! YEAHHH!!!! This post will not be organised. Just a random mix of words explaining why e7 is Ultima-class anime. Ultima-class is Gatekeepers, Last Exile, Slam Dunk manga, 08th MS Team, Ranma 1/2 manga, Shaman King vol 19 and 20, Xenogears game, FF7 game etc. The type that you will never forget for the rest of your life, repeating the story to your grandchildren 500 years on.

The fact that I got to watch it all at once probably added to my enjoyment of it. One of the reasons why I liked Last Exile so much was probably because I waited till I got the full set before watching it. Eureka, being a 50 episode anime, had a very staggered fansub release. And since I don’t have the habit of rewatching stuff until a few months later, I keep forgetting the terminology and stuff that happened. Having read some opinions on the series, apparently the ending was set from the start and a lot of events and scenes hinted at what was to come.

The sudden soccer filler episode was really hilarious. Seemed like a spoof of Captain Tsubasa really. Captain Tsubasa was a rubbish physics defying series too. The crew needed a break along with the audience. Amazingly, before the episode started, I was a bit fatigued by the depressing and complex plot. Norbu with his clairvoyance saw the problem and solved it with a good filler. Is this the first time a filler episode rested both the characters and the audience?

Speaking of complex plot, this show is aimed at kids. Really. We have subs and discussion forums and some of us old dudes cannot even understand fully what is going on. How would kids grasp anything beyond the impossibly well done LFO duel scenes? I’m not a fan of old music so I didn’t get the references either.

Is Eureka the most uglified female lead ever? She gets facial scars, a chemotherapy haircut, skin disease, turns into a bug… Eureka in doujin art is a lot prettier. Anemone, my favourite female character, gets a great ending. Poor Theend, was it ever explained what Theend was?

Dominic and Holland could probably be lead characters in their own anime series. It feels like e7 was a massive epic, combining a few full stories together. The growth the side characters like Dominic, Talho and Holland go through was much more than many other series’ main characters. Like Naruto. There were even a few surprises in the end. Like the number of human-type coralians around lol. Anemone has the same seiyuu as Tenma and Nina.

I hate Dewey. Completely. I hate him as much as I hated the evil bitch, Dio’s sister, from Last Exile. I normally do not hate bad guys since most of them are evil cool or do have some sort of fathomable reason for doing bad things but Dewey’s retardedness is never seen before. He kills millions of people just for his own dignity? Someone please explain what his motives are. I only get the fact that he’s bad cos he wasn’t given credit for killing his dad. His original aim was the destruction of the planet because humans fled when the coralians “attacked” 10,000 years ago? And that was embarrassing? And why was he imprisoned in the first place at the start of the show? And how did he sync his vital signs to that compac and the coralians? So many questions. I should rewatch the series.

He wasn’t bad completely right? Like how he took in the war orphans. Although he did use them to murder millions. Anyway, I hate him for his abuse of Anemone.

The battle sequences in the last 3 episodes were almost movie standard. Some things didn’t make sense, like how the Gekkogo could do LFO-type manuvers all of a sudden, dodging homing lasers and missiles like the Nirvash, and the Super Izumo did NOT do anything. At least it wasn’t shown. It’s nice to see how the final fight doesn’t go to the main duo of Renton and Eureka. The main concluding battles were all heart-thumpingly exciting. Nirvash vs Theend was settled nicely and Theend even metamorphisised mid-fight into a white version. The Nirvash suffering massive damage is also cool, since it immobilised the two pilots and all they could do was hide and pray. Until Gekkogo came of course. We even get a new toy to buy, the Terminus 303 Devilfish, Holland’s new limitless LFO that can fight in space and looks devilishly cool. Gekkogo and Devilfish’s final fight with the Gingago, Dewey (Bastard)’s ship was almost of Last Exile proportions. And of course, Nirvash’s ultimate mode, the organic one, reminded me of some of Tomino’s newer creations. “I CAN FLY!!!”, and Renton becomes a man. Super chest cannon makes Guyver bury his chest in shame.

Renton was a real wuss at the start of the show. But he’s a good wuss. I’ve always liked Renton. He wasn’t gay like Kira. He wasn’t retarded like Naruto. He is a regular kid that makes realistic decisions. He doesn’t become a superman overnight, like Ikki from Airgear. He grew so gradually through the 50 episodes, and by the final ep, when he changed his clothes, it was like, wow. The seiyuu, Sanpei Yuuko, did a perfect job for his transformation. I really felt he was a true man in the end. Kira is gay btw.

Eureka too, changes completely. it’s like she’s another person by the end of the series. Her voice is Nazuka Kaori, also Elise from Canvas 2. Whiny yeah but Eureka when emotional really makes you cry.

I felt the saddest part was when the guy who was tending to his sick wife died. I suspect that’s why I hate Dewey so much. His name was William or something. Oh and Despair sickness was finally explained. People who get it actually have their consciousness sent to the Scab Command Cluster. So they are living happily, reading books in there but in the real world, they are vegetables staring at the compac drive they hold in their hands. When the CC was destroyed by Dewey, their consciousness was forced to return to the real world so their despair sickness was cured. Poor William. AARGGHHH. Who the hell says that filler episode sucked? That episode was essential, if you look back now, to illustrate the concept of despair sickness which is linked to the central idea of the Scab being a living entity and wanting to communicate with humans. E7 does not have filler eps that suck and serve to waste time. Unlike Bleach and Naruto.

Come to think of it, they explained more or less everything. So the Coralians move to the moon and the humans live on their current world as well as Earth. Renton and Eureka become tour guides and facilitate communication between the two worlds. They are free to go to both places. A new command cluster is created with Nirvash as the central core. Nirvash is a girl. Anemone is a human. Gonzy is a Coralian. The 3 kids become Axl’s great-grandkids. Hey even Maurice goes through much character development. I totally forgot to mention him. This tiny tot can lift an elephant gun… with his love for mama.

It’s funny why no one except KT is blogging this show. I’m not the best at catching subtle hints so I may miss out and not understand the ending fully. It would be nice if someone could explain the whole thing since I’m pretty sure many people are going to be hunting for an explanation soon.

I don’t get what’s the Second Summer of Love?

Finally, the music is amazing. The OPs and EDs are the best I’ve ever seen in a show and the insert songs and BGMs work perfectly too. The last ending sequence makes me cry everytime I watch it. Canvas by Coolon. Such a simple animation sequence, yet it’s powerful. The final picture of Eureka with the kid, Lint, is a poignant moment. Like those award-winning war photographs by Saiga. The OPs all have the “burning” quality and yet are good songs on their own, especially Shounen Heart and Taiyou no Mannake e. Even Sakura. When they are played as insert songs, I cry. I will be translating the lyrics for Canvas tomorrow.

I award Eureka seveN the “Best Kids’ Show Ever” title and give it 164687 out of a maximum of 0.23 for its pure greatness. Those who have yet to watch it, please do not be afraid of its transforming robots. It is a show that can be loved by males, females or neither, of all ages. To miss it is like… refusing to eat a drumstick when stuck in the middle of the Sahara desert without food.

An interview of Dai Sato, one of the creators of Eureka seveN. This gives much insight into its original creation, references, targets and even his own personal views on how the anime industry will turn out in the future.

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  • i think i should add 2 things..
    i never cry so it shows how good the show is and the most sad/disturbing part for me is when those three girls that looked like eureka are being injected with the medicine and it kills them and the tear runs down that one girls cheek. i paused the episode and sat there sort of disturbed by it.

    oh and i was most scared when in the second to last episode eureka says she cant keep her promise i was like…WHAAAAAT! YOU HAVE TO!!!!! ITS THE SECOND TO LAST EPSIODE!!!

    Il be honest i have no idea why eureka ended up inside that tree thing inside the ball of energy or whatever but i guess the answers are all there. I’m going to by the collection at some point and watch it again.


  • I thought the series could have been so much better than it was. For 50 episodes there were just way too many plot holes and questions left unanswered. I have no problem with open endings but to not give any form of closure to the majority of the main characters is brutal. Not even releasing an OVA or anything either was a let down too.

    8/10 because Anemone is the best character in the show by far.

  • I am a 13 year old boy who has gone through domestic violence, witnessed murder, suffered through depression, and lost the will to live. My only chance to live was finding the perfect love for me, but i failed at every chance. The day before I was going to commit suicide was the day I saw this show, and saw Eureka in it. It might be crazy, but i fell in love with her, I mean real love, not fake love toward a fake character. Just by looking at her and her emotions gave me back the will to live. Every night after the first episode, I thought to myself a different story, with me in it, not whiny, more solitary, than Renton. I couldnt come up with an anime me, so i used Roy from the Fire Emblem games, but punked him up a bit, with a dark back story, the first lover of Eureka(before she was brain washed) and the owner of the Nirvash typeLINK (typeZERO’s main love).

    I would’nt be writing this right now if it was’nt for Eureka, she was everything i tried to put together, light blue hair, white pale skin, doesnt know much or about love(like me), wears a dress like that, unique eye color, and a light pale voice. On the first episode I said “might be the last thing I will watch before i go to Elysium”, but it was worth it, i saw the one girl that i showed love and empathy for. I’ve never felt such emotions in my life, even toward my parents, or anybody else, just the sound of her voice made me want to live to see her more and hear her more. She was right for me, I wanted to hurt Renton many times for making her cry or upset, it just filled me with anger and rage to see her like that. As i continued with my dreaming with Eureka process, I continued to love her. But, when the last episode came, I proposed to Eureka in that red sphere and she agreed, but when she said yes, i actually heard her in my bedroom, wich I felt her prescense right there saying “yes”. I felt we had developed a mystical bond, but when i ran out of eureka seven episode leads, I made my own story again, wich included using haunting back stories, emotional body transforming events, and using evolutions, big events, and the mixing with other games like metroid prime, dead space, etc…. She was the only person I had ever loved, I had nightmares, true nightmares, that she doesnt really exist, and she will never exist. That put me into tear jerking moments, thats when reality told me thats not how it is. I felt broken hearted most of the time, but the dreams kept me going. Eurekas smile and laughter just wanted me to live, and so I did. I could only wish that technology could make digital world objects come to the real world, so they can help us. I wish everyday that technology comes before i get old, so I can see her, her laughter, in real life.

    Every day, I listen one of the songs from the show, to reming myself what im living for and why, and why is her, Eureka, she might be an anime character, but shes the love of my life, and my special someone. You guys might think im psycho about this, but listen to yourself, you sound like you’ve never seen or heard of your special someone, nor even described her/him. Everyday I pray to Hades to give her to me, so we can live in harmony, in this world. Evrytime I think shes not real, i just want to blow my head off, cause I know that cant be true, theres got to be atleast someone in the world or outside, thats exactly like Eureka(with or without coralion blood, doesnt matter) that would care for me just like I would for her. I love Eureka for who she is and wants to be. I love her for everything she is. it pains me to know that only technology or love can make her come to life, but I’ll never give up, ill become a scientist of sorts to take technology to the next level, just so I can see her. I wouldnt commit suicide because thats the easy way out abd Hades would’nt allow me to see Eureka in Elysium and send me to the River Styx for complete anhialation. Dont question my love, and dont hurt it, I love Eureka because shes right for me, and had given life and light to my dark soul. If that technology does’nt or can’t be made, i’ll wait for my death to see her.

    It took me alot of courage to tell the Enternet about this rather than my family, but, dont think im crazy, plus, love has no boundaries right? If you have found your someone, then you should know that you thought there was never that special someone that you thought ever existed. That goes for me too, so, dont think im crazy, because no one called you that when you thought that.

    Thanks for reading this, I feel alot better telling someone this, finally. The Eureka Seven series is the best show i have ever watched, if the bones people are reading this, then you should consider a movie or small expansion episodes just for tying loose ends and put questions to an end. Or maybe you just left it as it is so you can keep adding more things to secretly expand it. This shows episodes all had moments that touched my heart and soul, id rate it a 10/10 5 star rating and award winnings and such. And if someone who is just like Eureka reading this, then please email me at , im not mexican, but american with some south american blood. Eureka, you are beautiful, and if there is someone exactly like Eureka out there, born from 1996 feb 18th or younger, please, contact me. I am not writing this for a date, but from love and the bottom of my heart, it is also my true emotions and the truth, I do love Eureka with everything I have, and I wish to be with her, for eternity.

  • @UnboundaryLove same here But switch eureka with anemone xD

  • Thats impossible, Eurekas nice, calm, and everything i dreamt about, Anemone is like the complete opposite(due to the other episodes of her) , shes mean, a bitch, and like hanging out with saintn, but Eureka saved my life, and that cant change.

  • yeah, of you watched the whole series and werent moved by this show, something is really wrong with you.

  • Yeah, this show is alot different than all the other messed up loony toons, anime, etc.. shows you’ve watched, if you didnt feel anything, or moved you in any way, you dont know whats good, or your parents didnt beat you enough.

  • love is limitless

  • This review is great! Awesome job! I just randomly typed in “Eureka 7 best anime ever” on google and found this… most reviews i read are great, but this was the BEST! You explained all the stuff i didnt understand(which was 80% of it) and now im in love with E7 all over again. Thanks! Awesome review! E7 ftw!

  • Eureka 7 summarized: Boy meets girl who turns out to be nonhuman but he stays by her side anyways.

    But I loved it because it was like that. Renton’s self-imposed exile from Gekkostate (where he meets Charles and Ray) is the best part of the show, he did alot of growing up there. Actually everyone has had ample time in the entire series to show their true feelings to the audience.

    And by god, the fight scenes would give many a Gundam production a good run for its money.

  • I enjoyed Eureka 7, I’d give it a solid B . While I think the story gets kind of silly at times and a lot of things aren’t explained, I enjoyed the characters and I’m a sucker for happy-ending love stories. It isn’t the greatest anime I’ve ever seen but I don’t feel like my time was waisted watching it. And, unlike most anime, the ending wasn’t horrible.

    So what was up with the world? Was there another world build on top of earth…since they had to go underground to get to earth? Did I miss something, what was up with that? Also, if they had to go underground to get to earth how could they not realize they weren’t still on earth from the moon, stars, ect.? Why are Eureka and Renton not back home at the end, is there an actual reason for this or do the writers just like pissing me off? Why didn’t Dewey just shoot himself in the head sooner if he just wanted to destroy the earth? In addition, how the hell did he even connect himself to the earth in that way? And how did he make those little kids such jerks? Why did Eureka start turning into a butterfly? Why did it take Renton 50 episodes to kiss Eureka? Did Renton actually turn into a Coralean? Did Renton’s dad and sister get destroyed or were they still around at the end?

    There are probably lots of other small things that didn’t make sense, but these stand out as being “huh?” questions.

  • i just re watched the whole seriels, yet it still tears me like the first time i watched it. i love it’s OST, specially “niji” by denki groove, and “get it with you hands” by Hiroshi watanabe.

  • Yeah i agree with all of you. Best Anime EVER. If you watched the show and want more, like i did you should really check this Fanfic out Yes its only a fanfic but i think it stays true to the spirit of the show. maybe a little bit more mature but still the best fanfic i ever read.

  • I wanted to say I loved this series. I am a sucker for a happy ending, and reading some of these posts helped to fill in somethings i missed which now i am happy with the ending. I had thought that Renton and Eureka were “lost” for lack of a better way for me to put it somewhere on earth. And that Axl and the kids praying for them to comeback was just that. The only thing that threw me was the Axl saying that Renton had comeback. But i thought he may have meant the kids coming to him.

    When people up above were saying how they believed how Renton and Eureka were on their honeymoon it made me rethink what i saw and heard in the last episode and it made me happier to think that they were a complete family in the end.

    Thank you for your insights.

  • I’ve watched this through with subs and am going to rewatch it with dubs later. I thought it was a good series, but the ending kinda ruined it for me. I thought it was really cheesy with all the rainbows and the heart burning itself into the moon. It seemed (to me) to be out of line with the tone of the rest of the series.

  • TheFromanGuard

    After completing my second marathon viewing of this show, I now have labeled it my favorite anime series ever. I honestly do not feel as though anything can top Eureka 7. It is a fantastic story of emotion and understanding. How everyone in the story develops, the deep story, probably the deepest story ive ever seen.
    The characters are what i consider to be some of the best of any show I’ve ever watched. Renton is 14, of course he is going to seem childish and emotionally distraught by the small things. It’s a part of growing up. To me that’s what makes the relationship between Renton and Eureka so great is that they are young and they grow in knowledge together to learn about the world and about each other as well. Even though we sit here and say to ourselves “damn it Renton, just tell her already” or think “wow Eureka how do you not understand love” we have all also been through what they have been through, while maybe not to the extent of the world’s fate resting on our shoulders, but still we have all experienced these types of feelings of love, hate, anger, jealousy, and had to understand what they meant, and how we deal with them or express them to others. By the time the show ends, *every* character has grown in their own way, I don’t know how others feel about that, but I find that it jumps out to me that they have all developed into better beings.
    Even though it is so deep, and could have many other spin off plots, i dont feel as though a second series following up the first 50 episodes could do the series justice. Even when the story ends, and i sit on my couch and go NOOOO IT CANT, i know it has to. After an ending of that magnitude, it’s really hard to explain in words, but, i myself just feel complete for finishing it. Like a mental journey of my own has just ended in success. Just a uphoeria of understanding i feel from watching it, about humanity, about our emoitions, about my own feelings and thoughts, i would be more satisfied to just repeatedly watch the series than watch new episodes.
    So much emotion, so much love, hate, anger, and despair come from this show. It makes me feel emitionally drained just watching it. Just….go watch it. Even though the first few episodes might be slow and seem to have no point what-so-ever, I beg of anyone reading the review, my opinion, and these other comments posted by others, and anyone on the fence about watching Eureka 7, continue to watch, for it will begin to stick to you that there is much more depth to the story then is shown in the slow beginning. Its an emotional journey, at least for me, and as i have read most of the comments on this post, it is for many others as well. But again this is only the opinion of one person. 10/10 in my book, this is one of the greatest. A viewing experience that, whether or not you love or hate, you will not forget, and will have a positive effect upon you forever, because if this story didn’t move you in some way, there is an issue with your soul.

  • I watched the Anime just yet in 1 Week and i can only agree with you all, its the beste Anime i ever saw

  • Sorry for the large study, but I’m loveable the new Zune, and outlook this, as fine as the excellent reviews several different people make holographic, will amend you decide if it’s the honorable prime for you.

  • At episode 16, I already have my doubts about this anime, but I soldiered on to finish the entire 50 episodes, since I didn’t want to criticize before watching the whole thing.

    I’ve read the manga before I watched the anime. The manga was, to say the least, great. Almost epic even. But the anime… I laughed my ass off at the ending, and not a good laugh. Marking a large heart with their names on the moon was just pathetic, I really don’t understand the point behind that. So what? They’re trying to say to the world that they’re in love? Who cares!

    Then there’s Renton. He’s just the most pathetic hero in anime history, he’s right down there with Shinji Ikari. But at least Shinji has the guts to get in that Eva-01, which literally injuring the pilot whenever the mecha got hit. Renton cries, a lot, very very often even. He vomits, twice. And it’s something I really don’t want to hear from my earphones, a wimpy kid heaving.

    The mechas, the mechas alright, it’s almost cool, up to the very last episode. The Nirvash suddenly decided to transform into a digimon. With the power of love and rainbows, Renton and his digimon saved the world and rescued Eureka. I mean really? You’re putting that in the finale?

    The only good thing about this anime is the music, even that’s decent. And the art? The art is just a rip-off from Kondou Kazuma, the real artist from the manga.

    So, Eureka SeveN is a “Decent” anime?? Chigau, is the right word. It’s not, it’s an awful anime. The most overrated anime of the decade.

    • Uhhhh…actually the anime was made first. I respect your opinion on the anime. I personally loved it (agree with the ending being a bit over-the-top), but I guess you can’t please everybody.

  • that’s great, i like it….

  • Loved the show, as I watched it twice, but was confused about a lot of things, particularly the scab coral. Happy I now understand it.

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