Eureka seveN!! “Decent” Anime?? CHIGAUUUU!! Ultima Class Anime. Spoilers here.

I cry when I see this picture. Click for bigger version.

I finished Eureka seveN five minutes ago. So pardon my lack of self-control from the high of emotion. Nothing but a lot of caps and exclaimation marks can convey the whirlpool of emotions I now have surging through my head. EUREKA SEVEN IS FUCKING GOOD!! YEAHHH!!!! This post will not be organised. Just a random mix of words explaining why e7 is Ultima-class anime. Ultima-class is Gatekeepers, Last Exile, Slam Dunk manga, 08th MS Team, Ranma 1/2 manga, Shaman King vol 19 and 20, Xenogears game, FF7 game etc. The type that you will never forget for the rest of your life, repeating the story to your grandchildren 500 years on.

The fact that I got to watch it all at once probably added to my enjoyment of it. One of the reasons why I liked Last Exile so much was probably because I waited till I got the full set before watching it. Eureka, being a 50 episode anime, had a very staggered fansub release. And since I don’t have the habit of rewatching stuff until a few months later, I keep forgetting the terminology and stuff that happened. Having read some opinions on the series, apparently the ending was set from the start and a lot of events and scenes hinted at what was to come.

The sudden soccer filler episode was really hilarious. Seemed like a spoof of Captain Tsubasa really. Captain Tsubasa was a rubbish physics defying series too. The crew needed a break along with the audience. Amazingly, before the episode started, I was a bit fatigued by the depressing and complex plot. Norbu with his clairvoyance saw the problem and solved it with a good filler. Is this the first time a filler episode rested both the characters and the audience?

Speaking of complex plot, this show is aimed at kids. Really. We have subs and discussion forums and some of us old dudes cannot even understand fully what is going on. How would kids grasp anything beyond the impossibly well done LFO duel scenes? I’m not a fan of old music so I didn’t get the references either.

Is Eureka the most uglified female lead ever? She gets facial scars, a chemotherapy haircut, skin disease, turns into a bug… Eureka in doujin art is a lot prettier. Anemone, my favourite female character, gets a great ending. Poor Theend, was it ever explained what Theend was?

Dominic and Holland could probably be lead characters in their own anime series. It feels like e7 was a massive epic, combining a few full stories together. The growth the side characters like Dominic, Talho and Holland go through was much more than many other series’ main characters. Like Naruto. There were even a few surprises in the end. Like the number of human-type coralians around lol. Anemone has the same seiyuu as Tenma and Nina.

I hate Dewey. Completely. I hate him as much as I hated the evil bitch, Dio’s sister, from Last Exile. I normally do not hate bad guys since most of them are evil cool or do have some sort of fathomable reason for doing bad things but Dewey’s retardedness is never seen before. He kills millions of people just for his own dignity? Someone please explain what his motives are. I only get the fact that he’s bad cos he wasn’t given credit for killing his dad. His original aim was the destruction of the planet because humans fled when the coralians “attacked” 10,000 years ago? And that was embarrassing? And why was he imprisoned in the first place at the start of the show? And how did he sync his vital signs to that compac and the coralians? So many questions. I should rewatch the series.

He wasn’t bad completely right? Like how he took in the war orphans. Although he did use them to murder millions. Anyway, I hate him for his abuse of Anemone.

The battle sequences in the last 3 episodes were almost movie standard. Some things didn’t make sense, like how the Gekkogo could do LFO-type manuvers all of a sudden, dodging homing lasers and missiles like the Nirvash, and the Super Izumo did NOT do anything. At least it wasn’t shown. It’s nice to see how the final fight doesn’t go to the main duo of Renton and Eureka. The main concluding battles were all heart-thumpingly exciting. Nirvash vs Theend was settled nicely and Theend even metamorphisised mid-fight into a white version. The Nirvash suffering massive damage is also cool, since it immobilised the two pilots and all they could do was hide and pray. Until Gekkogo came of course. We even get a new toy to buy, the Terminus 303 Devilfish, Holland’s new limitless LFO that can fight in space and looks devilishly cool. Gekkogo and Devilfish’s final fight with the Gingago, Dewey (Bastard)’s ship was almost of Last Exile proportions. And of course, Nirvash’s ultimate mode, the organic one, reminded me of some of Tomino’s newer creations. “I CAN FLY!!!”, and Renton becomes a man. Super chest cannon makes Guyver bury his chest in shame.

Renton was a real wuss at the start of the show. But he’s a good wuss. I’ve always liked Renton. He wasn’t gay like Kira. He wasn’t retarded like Naruto. He is a regular kid that makes realistic decisions. He doesn’t become a superman overnight, like Ikki from Airgear. He grew so gradually through the 50 episodes, and by the final ep, when he changed his clothes, it was like, wow. The seiyuu, Sanpei Yuuko, did a perfect job for his transformation. I really felt he was a true man in the end. Kira is gay btw.

Eureka too, changes completely. it’s like she’s another person by the end of the series. Her voice is Nazuka Kaori, also Elise from Canvas 2. Whiny yeah but Eureka when emotional really makes you cry.

I felt the saddest part was when the guy who was tending to his sick wife died. I suspect that’s why I hate Dewey so much. His name was William or something. Oh and Despair sickness was finally explained. People who get it actually have their consciousness sent to the Scab Command Cluster. So they are living happily, reading books in there but in the real world, they are vegetables staring at the compac drive they hold in their hands. When the CC was destroyed by Dewey, their consciousness was forced to return to the real world so their despair sickness was cured. Poor William. AARGGHHH. Who the hell says that filler episode sucked? That episode was essential, if you look back now, to illustrate the concept of despair sickness which is linked to the central idea of the Scab being a living entity and wanting to communicate with humans. E7 does not have filler eps that suck and serve to waste time. Unlike Bleach and Naruto.

Come to think of it, they explained more or less everything. So the Coralians move to the moon and the humans live on their current world as well as Earth. Renton and Eureka become tour guides and facilitate communication between the two worlds. They are free to go to both places. A new command cluster is created with Nirvash as the central core. Nirvash is a girl. Anemone is a human. Gonzy is a Coralian. The 3 kids become Axl’s great-grandkids. Hey even Maurice goes through much character development. I totally forgot to mention him. This tiny tot can lift an elephant gun… with his love for mama.

It’s funny why no one except KT is blogging this show. I’m not the best at catching subtle hints so I may miss out and not understand the ending fully. It would be nice if someone could explain the whole thing since I’m pretty sure many people are going to be hunting for an explanation soon.

I don’t get what’s the Second Summer of Love?

Finally, the music is amazing. The OPs and EDs are the best I’ve ever seen in a show and the insert songs and BGMs work perfectly too. The last ending sequence makes me cry everytime I watch it. Canvas by Coolon. Such a simple animation sequence, yet it’s powerful. The final picture of Eureka with the kid, Lint, is a poignant moment. Like those award-winning war photographs by Saiga. The OPs all have the “burning” quality and yet are good songs on their own, especially Shounen Heart and Taiyou no Mannake e. Even Sakura. When they are played as insert songs, I cry. I will be translating the lyrics for Canvas tomorrow.

I award Eureka seveN the “Best Kids’ Show Ever” title and give it 164687 out of a maximum of 0.23 for its pure greatness. Those who have yet to watch it, please do not be afraid of its transforming robots. It is a show that can be loved by males, females or neither, of all ages. To miss it is like… refusing to eat a drumstick when stuck in the middle of the Sahara desert without food.

An interview of Dai Sato, one of the creators of Eureka seveN. This gives much insight into its original creation, references, targets and even his own personal views on how the anime industry will turn out in the future.

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  • Damn. I tried to read this in such a way that nothing would be spoiled for me… I failed. Now, I’m really excited for the end to be subbed, though… I actually started off thinking this series was really unoriginal, but after I continued to watch more and more -because someone bugged me to-, I began to enjoy it. I think I can truthfully say it was when Renton became emo and locked himself up. It just added a whole new aspect to it. Though I want to see the end, I’ll be sad when it ends.

  • I made it impossible to do so, hence the spoiler tag in the title. There’s no organisation in this post.

    I only started enjoying this when Renton got tortured and ran away. The turning point of the series was the introduction of Charles and Ray.

  • Agreed, except:

    Nirvash is a girl — I thought the voice was more of a middle aged woman. Like a mom.

    Also, the last OP, Sakura, sounded great until I realized it was a bastardization of Amazing Grace, whereby it dropped to ‘good’

  • It was the first thing that struck me. It’s common to see pop singers mix classics into their tunes, so it’s no big deal. I’ve heard quite a few mixes of Canon in D too.

    Sakura and Flow are the poorer OPs but still good compared to other series.

  • Eureka Seven starts off a little boring, but gets better from there. Midway through the series, probably when Ray and Charles show up like you mentioned, it manages to become a fantastic show. I really didn’t see it coming, I figured it was just going to be a slightly better than average mech show, and ends up among my favorite anime.

    As for being a kids show, well, perhaps in the beginning its OK for kids, but as the show progresses it becomes increasingly violent, the scene where Renton first realizes he is killing people when fighting comes to mind as a part that is not kid safe, as are the flashback scenes to Eureka finding the children or Holland and Charles fighting.

    Its a fairly adult themed show masquerading as a child friendly series. I would rate it a bit higher than Bandai has actually. They say 13 up, I would say 15 up would be more appropriate.

    As for the ending, it was pretty good, but they left some pretty important stuff out. I wish they had explained the bit with Dewey and the compac drive, or why his life was linked to the coralians. Perhaps something to do with the research they did on Anemone and the other girls? Maybe a movie/OAV will explain it.

    • I loved eureka Seven too! And from what I got about Dewy, was that he had tried to (I think) syn with a coralian but failed like norb had. Except he had no contact with the person/coralian. My proof from that was what had happened to Norb when he and Sakuya (supposed first coralian). Maybe, there was another coralian and Dewy fell in love with her, but something happened and so ended the compact drive inside of him. And came his hate-well the start of it.

      Well, this is what I thought, and so here’s is my answer to you after 5yrs!:) Lol

      • OH adding one more thing, this could also explain the extra hint of sadness when Holland said he couldn’t save his own brother. I dunno, this is just what I thought.

  • Just finished Eureka Seven too, and it’s really great. It started a little bit slow, but improved a lot in the middle, and the ending is really great. Highly recommended, even for people like me who don’t usually like mecha shows.

  • What I took from it was that Dewey was trying to defend the honor of Earth, which had been overrun and conquered by an invader, the Scab Coral. He wanted Earth to be free of the alien influence, but that was impossible, so he decided that it would be better if Earth just didn’t exist at all. Kind of like killing someone who has a disease that will make them go insane so that they die with dignity rather than dieing as an insane madman. Of course, in this case the Scab Coral wasn’t a disease that would drive it to madness, it was more like a symbiosis that both would profit from.

  • Now, did anyone else pick up on the G-Gundam references in the last episode? The way Renton pilots the new Nirvash is a perfect reflection of G-Gundam. That whole chest canon was as close to Shining Gundam’s shining fingers as you can get without being a direct copy.

    To me, the end just screamed so much cheesiness that it was drop dead great. That whole message written on the moon thing just capped it off for me as the greatest cheesy super ending of all time (I mean it in a good way).

    The resolution of Dominic and Anemone in episode 48 (i think) was just tear jerking good. I think I watched that like 3 times and was moved every single time. It was long delayed. In a past life, Dominic and Renton were probably brothers. I think they’re around the same age too.

    But definitely a highly recommended series that sort of slipped under peoples’ radars because of the shaky and slowly paced opening episodes (like 20 for me).

  • On a side note that I completely forgot about. When they finally revealed the truth about the Coralian and the planet, I literally fell out of my chair. Well, I think my jaw dropped to the ground first and then I laughed uncontrollably. It was probably one of the best sci-fi plot twist and truth revealing moments that I’ve seen in a while. It was almost like Alice in Wonderland style down the rabbit hole and face the truth as you come out.

  • I’m glad a lot of people ar having such a positive reaction towards Eureka Seven as a whole. It is really is one of the best shows I’ve seen in years. The last 10 episodes were jsut magnificent and I cant even count the amount of times I was on the verge of tears (ep 45 especially) While the show was slow to start none of those episodes were wasted. The quality of the character development for Eureka and Renton is just staggering, even the kids in the final eps. I haven’t been as pleased with a show as this in such a long time, and I really think it represents the absolute best in anime. Great story, fantastic characters, great writing etc. This seriously is the type of series where the word “timeless” comes to mind.

  • Weirdofu>>Pilot movement controlled cockpit doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a ripoff of G Gundam. G Gundam sucks so please don’t compare it at all. Quite a few anime out there use that cockpit design so it’s not a G Gundam exclusive. So what if it coincidentally has a chest cannon? That’s not the way to compare dude. Why not I’ll just say all the mechas out there are ripoffs because they have someone piloting it? Or better, most mechas are ripoffs of one another because they are human-shaped! They use guns! Fuck, please don’t link shit with greatness because of your own narrow mind. Stuff can’t be labelled ripoffs unless the origin has the feature exclusively. Like how Rahxephon ripped off EVA’s concept of mecha = god. But it’s still a good show.

    Heck E7′s one of the best mecha anime I’ve seen in years. Pwns the 08th MS Team you recommended, tjhan.

  • You know, I just finished Eureka Seven. I don’t need any sort of intricate explaination. It was a joy-ride through and through. I absolutely loved it.

    On another note, was it me or did Mathieu and Hilda disappear from the show after episode 42?

  • Remember they nearly got killed in episode 42? And was saved by Holland? I think the producers forgot they were saved or something and assumed them dead. lol

  • Wait… They did appear in episode 49. Go see the part Renton decided on becoming the Command Cluster.

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    OMG, tj_han, beware.

  • Yes Mr ORD personnel. I stalk tjhan. Next thing you know he’ll receive blackmail letters and I’ll be walking around his house all day long.

  • wow i cant believe taht i just read all of that. but now that i did i understand a few things in the show. i have seen all teh episodes but havent seen 37-50 with teh subtitles. if there is a dvd im more then willing to go buy it. i guess i should go look to see if its out.

  • Awesome series… that’s all I have to say. The best I have seen in a while, topping my charts. Sad that it has come to and end, but alas, I keep thinking that’s also what makes it so great.

  • The worst part of the series was, by far, the “hey this planet is actually Earth!” twist. I haven’t felt so cheated since I watched Signs… urgh. Even with a 7000 year absence, how could you not notice the moon, the other planets, and all the other crap, especially when they clearly still had documentation about Earth (the book) after living there again for another 3000 years? Come on.

    The series wasn’t bad, but the ending was somewhat predictable, but I guess from the very beginning it was clear they were going to end up together so it’s acceptable. Better than Gungrave’s ending, at least.

  • Yeah, I’m a bit confused about the whole misunderstanding about the planet earth’s identity. This is definately nitpicking, but I was just watching the 11th episode, when they show a map of the location of the Coralian or something? Well, it’s actually a map of part of Slovenia (small eastern-european country) including place-names. I wouldn’t have known it, except that I’ve been there…

  • As to why the general public didn`t realise it was planet earth is simple .

    The scab coral covered the entire original surface of the planet so the continents weren`t the same at all.
    Then , the sages who were in control of the people had constant complete media control and information manipulation over the planet`s population .
    Every planet`s has it`s moons so having one moon in the sky shouldn`t be that odd .
    You could refer to the stars yes , but I think the book Norbu had was old , very old . As in original earth era and his priest clan musta had that stashed for years .

    Also remember that people had left earth for a very very long time in search of a new home ( Notion about the scab being alone for thousands of years )
    And when they finally did come back who knows what`d happen .
    Maybe all the immigrants were in cryo stasis , leaving only a few ( i.e the sages ) to control the fleet and manipulate people`s minds as they go on ( i.e this is a new planet not Earth )

    The fact that a map of Slovenia was shown could be simply lazyness to create an original map / maybe that was a reference the militairy had to the old earth , etc.etc.

  • I FUCKING LOVE THE SHOW!!!!! It is one of the best series ive seen. the whole story and the character development in this show is truly amazing

  • Okay, heres the deal.
    i was watching {AS} Adult Swim one night and i happen to see Eureka seven. At first, it didnt exactly seem like a great anime but i gave it a chance. Overitime i watched more and more episodes and just recently went online and found episodes 1-14. THEN i found 15-26. i was extremely sad after episode 26 because i was SO into Eureka seven and i thought that was the end of the series. Oh no… i found out there was actually 50 episodes!!!! I went online and found 27-38. (didnt find 33) and i just watched all of them today. I’m very pissed off because i am SO INTO EUREKA SEVEN and LOVE it and want to know how it ends. but i CAN’T FIND 39-50!!!! Someone help me for the LOVE OF GOD!!!

  • XenonnMaximus

    Simply go to keiichi anime to watch 1-37 then go to to watch the rest. Note 39 is the only episode i could not find. You can also see the ray out special episode zero on youtube. enjoy

  • I LOVE YOU im checking to see if it works right now.. TY .. im attempting to download 37-50 (package) right now… apparently these people stole the episodes from Nanashi ( dont ask i dont know whats going on ) and might have posted them up on the internet through torrents… i THINK i might be getting them.. not sure

  • Hey what pretty much happens in the end. When Renton and Eureka Kiss and they turn into light Renton becomes blue and Eureka becomes Red but in the very end they show the two of them the blue lighted person having wings and the red lighted person having nothing

  • For 37-50 do a search for Bizarro Nanashi Eureka Seven torrent and you should find it. Took little under a day to get it. This was one of the best series Ive ever seen ^_^

  • Eureka Seven was a great series. One thing i didn’t get was why the trappar didn’t work when Eureka and Renton and the kids just went through the great wall and near the end they suddenly can do combat in the sky? Overall it was the greatest anime I’ve ever seen (haven’t watched that many anime series) although I’m trying to find some different anime’s that are as good as Eureka Seven. Any suggestions are welcome.

  • well i finally found 37-50 (package) it took a hell of a long time but i found it. it wasnt on youtube either. Youtube is spread out and is in like different parts which can get very confusing… i still have a TON of questions. Whoever would like to discuss E7 with me, IM me at Th1sIsMyN4M3.

  • Nirvash type_Zero

    can any one give me a link to where the ep 39-50 are?

  • I have watched episodes 1-39 using bearshare but i could not find episodes 40-50. does anyone know where i can find episodes 40-50

  • I think ending was very good, everything is explained in a nice way, but i probably missed something since i dont understand where are Renton and Eureka?! Rentons grandpa in the end says to them that they should hurry back home, because their kids are waiting for them and then we see Eureka and Renton in some forest with lights on their heads?!

    What happens to them and where are they? Why cant they come back home after a year?!

  • where do you get episodes 44-50?

  • Stop asking where to get the episodes and use your own sourcing ability. The more you ask, the dumber you seem. Even if you really have to ask, this isn’t the place to do so.

  • What a great series! i watched a single episode on adult swim and then i had to download the rest of it. I had all of the first 3 seasons and then i couldn’t find the 4th season for the longest time, which pissed the hell outta me. But i finally finished, wow that was good. I really didnt except a series like this to stur up so much emotion. At first i thought it was way too much like a rip off of Eva, but the character development is awesome, and it really makes you become attached to the characters. Some the parts were very emotional. As to one of the comments up top, i think Eureka had the blue light and Renton had the red. Theres alot of talk about Episode 51/OVA/MOVIE, “New Order” does anyone have any info on that? All i’ve been hearing is that there was the voice acting at the 2006 Sony festival with a new story… And something about the last DVD set cover being Renton and Eureka’s children (not the three that Eureka found, but ones with wings and such) And something about how the last DVD has 2 episodes worth of extra time which cant be accounted for by the episodes included in the DVD. Has anyone heard anything on any of this stuff???

  • is there anyway to find the episodes online without having to download? …because theres big gaps in the episodes youtube has…and its just no fun skipping around

  • does anyone know of a torrent (seperate from the file) that may have a copy of ep 45. my copy of [Bizzaro-Nanashi] eureka7 ep45.mkv is not playing its video track, only audio

  • Eureka seven is really good, ive watched the series about 5 times already, and i cant wait to play the games!
    if you’re having trouble playing the “mkv” files, you should download the VLC media player, which is for that kind of file, there’s the url, if you need it , to download the video player, that way you can watch the anime :

    heres my email address just in case:

    hope it helps!

  • Switchblade1010

    This was the GREATEST anime i have ever seen. This show truly touched me in a way I have never been touched before. It really made me do a lot of thinking about my life. I’m looking forward to an OAV, because there were a few things that i felt were not resolved. An example, what happens to *SPOILER* Talho and Hollands child? *end* What is the story with theEND? Where did it come from? What happens to the rest of Gekko State? I was in the shower last night and i thought of a ton of things I would like to see in an OAV. By the way, check out wikipedia’s Eureka Seven artitcle, it is EXCELLENT, very interesting. Also, many of the fansubs are missing the true final frame of the series. When i saw it, it really helped me clear the end up. it can be viewed at
    Please do watch this series. It can be found at or downloaded at

  • Yea thats the second video game for Eureka Seven. Those two main characters actually appear in one of the later episodes of the series in the very beginning for just a second. Its like an easter egg. they are the ones sitting outside the fenced off reffing area with their boards.

  • Hey im a huge fan of eureka seven and really hope for episode 51. Any one using Youtube should know that a guy named animeman83 has a bunch of the missing episodes on his account and if you ask him to be friends he will say yes and then you can see them. Apparently its the only way to show them without the account deletted. Again loved the show, moved me to tears, and hope they continue with episode 51.

  • I am a HUGE Eureka seveN obsessor!! …um…But it only goes to ep. 50. Yea.


  • hehe, i read the whole thing juss understand some of the parts in the shows…..i saw ep. 1-45, and the very last one………I MUST SEE 46-49!!! E7 kicks ass, i agree w ur story, please tell me where i can find the fansubs 46-49!!


    as you can see they are planning on making more books of Eureka Seven (manga) in 2007 so that may mean that they will also follow behind with the cartoon (anime)so we’ve got to hope right guys ^_^

  • dude it doesnt end in ep 50 trust me there is more like 51 new order and i heard a rumor that there is new OvA for eureka seven i heard its called “the lost world” eureka seven so im sure there makin it and there is a managa after the ep 50 called “the gravity boys and lifting girls” eureka seven

  • alright this is what i found.

    taken from people who know japanese and about anime stuff
    [12:31] nanashi_tl: it was a live ep51
    [12:31] nanashi_tl: with no animation
    [12:31] ice:
    [12:31] ice: oic
    [12:31] nanashi_tl: just voice actors reading a script
    [12:32] nanashi_tl: live and u can read more on it since people posted a tanslation to it i think

    The audio is from a Sony Music festival in Japan. It was a live performance between the two actors.
    for those who want to actually hear it and can understand japanese

    So, i guess there is no ep 51.
    Does anyone know if there will be a movie?

  • The only dissapointmet I had with the ending was they could of showed Holland and Talho staring at the moon with their kid, but that is just a minor complaint.

  • i loved this series, it was absolutely wonderful! is it true there’s a 51 and 52? i don’t see why there would be… but they would be nice to see! i’m happy i’m not the only one who cries to the second ending sequence… it IS powerful, a work of art in and of itself really. i hear it isn’t doing well in the us… but i really don’t get why! this series is so SOLID a lot deeper than naruto and the fighting sequences are sharp! the animation is clear and consistant, high quality all around. twists and turns all the way through, right up until the end, it stays totally unpredictable! really great. good rant

  • Yes yes, i know i’m a late comer, but i just finished watching all of the Eureka Seven episodes now, and i have to say this was THE BEST ANIME SERIES EVER!!! I got the biggest Eureka Seven high, i’ve looked for wallpaper, downloaded some songs, watched some amvs, lol. This anime is truly a timeless epic as some of you have said. I’ve never had a series make me tear (omg I’m a guy but i can’t resist not saying that the ending was so BEAUTIFUL, i’m so emo now… ;( ), make me laugh my ass off(the episode where they thought Renton was forcing Eureka to have sex, ROFL!), the battle scenes were totally intense, and i felt a million other emotions watching this thing.

    It’s true tho, the first few episodes were kinda slow, i saw my lil sis watch it and i actually called it stupid cuz when i saw mechs surfing in the sky that can turn into cars, i was like, wtf, gay. But after i saw the ep where renton sticks up for talho i gave it a chance and found that i was totally wrong, the series rocked, cuz it wasn’t all about the mechs (like the crappy gundum series’). From then on, the story was brilliantly written, awesome character development and so many subplots and plot twists. I say George Lucas needs to watch Eureka Seven to learn how to fuckin write cuz he butchered the Star Wars prequels with his shit from hell writing skills and directing!!! In E7 I couldn’t wait to watch the following episodes and each one gave a surprise or two.

    I hope they come out with the OVA’s and a movie as they said. Someone commented above that there’s a great article about E7 in Wikipedia and he’s right, it explains that the Manga E7 and the anime E7 are different and i don’t like it.

    About the ending, eureka and renton were alive in a forest somewhere. The lights of hope they were carrying were emanating from the gems on their forehead like the one on Eureka’s that we saw. The tea drinking guy on board the Gekko-go was actually a hybrid Coralian-Human. Cuz he was talkin about how evolution doesn’t have to go one way (either just coralian or just human). And if u watch, u’ll notice that one of his eyes is a human eye, and the other is a coralian eye like eureka’s. So i dunno what’s up with that, did he come from the future? or was he a child of some interspecie couple from the past?

    Anyways, Eureka Seven is my all time favourite anime. If u guys liked that, theres another series sorta like E7 (but nothing is as good as E7) called ” Escaflowne “, so go check it out. Its a short one, but it has a lot of action, plot twists, and of course, the lovey-dovey stuff we can’t seem to resist. :) Comment soon

  • OK I rarely respond to old posts but considering so many found this one through google and are posting false information, much clarification is needed.

    E7 is an original work by studio BONES. It is not based on a manga. There is a manga version, which was launched concurrently with the show.Normally this is done for publicity and sort of merchandising, but the two are unrelated.

    E7 ended on a highnote and was very complete. There is no need for more episodes or OVAs because all the conflict was resolved. As of now, there have been no news on any of these rumours. Besides, if you guys want more e7, go play the many PS2 games of it. You guys should know that there are such things called “radio dramas” in Japan, where the voice actors perform sound-only. Non-Japanese fans do not normally get these, due to the language barrier and inane content which makes it not worth it.

    I imagine most people here see e7 through Adult Swim. So I’ll recommend some similarly excellent shows for you guys.

    Bones since then has worked on many series, including the excellent Ouran High School Host Club. THeir latest work is called Ayakashi Ayashi, set in feudal Japan where a group of guys fight demons with much politicking and creative weaponry.

    But if you’re looking for sci-fi, I have to recommend Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex, Planetes and Last Exile. These are for me, the best 3 sci fi anime in existence.

    And Escaflowne sucks. Only Escaflowne itself is rather cool.

  • Does anyone know if part 1 or 2 of Eureka Seven is available in english?

  • no episode 51 :

  • did anyone notice the note that Renton gives to Maurice near the end before he goes off to save Eureka, im surprised that i never saw anyone post about it, if you havent seen go back to the last episode somewhere near the middle theres a part where you can actually see the letter in Maurice’s hands and you can read it. Renton writes something like after he saves Eureka he will be wandering around for a while, which is why the children and axel are waiting for them to come back (because renton said he will in the note), and then we see them in a forest somewhere on the earth wandering around, like he said in the letter. Hope this clears things up for some.

  • I love this show! Its my favorite anime of all time. Its sad it had to end but they said something about a sequel called “Eureka seveN 2 Gravity Boys & Lifting Girl.” You can see it at and click on CS (comics). I’m gonna buy everything I can that has to do with this series.

  • dbgtboy, I’m positively certain that the letter Maurice had in his hands was the lettert his grandpa sent him together with the bill to the Nirvash’s board. Go check it out!

  • ah crap i never noticed that, now im confused about the ending, what happens with renton and eureka and why are the kids and axel so certain that theyre coming back?

  • PalladiumSerpent

    [Also, the last OP, Sakura, sounded great until I realized it was a bastardization of Amazing Grace, whereby it dropped to ‘good’]

    Yea, that last opening was definitely a spin-off of ‘Amazing Grace’. But it kind of fit really well. You see, ‘Amazing Grace’ is an old slave spiritual, sung in the impossible hope of finally being free. Similarly, Eureka-7 is absolutely filled with the quest for freedom: The freedom of the public from the lies of the Sages and Dewey, of the Gekko-Go from the oppressive military, of Eureka (and, now that I think of it, Anemone) from those who are seeking to use her , of Renton from his mediocre life, and especially the euphoric and spiritual freedom of love. Furthermore, the lyrics to the song go “Amazing Grace, how sweet thy sound, who saved A WRETCH LIKE ME”. Every one of the main characters has said at some point “I’m so pathetic”, or, in other words, “what a wretch I am”. And also, Koada had called the whole of humanity pathetic because they were “tied down by their sins to such an extent that they could no longer move freely anymore”. In other words, they were slaves. Spiritually, that is. So, in that sense, the ‘Amazing Grace’ and freedom acheived by love, which has the power to bring about true changes (like Talho’s changes to love Holland, or Eureka and Renton’s for that matter) has the ability to not only liberate the main characters from their wretchedness (as when Holland becomes mature after he realizes Talho loves him, or Anemone’a epiphanie when she realizes Dominic loves her) but also to liberate the whole of humanity. Its an almost religious sentiment of love being able to overcome the sins of the past.
    So you see, it might not be the best OP ever, but it fits the series perfectly =).

  • PalladiumSerpent

    [I only get the fact that he’s bad cos he wasn’t given credit for killing his dad. His original aim was the destruction of the planet because humans fled when the coralians “attacked” 10,000 years ago? And that was embarrassing?]

    I think that I can explain that. You know that book that Dewey and Holland are always reading? The one with the naked woman on the cover? It’s an actual book – ‘The Golden Bough’, by Sir James George Frazier. ‘Its thesis is that ancient religions were fertility cults that centred around the worship of, and periodic sacrifice of, a sacred king, the incarnation of a dying and reviving god, a solar deity who underwent a mystic marriage to a goddess of the earth, and who died at the harvest and who was reincarnated in the spring.’ (directly from wikipedia – I’m not sure if thats o.k. or not) Essentially, that’s what Eureka-7 is about. The period between the harvest and the spring is winter, a time in which the beauty of nature disappears and the visual symbol of life itself becomes secretive, or ‘discrete’, to use the same language that the show uses to describe the scurve coral, which is the representation of life in the show. The whole period between the exodus of humanity and the marriage of Renton – who inherited the ‘Golden Bough’ – and Eureka – the ‘goddess of the Earth’ – was a time in which humanity had no king/preist-leader (in other words, someone people can believe in – a hero, which is what everyone in the show is looking for, and what Renton and Eureka become to each other and the world). Adrock could have been, but he wasn’t chosen by Eureka, and he died before becoming a hero to the people. And the Sage council ruled by lies and repression. So Dewey’s role in the story is still kind of ambiguous, but he is kind of like the past who must be overcome to pave the way to the future. If you think of him like that, he kind of starts to make sense: why he why he must either set things to what they were before, or destroy the future.

    I think someone asked what the ‘summer of love’ was, too. That’s easy. Remember what Talho said? that affection grows to LOVE which leads to new life? well, thats the ‘fertility cult’ thing. Both the Coralian and Humans want to reproduce (or, in the case of Coralians, ‘merge’), but the question throughout the series, brought up by Dr. Bear, is whether both species (both ‘religions’) can both do that. But because Renton becomes the king/preist-leader/hero of humanity, primarily through Ray=Out, and Eureka becomes the king/preist-leader/hero of the coralians by becoming the Command Cluster, both species can do that because they are doing it TOGETHER. So instead of the summer of love leading to disaster for both species because of their conflicting veiws, i.e. the Limit of Life (which is an appropriate name because it could be triggereed by having too much life on the planet), it leads to mutual acceptance and growth/enlightenment.

  • PalladiumSerpent

    Anyway, I totally love this show and agree that it is, as you say, completely fucking amazing. I absolutely agree with your rating of 164687 out of 0.23, and as for the show being directed at kids, I agree with the show being directed at kids as being total bull.
    What I love about it is how profound it is. I mean, I’ve watched it twice and I keep realising more things about it. It has such a depth of complexity and emotion, and that combined with beautiful anime, flawless action, and a fun and entertaining show, makes it the best show I’ve ever seen.

  • I recently came to a revalation about the ending. Many have simply assumed that Renton and Eureka have been aimlessly wandering around the planet for over a year without contacting or visiting their friends and family. I don’t believe this to be the case. Axel makes a comment along the lines of (I’m paraphrasing): “Of all the family I’ve had in this town, Renton is the first one to ever come back.” Renton does not return to Belforest throughout the series, which begs the question: did he return to Belforest after liberating Eureka from having to become the new command cluster? This quote in and of itself suggest that directly after the Summer of Love Eureka and Renton returned to their family, but during the one year period they eloped or embarked on their honeymoon for an undetermined period of time, which I think is more reasonable than Renton and Eureka lolygagging around earth for a year, leaving their family in a state of longing and uncertainty. Axel also has a role sheet of family members, which also includes Renton and Eureka, and even more revealig still is that Eureka’s last name is now Thurston. It can be concluded that at some point during that one year period Renton and Eureka married each other, and the scene by the lake at the end is just depicting them on their honeymoon.

    I’m also basing this conclusion off the character emotions at the end. The Children, as well as Axel seemed confident that Eureka and Renton were still alive, though the ending never depicts Eureka and Renton returning to their family. This leads me to believe that Axel and the kids have active knowledge about Renton and Eurekas’ well being, and suggest once again that they all have had contact post Second Summer of Love. Also, there is an illustration that is not put at the ending of episode 50 sometimes. It depicts Renton and Eureka with their kids and Axel walking in a field of sorts. You can tell its post Second Summer of Love because Eureka has wings in the drawing.

  • wow odin thats a good conclusion, i think it is right on and the picture after the tv series totally supports it, yeah thanks for clearing the ending up, your way makes a lot of sense, why would axel say that renton is the only one to return home if he did not return home? well because renton probably did come back and then went on the honeymoon or whatever with eureka oh and even better, this is one year after the second summer of love so it is actually like an anniversary from their first kiss/marriage.

  • I completly agree, an absolutly brilliant series. The only anime to ever make me cry. I don’t know why but I’m a sucker for Renton and Eureka. Their’s is the only love story I’ve ever liked. I usually hate love stories, especially in anime. but this, well what can I say, I friggin wept in the end. Even now just thinking about it I tear up. Anything that can do that to me is astonishingly powerful. This is without a doubt my favorite series I’ve seen to date.

    Even though I couldn’t have asked for a better ending, I feel this incredible sense of loss that it’s ended. I desperatly want there to be a movie tying up the lose ends with the rest of Gekko State and giving me a glimpse of Renton and Eureka’s lives together, but perhaps that’s asking for too much. I suppose I’ll watch it through a few more times and content myself with the impossibly beautiful last ten episodes.

    My final thought: Made of win and god.

  • I believe Eureka Seven to be the most heartfelt and beautiful anime ever created. If you watch the 50 episodes diligently, not one ounce of time was wasted. Either Bone’s was contributing to the plot, or developing characters, or showing us the relationship between Eureka and Renton. Even episodes that could be construed as filler show unique and interesting character interaction and development.

    I think one major reason why Eureka Seven is so emotionally powerful is the nature of the love between Eureka and Renton. They share an innocent love, which is purest and most sincere form of love. There relationship is not about sex or physical pleasures, but is instead about protecting one another, being with one another and caring for each other in ways that no other animated feature can touch (except for some Miyazaki films). As you watch the series many members of Gekko State are constantly trying to force their views of love and sex on Renton and Eureka. Whenever they say things like: “have you kissed her yet,” or “How far have you two gone,” they are simply trying to justify their own views of love. However, Eureka and Renton’s’ love is so much more that physical, they share something through the Nirvash as well. Its no wonder that we become attached to the characters, jealous even, and desire to see them together simply because the relationship they have is so compelling. THIS IS HOW YOU WRITE AN ANIME. When the fans aren’t just interested in watching giant robots blow each other up, but are instead more interested in seeing what Eureka and Renton will do next. Even the Mecha seem to have character themselves.

    I can also understand why some people are not completely satisfied with the ending. It does leave good deal of loose ends. When interpreted correctly, though, you can definitely ascertain that Renton and Eureka are doing just fine and are with each other (which is the most important thing). Further still, if you read my above post, there is convincing evidence suggesting that Renton and Eureka came back to Belforest but then went off adventuring together. I’m also convinced there will be an OAV or sorts that either details what happened within the one year period, or the obvious alternative. Bones has invested heavily in Eureka Seven, the series has done very well, and I think there is good reason to release an OAV. I’m just glad that Bones is not Gainax, and will probably not give us a jacked up movie like End of Evangelion was. Lord have mercy on Bones is they somehow release an OAV of Eureka Seven with a sad ending. That would totally ruin all 50 episodes for me.

    P.S. Episode 51: New Wave (the live script reading) is not canon, and should not be considered part of the Eureka Seven story.

  • sadly there is no OVA for eureka and there never will be one, i checked everywhere for info on that and each and every one said that BONES is finished with eureka seven, but anyways try out the manga of the series, im reading it atm, it is a lot different from the anime (eureka’s personality is WAYYY different and so is anemones, lots of plot differences as well, but its still pretty cool and i like it).

  • I can’t find anything that confirms or denies the possibility of a movie, though somebody somewhere mentioned that they were still working on the project. He/She might be mistaken. Whatever the case, I am totally satisfied with Eureka Seven regardless if I see an OAV or not.

    I might have to check out the manga as well, but I’m worried the relationship between Renton and Eureka might not be as fleshed out or as sincere as it was in the anime (based on what I’ve read on Wikipedia).

  • nah the relationship between them is pretty much the same but eureka is kind of more caring about renton and his well being in the manga (she starts to cry when he gets sick), in the anime she is doesnt trust anyone but shes not like that at all in the manga, she looks cuter too.

  • In all fairness, Hideki Anno said numerous times he was finished with Evangelion, and here he is now directing the rebuild project. I wouldn’t count Eureka Seven out yet. It is all dependant on popularity.

    I’m also completly satisfied with the ending in regards to Renton and Eureka, but I’m such a sucker for their story I just want to see more of them anyway, just to satisfy my curiousity. I’m certainly not disapointed with it as it is, but I’d love to see more of them. An OVA may be asking for a bit much, but a movie, even a short one, would make me the happiest fan on Earth.

  • belial, you should try out the manga, its a lot different from the anime but its still really good (i think so at least), so if youre addicted to eureka seven and cant accept that there will be no more episodes, go ahead and read the manga, you wont be disappointed.

  • Well, I am reading the manga, and so far I’m not liking it as much as the series. It doesn’t have the same feel, and the plot seems rushed. Maybe that will change later on, I’m still going to read it all though.

    I’m sure there won’t be more episodes, as a TV series it is finished. That doesn’t mean anything for other material. Odin said he could find nothing confirming or denying the possibility of a movie, and when nothing is confirmed it means it could go either way. It depends on how fans react to it and how high the demand for movie there is. At the moment they are finished with it, I undestand that and I’m sure what you say is true. My point is even that can change.

  • Just watch the episodes on all of the episodes are there

    1-51 and i have seen the whole thing it’s AWESOME

  • OMG I can’t believe that there won’t be any episode of Eureka seven. I really wanted to know what happens after we see Eureka and Renton in the forest. Sigh I guess we can guess that they go back to Axel. First Anime that made me cry in the end. So emotional and EXCELLENT! Well I guess I’m stuck to the manga now, sigh

  • I love this show i came across it while searching up video’s on google ( yes i have no life) but it is the best sho win the world im praying for a movie

  • Eureka Seven is most definitely one of the best Anime/Manga series ever, though I liked the anime better than the manga. I hope they make a movie or something that extends the series. I wanted to see Holland’s and Talho’s baby, maybe Renton proposing to Eureka with those rings, what Renton lookes like with his red-jeweled forehead, and possibly a kid from Renton and Eureka, biologically not Link, Maurice or Maeter.

  • Check out the first ever Eureka Seven Forums. They have info on the movie, this is the thread they talk about it in:

    They have almost every bit of info avialable on the movie. It rocks!

    I can’t wait for the movie, supposed to be confirmed by Bandai this year in 2007 or early next year in 2008.

  • In my opinion this is one of my favorite animes of all time like top 3 maybe even #1 i loved it but as much as i ahte to admit it when the finale ended i cried……………………………… yes i cried… i really dont admit it but i did it was just so good, and it was one of those things it is so good i wanna see whats gonna happen, but one its over i want to see more…… and i cried……….

  • I’m a guy, i had to watch the last episode of eureka seven when nobody was around because it also made me cry. Its my all time favourite anime.

  • This amine is good but its like gundam except for active filled with silly stupid comments like in last part of ep1 part a i think i can do it… is this a good idea? as renton’s falling

  • Watching Eureka Seven was one of the best experiences i’ve ever got. My brother recommended it for me, so i began… After the first episodes, i started to think it was a childish one, but along with the development of the plot, mainly when Renton run away from Gekko-Go, it turned to be a very interesting one. The story of Eureka and the other Gekko members and the development of the couple feelings and mainly the complexity of the plot was amazing. I RECOMMEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I think they’re going to keep going with the story, in one way or another. Not only is this one of the most popular animes EVER, but it’s an unfinished story, and since its’ the basis of the entire plot, i don’t think they would totally end it without renton meeting his grandfather again. And besides, it made ban dai a lot of money.

  • Hi Im Paul from the Philippines and I must say I really loved this anime.
    Specially the opening songs and ending songs. I love it so much that I always listen to the music every so often. Like 7 or more times a day XD

    I’m also impressed because at first I was disappointed because of the lack of “battle scenes” in this show but it did prove me wrong. This anime lacks battle scenes but still it Standed OUT!

  • Thank you all for watching our show we love all our fans we hope u like the next Eureka Seven…..

    Eureka Eight i mean. Ray-Out

  • i am wonding does anyone have a link to episode 51 if so send me a email at

  • this show was so amazing i loved it, its so sad it came to an end, i thought the end was great too, very emotional, the only things i dont like is how they just leave renton and eureka in the forest and the kids with the grandpa, also if it looked to me like alot of the planet was the scubcoral right, and at the end it was destroyed and floated up to the moon or something, also to the ending with renton and eureka’s name on the moon(im asuming i cant read language) it was carved out when the nervash seperated the command circle where eureka was, you clearly see the light went into the moon, anyways back to my point i want either the enxt to episodes or something that answers my question, how long till eureka and renton got back to bellforest, what did they do that whole time(over a year in the woods how boring) i want to see the final ending to know exactly what happened to everyone and end on a happy not, because the end was quite sad to me and i didnt want it to end, my last comment is the 3rd ending i think, i heard and believe it shows eureka and anemona older and i just wanted to know why would eureka be all sad and i dont know just didnt seem like her but anemona seemed fine. let me know about movies or final episode that i heard might be shown with english dub on adult swim when it finishes in like 10 weeks!

  • dudes has there ben talk of a move or more episodes i did not finish the seares but iv herd it ends at 50 guys here now at least tell me the end is a hapily ever after and they all get to be togeather and crap i get so sad over cartoons that end bad in these ways 1 it just ends fer no reason like in the middle fer some reason 2 maine chacters die in the end 3 they all split up 4 they all split up and give u really crapy info on what happens to them I WILL HARDLY EVER CHEK THIS SO PLEAS RIGHT BACK SOON I MIGHT CRY IF IT ENDS BADLY BUT I MUST NO JUST NO GIVE AWAY THE LAST EPISODE FOR ME

  • also ifogot my password to my email so tell me here one more thing when did episode 50 end i would be happy to no it ennded like a week ago in japan because the longer they dont come out with new episode bigger chance that means they wont show more no effense to u japanes but u cuold get paid a lot more if u contenu some of these seris

  • There is a sequel, but it’s not official…
    thx, hope u like!

  • what do u mean not ofical did the people who made the other shows make the one or is it some amv what about a movie they usally make one and awnsers to my other questions can u find them

  • o yay and what is this new eruke episods called ove or somthin did the rumor come from a fag ao like a place from the offical websight

  • Now, when you say that that picture, and that when Eureka is emotional makes you cry…you are DEFINITELY NOT KIDDING. This is the one and only series that has ever made me cry. Anytime anything bad ever happens to her (Eureka), I immediately think “Oh no, now she’s hurt”…followed usually by a tad o’ tears. You ever had that happen? You know, where you just can’t stand to see a certain character in pain? That’s exactly what this show did for me.

  • I am not finsh with this series yet but still I would like to say what everyone seems to know. And that is this is THE BEST FOR ALL AGES ANIME SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!! Eureka Seven is a grealy done, well executed work of animation. This show is remarkable both in animation and in storyline. Effectivlty, despite the fact that this is a spolier page, I still have the desire to finsh the series. Truthfully this spolier only acted to hasten my quest to see the end. And like it was said before, the music that is acompanied with E-7 is as good as the animation. Instead of the music being out shadowed by the anime or visa versa, the music seem to have been an “even-handed”partner to the series. It helps to expaned the vision of what the animation is trying to accomplish and brings the emotion of both itself and the expression of the animation home. It has been a real treat to watch this show. From me viewing this show has given me a well wanted return trip down memory lane. I haven’t been in this state of amazement since I watch the movie ‘Akira” for the first time a long time ago. Hey I know this is long but It’s just that good. Kudos to the creators of this show.

  • Eureka SeveN turned into a complete surprise for me. Normally, I’m never, EVER into mecha anime (with the exception of Full Metal Panic). This series, however, turned out to be REALLY good! It just seemed to hit all the right notes. Plus, I’m just a really big fan of the whole surfing-mecha thing ;)

  • lol…i finished the series like…2-4 months ago….but every now and then i have the urge to rewatch the whole thing dispite all the stuff i hafta do for skool… first when i first saw a clip of it i was like…yo this is complicated too much terminology and the animation style is different from what i usuallly see….but i gave it a chance and in less than a week i finished the whole thing….at first i though renton was a complete utter wimp…and couldnt do squat (looking back, i couldnt really blame him cuz i’d prolly be the same if not worse), but over the course of the anime he really change….did any1 notice his hair in the last ep?… it to the hair he had back in ep 1…..u cant describe it….its like…straiter….or less puffed up…or combed the other way…iunno…just looks cool…and like….yea…..iunno…i had so much to say now i cant remember…=/….well yea….basically it

  • there are some hint to a continuation ( i may be wrong but i hope not ).

    1.why did they tell eureka that she has the capablity to bear children if they would use that
    2.what will happen when the Coralians return
    3.what about hollan and talho child

    i really hope that there will have a movie a seires like it deserves one



  • Are you fed up with imagining what an Eureka SeveN sequel could be? Well, read a fanfic! Like Eureka Eight or so…

  • I read through most of the posts… and yes, eureka seven is by far the best anime i have ever seen… ever. I have never been so moved, captured, rooted, or lost in anything like this before…

    There is a lot of good convo here but what about charles’ ring that renton found embedded in that rock…?

    Basically it has been weeks since i got done the anime and i still get all emo when i think about it… i have two sources for people…

    1)my torrent site which has a complete download (1-50) link

    2)one of the top three e7 AMVs… im making one with the same song but mine will be better…

    if anyone wants to talk about the site my email is on my website… i love talking about this anime XD

  • so is there going to be a movie or more episodes?

  • Geez. I’ve also been reading for quite some time. This chat was really helpful to me regarding where to get things and clearing a few things up. ^^

    Just like so many say, Eureka Seven is really an anime worth watching over and over. It’s comedic attitude never loses it’s touch. It’s sad moments really make you sad! Everything just captures you. I had the worst depression around episodes 27 and 48. lol Eureka has a really good grasp on me. *sighs* So when’s the movie coming out again? XD


  • Eureka 7 can be summed up in words…..BEST SHOW EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I came across this while searching google for Eureka7 stuff. About your post… Yes oh god yes! Eureka7 is definitely awesome ultra class anime :) I particularly liked the animation and the soundtrack (see you have mentioned the soundtrack as well!). Story was good too. It’s one I’ll remember for a long time. It might not be perfect but it’s certainly one of the best I’ve watched!

    Last Exile. I’ve watched it a while ago but it is one of my favorite animes as well. Guess we have a similar view or something :)

  • i bought all the soundtracks to eureka seven and i really can’t go a day without listening to it. there’s about 100 songs, some extended versions of op and ep’s. today i went through all of it like 6 times. i still can’t get enough. i love this show so much… when it comes on adult swim i always have to wait for it to run the second time because once isn’t enough. all of the characters are amazing in their own way. it’s so sad it had to end so soon. i never thought 50 episodes would go by so quickly… because i never got bored. it’s just one of those animes you’ll remember for the rest of your life and will still be talked about when you’re old. it’s another evangelion. and that happens to be my favorite show/anime/movie… anything!!! i love both series so much, and i’m not even a mecha fan!

  • i thought it was a great show and and i did some research and ep. 51 was announced withan amv at sony musicanime festival and you can watch the amv on you tube its called mad amv new order

  • It’s been a year. I didn’t really want to see this. I had a vibe telling me it would mess me up. It did and its been 3 days since i seen the last episode. Its a wonderful and powerful story that teaches a person about love. Even if you’re sure what love is e7 will reenforce anything you thought love was. e7 showed me what love really is. I thank them for it. Renton and Eureka make the ultimate sacrafice to be together. I am an emotion less person and even if you’re like me and this series of episodes dont move you in anyway there is something really wrong with you.

  • ?????????????????????????a man

    i herd that e7 is coming out again but like naruto Shippuuden they will be older thats what i herd

  • well so far it seems like there really is hope for a movie in the future but right now it seems like they’re postponing in till US viewers get to finish the entire series.

  • this show actually got really god and episode 48 or 49 i forgot

  • Im a new guy just searcking the Eureka Seven comment boards on google passing around the latest good news. I am not bullshitting any of you, but BANDAI has CONFIRMED that they are continuing the Eureka Sevan project for 2 MORE YEARS!!! Now, whether its a movie that they are planning, or a continuation of the series, or an OAV(Originally Animated Version) is un confirmed, but the point is they are DEFINITELY CONTINUING!!!! Confirm my comment at

    P.S. There is no typo in the website, in case you thought I messed up in the “” IT IS not .com

  • Im just wondering Dante, if you know when the new movie/episodes/games are comin out?
    if u know can u plz tell me :D like, i know ppl said it was uncertain when it is coming out, but i thought maybe u did sum extra research on it.

  • Wow this is my all time favorite anime series. When I frist watched Eureka Seven it was on YTV and in english so I just blew it off until I came across it again in Japanese and that was when I fell in love with it. The whole story was just awesome, and I thought the characters were well developed. In response to Jam’s emotional outburst, LOL, I too cried through the last 5-6 episodes. I really think that it should have been continued at lest another 5 episodes to just see what “happens” after. Like Eureka and Renton returning home, Gekko State and the military resolve there differences, and everyone lives happily ever after.

    You might as well laugh I have put quite a lot of thought into what could of happened after the final episode.

  • swahgurl,

    I would assume that they are coming out in 2 years, if they are continuing it that long. Did you go to that link I showed you?

  • nervash7eartfe

    this is an me from usa the seires ended last night and i nearlly cried my self to death. all of guys are right it is THE BEST ANIME EEVVVERRR!!!
    and i am hopen for a movie. why?

    1)i want to know what happeens to reento and ereuka.

    2)what happen to geeko state?

    3)what does talohs and holands baby?

    4)any thing else someone could think of to ask.

  • nervash7eartfe

    sorry i left a bit of typos on that.

    ow and dante nice work on that bit of info.

    and i agree dew was friggin crazy!

  • Iv got my connections…

  • nervash7eartfe

    i would say

  • nervash7eartfe

    can any one guess what eartfe means?

    sounds childish but i really want to see how many can guess it.

    pretty sure all of you can.

  • That site is unofficial forum… Are there any official sources confirming a second season of E7 (or w/e you were talking about)? :)

  • nervash7eartfe

    not sure but if there is im gonna fligh like an lfo

    (lame refrence i know)

  • nervash7eartfe

    can anyone tell me the name of the girl that is in love with moon doggy and you know what in the tunnels were the old man tried to steal the type 00?

    thanks for your replies if there good.
    thanks anyway if there bad.

  • Does earfe mean FART in pig-latin? JOKING! Anyway, does anyone have any info on the future of Eureka Seven, maybe from the mags, or other sites? Im getting really antsy…

  • nervash7eartfe

    i’m sure some one at bandai sure knows.
    i wish some one would spill the beans soon ’cause u are’nt the only.

  • I love this series. I missed alot of eps. in between the begining and then end tho. I wisi it wasn’t over. It is really depresing.

  • nervash7eartfe

    you can type that again.

  • That this thread is still live a year after the initial post is sufficient evidence of how damn good E7 is.

    I started watching E7 on AS, right around EP 26, and then rented what DVDs I could from Netflix to catch up… hitting the “limit of episodes” at R1 DVD 5….GAAAAH! (DVD 6 became available early in April, and was listed as a “short wait” on Netflix for three weeks… I suppose their idea of “short” differs from mine substantially.) It’s probably sitting in my mailbox a home as I type this.

    Having a fairly major gap (ep. 23-26) to fill in, I when digging and found a (still working) torrent of the Nanashi fansub, snagged it, got caught up, and then blew past the dub on AS (may they rot in hades for cutting the starting and ending of ep. 50 last weekend!) and finished the series.

    Like a few other posters here, I pretty much lost it emotionally on ep. 48 and cried through to the end. A bizarre sight to see, to be sure, as I turned 45 last week. (“Tsk, to force a grown man to cry at a “children’s” amime show… Is this how adults act, DAI SATO!?!”)

    This show was well and tightly written, (e.g., “I can fly!” is said in both the second and last episodes by
    Renton.) the characters fleshed out and utterly believable (OK, Dewey is just a cipher) and a love story depicted with such verisimilitude (look it up) that it flat out blows any other anime shows that I’ve seen to chaff.

    The genuineness of the love story was evident to me as it was, in broad strokes, reminiscent of my own courtship (if you can call 2 months of friendship before getting engaged a courtship,) marriage and relationship with my wife (18 years and enjoying our 2nd honeymoon.) In other words, it took (and takes) work to make any relationship work, (times infinity for marriage.) Even if Mecha are not involved!

    From that initial attraction and desire to protect (I’m so old, I’m “prehistoric school” on this, which doesn’t really matter since my wife can totally kick ass without any assist from me.) their fights and mutual misunderstandings, to the realization that she’s not like other girls: “You’re just you” (translation: “I love you for who you are, not what you are”) Both Renton and Eureka having to chase down the other on more than one occasion, culminating in Renton’s storming the new command cluster, which damn near kills him:
    “Don’t you Bye-Bye Me!” (I rather like the awkward phrasing of the fansub, over the dub, but that’s just me.) and being willing to give up everything, everyone, and all that he is to be with the person he loves.

    My take away from this, (and thinking about how the relationship is portrayed in E7) can be summed up in the following fashion:
    “Don’t run away just because shit hits the fan, I’m here because I love you, I’ll follow you through hell, northing’s going to stop me from loving you, and I’ll do what it takes to make this work, even if it kills me.”

    When carried into my marriage, I add on thus: “So just get used to me being here, because we’ve made a commitment to each other, divorce isn’t an answer because we’ll just have to deal with the same crap with someone else, (since most of the shit is mine to begin with,) therefore the only way either of us gets out of this predicament is death, preferably by old age (and don’t think I won’t haunt you, cuz if I can, I will!)”

    “Let’s become one.” This is some serious shit. In marriage, this union is quite real. Don’t ask me how it works, but my wife and I often share the same thoughts at the same moment. We truly enjoy each other’s company, and share great affection for one another. It took years of hard work to get where we are. Each of us had to give up quite of bit of who we used to be, to become who we are now, as a couple. Standing on the other side of all that uncertainty, pain and suffering, we can both say that it was well worth it. We gave up the insubstantial things.
    Marriage isn’t for wimps, you have to be willing to die to all your selfish crap for the sake of your mate to make it really work. That you actually see some of that portrayed in E7 just makes the show that much more excellent.

  • nervash7eartfe

    graybeard, you hit the nail into the wall(which i beleave to be a good thing) of what it means to truly care about another(as humanly possible as we can manage). and your right about as cutting the begining and ending (i’ve seen the last part were they’re in the forest on youtube, but i can’t find the begining part yet)
    (p.s. i feel that all “almost” divoreced pepole should watch at least some of e7 to find out what actuall love is, it’s not just about cash or good at it.)
    if you any kind respond make sure i posted it.

  • Woah, most sweetest anime ever,
    the mecha battles are great, the romantic story is fantastic, everything is great about this show!

  • nervash7eartfe


  • i belive this was the best anime you could anywere you go.great battles, the most compaling love story you can find in an anime. great music and characters, great character devolepment and the feelings seem so ginuene that they seem so real.i do hope that they hurry up on what ever they’re going to do to expand it for the next two years.on a scale of 1-10 i give it a 1000!
    P.S. i’m a good bit like gidget but do hope to find true love like renton and eureka!

  • The show has the depth i’ve never seen before.

  • This show is the best show ever made(and i hope you all agree.) I’ve never seen an epic tv series more fantastic then Eureka Seven. I mean I already own over half the series on dvd(still waiting for the the rest to be release, and if anyone knows please email me at But unfortunally their are people how thinks the show is girlly. One time i asked this dude what he though about the show and he said it sucked, And you know what i did, I punched him. the dude knew i played on the football team and did weight lifting but thought i hated eureka seven.he never said that show sucked again.


    Seriously, who agrees? I dont think there willEVER be another anime that surpasses this one, its just THAT GOOD!!

    I hope they make a series continuation. A movie would suck, because sometimes they are so good that time flies by and it seems WAY too short. I wouldnt prefer once a week, or anything, but a series continuation airing on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and hour long specials on Saturday would OWN!! After putting up S-CRy-Ed
    reruns, Adult Swim BETTER put up Eureka Seven reruns. Hour long blocks Monday thru Thursday like Inuyasha would ALSO OWN! I dont know about all of you, but Im sick of all the Inuyasha and Ghost In The Shell reruns. P.S. Dont think Im betraying them. I like them. They’re just good… in small doses. 3 CHEERS FOR EUREKA SEVEN!!!


  • If the ONLY WAY to atch more Eureka Seven was on a weekly basis, I would STILL rather lose my right hand than miss ANY of the episodes. I also have the dubbed version (completely) and the subbed version (halfway, waiting for my preordered shipping) Also, if they make a movie, I am STILL going to watch it 10 times or more! I AM THE BIGGEST EUREKA SEVEN FAN ON EARTH!!!

  • Bull I’m the biggest fan of eureka seven on earth

  • I hear their coming out with a second season


  • we’re all like a big eureka fan family. Do You all agree

  • ……..right, well i guess your kinda right Vatran-san. It was a great series and after awhile the depressing feelings slowly lifts away. God it would be great if there were real lfo’s or klf’s,and lift boards. Most of you I agree with some i don’t but no matter what


    P.S.Japan’s has the greatest anime know of.
    P.S.S.I also like the Japanes show “Air”.
    P.S.S.S.It’s uncomplete sieres on youtube that goes to episode 8.

  • one of the greatest anime i’ve ever seen. everything was great,the story, character, filler, humour, song and their gekko-go and LFO; everything was just great!!! i’ve seen all 50 episodes… for anyone who wants to download it, go to you can download full episode of e7. i have finished it but i feel sad because the story ends…huhu…and i dont like eureka become a butterfly. anyway, she’s beautiful for me… i give 9.5 stars out of ten.

  • i give 9.5 stars to the anime, not to eureka…..

  • the summer of love was when at then thye nevosh transforms and all those carallens come.

  • Eureka Seven forever

    “Is Eureka the most uglified female lead ever? She gets facial scars, a chemotherapy haircut, skin disease, turns into a bug… Eureka in doujin art is a lot prettier. Anemone, my favourite female character, gets a great ending. Poor Theend, was it ever explained what Theend was?”

    You are entitled to your own opinion. However, saying she is the most “uglified” female lead ever? That is bull crap, Sorry, Eureka I thought throughout out the show was gorgeous. However Anemone ending was great, i’ll agree to that. Eureka and Renton’s ending was better I think though.

    “I hate Dewey. Completely. I hate him as much as I hated the evil bitch, Dio’s sister, from Last Exile. I normally do not hate bad guys since most of them are evil cool or do have some sort of fathomable reason for doing bad things but Dewey’s retardedness is never seen before. He kills millions of people just for his own dignity? Someone please explain what his motives are. I only get the fact that he’s bad cos he wasn’t given credit for killing his dad. His original aim was the destruction of the planet because humans fled when the coralians “attacked” 10,000 years ago? And that was embarrassing? And why was he imprisoned in the first place at the start of the show? And how did he sync his vital signs to that compac and the coralians? So many questions. I should rewatch the series.”

    You are suppose to disagree with a villains intentions. However, in some cases, they aren’t exactly evil either. They are simply doing what is thought to be right to them. And yes, what we think is right, is not always the right thing to do. You have to understand, Dewey was attempting to do what he thought was right for the world, and restore human dignity. And sounded like you dumbed down the plot of the show. It was much more complex then that.

  • Flying On A Clouded LFO

    ‘I believe that through out the seires eureka learns what it is to be a human and I THINK THOSE WINGS WERE BEAUTIFUL. I’d like to have them
    (though it would be aucwerd to sit in a desk), and i think Rentons kind of cute.The ending of a great show no matter how great is always kind of depressing and ends up leaving you with a hollow feeling.But now enough of feelings and on to the judgement.

    Character development:10/10
    Story Development:9/10:could’nt figure out some things.
    over all:49/50
    99.6% perfect series

    thanks for reading!!!!

  • Its only on once a week for me. Not done watching yet, fucking great show.

  • the whole story was great as were the characters…i also surf so i fund great enjoyment in reffing…anyways u got part of it wrond the coralians live on the moon but the humans live only on earth as the world they were living on was earth just with large scub coral growths on it changing the very shape of the planet…..but yea great anime….my absolite favorite!!!!!!!

  • i have to say the greatest anime ever…the insert with sakura on episode 50 made me cry, and im a guy.

    holland was the most kickass character i have ever seen people may think hes an asshole but he turns out pretty good, even risking the gekko and his own life to save renton and eureka, that moment made me feel so happy. “higher than the sun” is my most memorable quote from the show i loved that part

    the concept of lifting so closely resembled surfing which i do that it just made the show that much better, i loved it and when you think about it, it hade a somewhat logical explanation.

    renton was a great hero who started out as the immature crybaby young boy, into a courageous caring young man. “I can fly!!!” was a great moment and he and eureka’s love was amazing, i kind of feel he shared the role of hero with holland as holland had a big part in the story

    eureka despite all the shit she went through was an amazing and gourgeous character, i loved the wings on her they were beautiful, she changed so much over the course of the series and i agree with cloud the sries shows what it is to be human.

    I fell in love with every character on this show with the exception of the kids though i warmed up to them at the end….every character was so different it was amazing. out of all the backstories of the characters holland and talho had the worst ones im glad they turned out good

    this series is so AMAZING…oit has the best character development, the best characters, great action sequences, a great villan, an amzing love story, actually stories…it is just the best anime i have ever seen i even put all of the episodes on my ipod and have seen them over 6 times each….great anime


    The second summer of love is the period in which all of the scub coral went to the moon and allowed the nirvash to become the new control cluster allowing humanity to live on earth, until they could find a way to coexist

    theend was a model of nirvash, it had living ees like the nirvash and was in fact very similar to the nirvash being able to communicate and save its pilot’s life on its own

    the planet the humans were living on was in fact earth but the scub coral grew over it over the 10000 years humans were gone changing the faceof the planet but not premanently as the real earth was underneath the scub coral but they let the humans back to the earth at the end of the series though humanity also lives on some of the scub surface still as u see Axel on Bellforest with the kids, i mean it takes time to rebuild civilization on earth

    the ending screen with renton and eureka in the woods was part fo theyre honeymoon they left for a while to travel the world together im not sure if theyre on the real earth though, i think they might be

    the trapar waves still exist as part of the scub coral surface is still above the earth

    deweys motive was the restoration of mans dignity, but at first it was the idea of saving the planet because thats what he wanted to do he wanted to save earth and kill the scub who forced humanity to flee from it 10000 years ago which would restore their dignity but he was crazy as he knew all about the limit of questions and the end of all life if he did that

    anyways great anim, holland is a kick-ass character, and the best stor i have ever seen

  • In my opinion EUREKA SEVEN is the best anime of all time, The awesomely powerful music as well as the exquisite artwork, all coming together in a Flawlessly written storyline, this is one of those anime, that keeps you, and it is also an anime that should be recognized as an anime of beginning, like for many was, dragon ball or sailor moon even though you had come to realize the apparent flaws, it made you fall in love with anime itself, everyone has an anime that was their first, and this is one of those for sure.

  • guy’s im putting this because most ppl would be too lazy to read all of my above comment….then ending axel said “all of my family left this place but none came back except for your papa” this implies that renton came back after the second summer of loved after episode 50 as he never came back during the series, eureka taking rentons name also shows they got married after episode 50, so my likely concluson is that she and renton are out seeing the world for they’re honeymoon; axel asking them to return home soon shows that he knows they are doing well and is expecting them to come home soon….the real ending screen shown in the japanese anime with the whole family in the meadow implies that they were on a honeymoon and came back to be with theyre family….so yea that is the ending of the series

    GREAT ANIME!!!!!!!

  • EurekaXRenton Forever!!


    You all wanna know something? I know you do… =D

    I just read that entire damn page!
    I thought I wouldn’t be able to read the starting… thing… That I seem to not remember what to call it(It happens sometimes… My memory has issues.) But no! I didn’t only read that, I read… Uh… However many comments there are up there. And just because I can, I’m going to go count how many there are after this post… thing.


    I must agree, Eureka Seven has to be the best fuckin’ anime ever! It’s got so many twists and emotional parts, but it is also funny, detailed and interesting. It’s not just “Some random school girl meets the perfect guy who she doesn’t think she will ever get to even talk to ’cause he’s perfect but then it turns out they love each other; and to add a twist to that gay little story: They both become awesome pop star/singers who are also heroes and save everyone’s lives daily, then kiss in such an innocent way at the end of every episode you would swear to fricken’ god that they have never kissed anyone before.”

    See! It’s nothing like that!

    1: Eureka’s not ‘perfect’, and there is no way in hell that Renton is either.

    In fact, no one in the series is perfect…

    Oh, and yeah, Holland is a totally kick ass character!
    I don’t even have a favourite! I could never decide.

    I like Anemone, though a lot of people are like: “Oh, I hate her! She’s a total asshole who beats up on Dominic and thinks she’s perfect!” Etc, etc.

    Okay, so I’m a total loser.

    I had already seen every episode like five times each (At least), English dubbed and Subbed, but my friend who hated everything about anime came over and watched an episode with me and fell in love with her first anime ever! So I stayed at her place for four days, managing to watch all of the episodes in three days but still finding time in those three days to sleep, eat, swim, watch Mulan, baby sit, cook a random cake(which turned out like absolute shit, by the way), and play basket ball. I don’t know how we managed but we did…

    Back to the show!
    I am so obsessed with Eureka Seven that I can ramble on and on about it, but I would much rather say it then type it because my hands are much slower then my mind. Then with the added bonus of a shit memory, it’s hard to ramble online. Hell, sometimes my mind is to fast for even my mouth. xD


    One thing I hated about the show was Anemone’s hair. I mean, I love it! But I hate how far it curls back up. I mean, it goes down… Then comes back up… And it just pissed me off… A lot…

    And another thing. A while back, someone said this:
    “E7 ended on a high note and was very complete. There is no need for more episodes or OVAs because all the conflict was resolved. As of now, there have been no news on any of these rumours. Besides, if you guys want more e7, go play the many PS2 games of it.”

    Now this person pisses me off to. This part of his post, and the whole damn thing.
    Well Mr. Bigshot! This is what I think: NO!
    NO! NO! NO! NO! NO!!!!
    There IS a need for OVA’s or Movies or something because if you actually payed attention, you would see that just because the fighting is over, DOESN’T MEAN THE WHOLE DAMN SHOW IS CLOSED OFF!
    They almost left it hanging with the whole “Where the hell are Eureka and Renton” thing. And I’m pretty sure everyone wants to know what happened with Holland and Talho’s baby! Plus! Where did Moondoggie and the rest of the GekkoState end up. And what happened with the rest of the people who were in the war. And how did that Captain dude who I always forget the name of get with those kids? And what about Linck, Maurice and Maeter? (I think that’s how you spell them…) Plus, what about Dominic and Anemone?

    I love Dominic! Every time he said something I would like… Smile and squeek or something. You know? Like… When he said something like: “Sorry but, is west the direction of the hand you hold your fork with?” Which depends on many times anyway, ’cause what if you’re left handed? You would hold your fork with the other hand, PLUS! West doesn’t move with you… You either go to the west, or some other direction, not “West is always left”… You know?

    Sorry, I trailed off again.

    Okay, not everyone has the option of going to play a game. Okay? (I do, but screw you, man, screw you… Hehe! ^_^ ) Not everyone WANTS to go and play a game, were all you do is fight and there is like, nothing added to the story.
    Now, I don’t wanna talk anymore on that.

    Eureka Seven!

    Does anyone else wonder where the hell the “Seven” is from? I mean, what, is it some random number? Me and my friends had a few guesses, but we don’t really know.

    If there is a movie or a second season, I seriously hope it doesn’t ruin it. I mean, sometimes it happens. You hope for more to either close off the end, or because it was just that good, but then the stuff they add ruins it!

    Like there’s this fan fiction that I read, and a hell of a lot of people said it was “Pretty much the second season to Eureka Seven!” And shit like that, but it really sounds like the person friggin’ rewrote the first season, but added shit from other shows and tried to write themselves into it. Which I must say almost killed my opinion on the show. I mean, the persons character who was supposed to be him RUINED the ENTIRE FUCKING THING!! It would have been fine, and I wouldn’t have wanted to smash things after reading the first fucking page if he didn’t make himself in it! DO. NOT. DO. THAT!
    Seriously… Don’t.

    Anyway… Again.

    Something else that pissed me off.
    WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT WHEN YOU SAY “Eureka Eight.” It’s not like they’re going to change the fucking number!
    I mean really, people, if you are going to start saying Eureka Eight, why don’t you just shut off your computers right now and go jump in front of a bus before me, or someone like me finds out where you live and comes to beat the shit out of you. First of all, it’s gay. Second, it has nothing to do with anything. And third, you really sound like enough of a loser that you would actually die your hair pink just so you can match your favourite “Anime popstar” for some anime show about little super heros who sing and save the day with their awesome super hero singing powers in skimpy little outfits… And just to add to that; you would carry around a ‘magical wand’ and say your name was “Akiramoshino” Just so you could sound more Japanese THEN YOU WILL EVER BE! Hell, even if you ARE Japanese and you were born in Japan, to Japanese parents who named you something like: Akira, or something, you will STILL do something like I just said JUST so you could be a little more Japanese… Which would actually just make you look like a fag.

    BUT!! If you were going to a convention or a cosplay or something, then you would look a little more normal. People will just think you’re overdoing it with your costume, name, hair, actions, annoying random outbursts into song, etc. =]

    Uh… Yeah. So don’t EVER say Eureka Eight.

    Now anyway!
    Don’t you just love my little thing here so far? I bet you do! =D
    Well I’m not done yet. Seriously. Like I said, I could go on for hours!

    Okay: Yes, I hope there will be a movie or something that will help actually END the series. Not that I want it to end, I just don’t want to many new things that will complicate the story, and ruin it. Or make it boring. You know? Yeah, you do. At least you better… =]

    On the subject of Dewey, let’s all just assume he was smokin’ some serious shit one day and got in some accident, hitting his head hard enough to knock all of the real sense out of him, without killing him. I mean ’cause come on! No one is really like that. Even Hitler had his reasons! (I think…)
    Dewey killed his father because he wanted to be something about a king.. (I don’t remember much about that part…) ‘Cause Holland killed his mother during the birth so his father and people thought he was some kind of gay king, but Dewey didn’t like that, being the oldest. So he drew some gay thing on his arm (The same thing Holland has on his arm, but I think Dewey used like… Washable marker or something ’cause it came off… Easily.) And he murdered his dad. But people decided to take everything away from the two since they were now orphans since Dewey’s a dumbass.
    Then, I guess Dewey liked killing or something and decided “Hey! I learned something about some other things on earth so now I’m going to lie to the world, and at the same time, try to destroy it! Saying it’s the only way to survive!” Sort of thing… =]

    That’s what I’m goin’ with. xD

    One more thing. I HATE the “Sakura” song. It annoys me so fuckin’ much!
    There’s one or two little parts in it that I like but that’s not much; seriously.
    Especially the singing in it. Argh! It just sounds… Eww.

    The rest of the songs are good though!

    I have a good site where you can see all of the Eureka Seven episodes. Dub or Sub. Just depends on which one you want.

    One of the things I don’t get is: HOW THE HELL DID RENTON’S SISTER DIANE END UP WHERE RENTON’S DAD WAS! In the little thing that I forget the name of… It’s going to bug me for a while… I really want to remember… Eh, anyway. Yeah! How the hell did she end up there?! I’m guessing he was there because of when he was in the Nirvash with Eureka but then some shit happened and he like… disappeared… You know?
    So I’m not the best at explaining things… Bare with me here.

    The episodes thing.
    No. There is not 51 episodes. Only 50. FIFTY! You know? 50? Not 51! And there is no way in hell you can ‘accidentally’ put a ’1′ when you were trying to pure a ’0′ since the ’0′ is on the other damn side of the keyboard! It goes: 1234567890. See! Not 0123456789. 1234567890! Understand?
    There. Is. Only. 50. Episodes.
    Maybe someone has an extended episode, or the episode that they have to make to present to the producers to see if they will actually make it into a show or say: “No! This sucks ass! Go make a good show! Hell, even one like that one I saw last night… About the toad who ate the flower would be more interesting then this shit you dumbass! Go make something that isn’t so damn boring that you think you could fall asleep or die because of how boring it is but you end up staying awake because your brain thinks there is some hidden point to it that you have to discover to either make it more interesting OR MAKE IT SHUT THE FUCK UP! Now go the fuck away you sorry excuse for a hooker.” Sort of thing. You know? =]

    OR Maybe people are just stupid… And don’t know how to fucking well count!

    Now. Back up there, someone said something about G-Gundam.
    First off, I agree with the other person who said something back. (Which I have to say, If I said it first, I would have said it in a way that would have totally pwned your ass so hard that you would need a fucking genious to make you understand what I said!)
    Just because they have something similar, doesn’t mean it’s an almost complete copy of it. If it was then I would totally be saying: “OH MY GOD!! YOU TOTALLY COPIED THAT FACT THAT I’M HUMAN AND I LIKE EUREKA SEVEN AND I’M GOING TO TAKE YOUR ASS TO COART ABOUT IT BECAUSE YOUR A COPYING DICKFACE!” ‘Cause I would have gotten so damn bored with my life that I would have to totally done that.

    Alrighty now!

    Something that I thought would piss me off, but didn’t is the fact that I thought Eureka would get all of the attention through the whole damn show, but the truth is, Eureka wasn’t the only one with focus about the worry. I’m to damn lazy to list things, but I will name like.. One I guess… When Holland got hurt and just kept hurting himself more somehow; the show focused a little more a him for a while. And Charles and Ray had their time too… -To damn lazy to write more about this one-

    Did anyone else hate everything there is about Renton’s sister, Diane?
    ‘Cause I hated everything about her. Her voice (Japanese and English), Her hair, her face, her personality, etc, etc. Hell, even her style of clothes!!!

    OH! And Talho looked SOOOO much better before she cut her hair off and changed her clothes. But after a while you get used to her look I guess and it kinda grows on you. But before that happens, for me anyway, it pissed me off every time I saw her!!
    The flower on her face… Does anyone know the story behind that because I would really like to know… It just seems like a random flower they drew at a drunken party and it just… stuck!

    Youtube doesn’t have all the anime that it used to because some companies get them to take their shows and stuff off that people just post on there. Probably because they would rather be paid then let these things just stay. I would go for that too. I’d rather be paid thank you very much!!

    Eureka Seven is very touching. I mean yes, it has moments were it makes you cry. And it has meaningful moments that people remember. It has the boring moments (Like when Diane gives her gay little speech out shit when Renton finds her. I seriously couldn’t stand following what she was saying. THAT FUCKING BORING!) There are hilarious parts! Like episode 13, when Dominic and Renton have to travel together to a hospital and Renton takes the CD (The drive… You know… I call it ‘CD’ when I’m typing it. So when you see that you know what I’m talking about) And Dominic is probably thinking ‘So… If I shoot him all I have to do is put it back in and drive away’ but then Renton pulls the muffler out from behind his back and says: “I bet you don’t know how to fix this!”. I love Episode 13!!
    But yeah. Eureka Seven is like a blender for emotions! Awesome!

    OH! Something else!
    Someone up there ^^^ Said that Dominic and Renton were probably brothers in another life; which isn’t the part that I’m meaning to talk about, though I think I just might anyway. No. What the hell are you getting this from? It doesn’t even make the slightest hint to anything close to that! They are only like… suddenly friends. ‘Cause they’re like that… They’re both in the same vote with Eureka and Anemone. I mean, they are both pretty troublesome, like Dominic says in episode 13.
    The part I wanted to talk about though, was that the person said they were the same age; but, in fact, they aren’t. Renton is 14, Dominic is 20, though they are both the same height. (Since Dominic is a rather small, yet adorable man.) xD

    Also, up there someone started talking about marriage.
    All I have to say is: What. The fuck?!
    It’s an anime man! Seriously, get a hold of yourself!!
    It’s not like these characters are going to come alive and get married and ‘make lots of babies’ then divorce each other!!! Note the fact that anime IS NOT REAL! And the characters ARE NOT REAL!! Meaning, THERE IS NO FUCKING POINT TO GIVING US A FUCKING LECTURE ON LOVE!!! I mean, I WISH the characters would come to life… Especially Dominic! =[

    But anyway. Now that you have seen MY opinions and stuff, (There’s a hell of a lot more I could say but I have to do some things, then go to bed.) It’s time for me to leave you all!
    If you want to know more about my opinions or anything, or you just want to talk, then send me some sort of message or reply to this (Though I don’t think this is still alive… I can only hope!) Well…
    Good night! =]

  • Flying On A Clouded LFO

    EurekaXRenton Forever!! it really easy to set you off isn’t it?

    anywho’ I think dominic is like 15-17.ow and I think that Renton’s sis ended up there through her reserch so mabye she ended up there on an expoleration?

  • fuck yes Eureka seven is awesome, really.

    like theres no way you cant like it,

  • EurekaXRenton Forever!!

    Actually, according to wikipedia and a few other sites, plus the fact that he is a lieutenant, he is actually 20, not 15-17.

    But yeah, it is easy. ^_^

    Eureka Seven is awesome. The best in my opinion! =D
    ‘Cause it’s just that cool.

  • EurekaXRenton Forever!!

    Aww, I see that it cut out a few of the paragraphs that I wrote… =[

    So I'm going to add one and the link to that site.

    Oh, and there’s another Mr. Bigshot here!
    Guess what! Someone’s so much of a loser that he ‘plays football’ and does ‘weightlifting’ *Cough* -Couldn’t lift an empty cereal box- *Cough* And someone said something about how Eureka Seven sucks. I must say I think this man is a disgrace to all Eureka Seven fan out there!
    He is supposedly a football playing weightlifter, but when someone expresses their opinion about something, he punches them for it. Wow. I mean, most Eureka Seven fan love the show a lot to do some fuckin’ drastic shit, but they don’t go as far as to ‘punch’ someone who expressed their opinion; even in a negative way.
    I mean, I can understand if her stood there and talked about how shitty the show was and kept down talking the poor show, but I mean all he did was say to words. ‘It sucks’. His opinion. Now screaming about shit about it!! I mean come on! Get a hold of yourself you loser of a fan! First, stop lying about shit you weak little asshole and go apologize to the man before I find some way to go beat YOU up! You fellow fan have disgraced me and everyone else who is actually a good fan on this page!
    We are very disappointed. >=[

    Oh, and I said I had a link to a site with all of the Episodes in English (Dubbed). This Channel has them all. =]
    Or just search.

  • Flying On A Clouded LFO

    You know you really are easy to set off EurekaXRenton Forever!!.
    Are yoou on a debate team?
    And………..what?seruosly what was all that ranting about?
    anywho. this is m login off and restin my nogin while my brother
    drinks frozen eggnog(not really)

    p.s.I can’t spell worth crap.
    p.s.s.(can’t belive i’m saying thisbuild a man a fire he’ll be warm for a day,set him on fire and he’ll be warm forever. broter types that.

  • Holy fucking ass crackers, I nominate this show as being (among) the best anime shows of all time. I watched the entire series through (2x subbed, 1x dubbed), and there simply is no other show to accurately contrast it with. Despite the “this show is a kid’s show” intention that the writer was aiming for, this definitely appeals to ALL ages, but in a very good way. It deals with real life themes, and does a damn good job with it, all the while intertwining complex and enjoyable sci-fi plot into the mix. Coupled with a solid musical soundscore (if you don’t have it, GET IT), and never-re-used animation (which alot of mech-style shows rely upon for repeated battles and whatnot), this is no less than a masterpiece.

    I’ll bet that the show’s staff would love to see some english-speaking people invade their forums on and tell them how good it is. Head on over there and check it out! (If you need help navigating the japanese forums, try using Google’s Japanese translator on the site. It butchers MOST of the japanese text, but you can get a general feel for what is going on in conversations).


    Masterpiece. Masterpiece. Masterpiece.

    I wonder what you guys think of the manga, though? I just really don’t like the ending at all. Things were all wrong. Its like they took the storyline of E7 and said “Hey, lets just go ahead and revert this back to a typical manga ending where close to nothing magical happens.” If you look hard enough on the internet, you can find some downloadable copies of the manga, complete. But still in japanese.

  • Flying On A Clouded LFO



  • Albert Thurston


  • Omfg its the best anime i have seen in a very long time. People who bash on it just cant understand an anime that actually has a very good plot to it. The seiries was slow in the begining but really picked up towards the middle. Im a guy and it even made me feel like crying sometimes. I re watched several episodes over and over and even over again because i couldnt get enough of the series. I want more is all i can say. an ova, or a movie, even a 5 min thing to show what goes on between renton and eureka. gosh i want more lol.

  • On the 26th episode eureka wants to find renton,because of that she takes the ref board and go to the hangar and before she jumps from the hatch, the old man offers her to drink tea…Does anyone knows which song plays on the background????I searched this song everywhere but I got nothing until now…

    if you know the name of the song pls e-mail me:


  • how dare you compare E7 to those Last Exile Shamanking garbage…

  • This is my fav anime ^^ I like drawing, although not eureka with the scars(but shes still pretty lol) This is my fav anime cuz of its like comedy(with the soccer field I laughed like crazy) drama(when…um..something i forgot) the excitement(like in the end when they go like “I CAN FLY!!!” lol) the music and the ending!! There HAS HAS HAS HAS HAS HAS TO HAS TO HAS TO HAS TO HAS TO HAS TO HAS TO HAS TO be a second season for this!! JUST HAS TO!!

  • I think Eureka SeveN is just a emotional whip lash of awsome ideas, from Renton and Eureka not becoming the central core for the corralians but the Nirvash did, Thus letting Renton be with Eureka, but i still wish for an OVA showing if Renton and Eureka actually fused together because at the end the two blinkies were apart unless the just joined by the hand, but allowing us all to see this magnificant anime it truly is a blessing, it is by far one of the best Animes ever. 5 stars

  • Awesome anime!

    And all the OPs and EDs are on my current playlist!!! AND I BOUGHT NIRVASH TYPEZERO TRANSMODEL RAWR!!

  • This has got to be one of the top ten best anime’s of all time. Mixing emotion with comedy and still finding time to add in the exciting action and battle scenes. This anime is a love at first sight! All of the characters react in ways that seem totally realistic and the plot line is amazing. I love this anime:) I have created a channel on Veoh for all who wish to watch them all(1-50 in Japanese with English subtitles) in excellent quality. You can download them with the veoh player or watch them online.

    Have Fun!

  • Thanks for your review. I will watch this anime.

  • It’s been over half a year since I last posted here, but guess what? Eureka 7 is still the best ^^ I’ll have to rewatch it one of these days.

    I’m not sure if I’d want a second season. An OVA might be better to wrap it up nicely.

  • RefBoarder Lights

    I know I have been missing a whole lot of stuff here.. but then again, I’m more than half way through the episodes right now and it has been one helluva ride unlike Naruto and Bleach. I must say, the characters touched me big time whenever something impactful happened be it, minor or major.

    Somehow to me, E7 is a show teaching how to live our life to the fullest and not to be afraid of the unknown, to have the courage to love and tell the world your thoughts and feelings for others. Yes, this is from the bottom of my heart and I am not the kind of guy to say this, but I’m in love with this anime because it gives an impact to my life.

    This is more like an emotional review of the anime, but hell, who cares? I think I can be a better person in time to come looking at how each of the character faces pain and overcomes it with all their might – and I felt what they felt even though they are merely lines and colors.

    Till then, I’ll be watching it the second round soon. Feel free to drop by any note. Thank you. And see you guys again.


    And when you become a member you’ll be able to chat with Bandai employee’s and with some of the VA’s. :) As well as read exclusive interviews with the cast and crew of Eureka Seven!

    -Matt :)

  • A buddy has brought my attention to this anime, and since the very first episode, i saw something i haven’t seen in an anime ever. I have watched tons of subbed and dubbed, but this anime subbed is by far the best i have ever seen.

    I just recently finished it, and i had this wierd feeling of loss in me, like something just died. I never really thought an anime would make me feel such strong emotions towards the characters as i did.

    Lets start off here, Renton sure did grow up, and i love the reference of “I can fly!!” because it reminded of me when he was a child, in episode 2 and knew nothing.

    The joy and sadness surely transfered to me as the series progressed, and once it reached episode 46ish, i was an emotional mess, and this is coming from a 20 year old guy. I just see this as being the most amazing experience i have encountered. Coming into this Anime, we all were blank books to the story, and when it was over, a heart was drawn on that empty page, because this anime catured everyones feelings.

    The bond you forge with the characters are irreplacable, and having to severe it so soon, just makes it feel like you lost everything.

    Who would have thought that Gonzy was a Coralian messenger after all this time? And same with the Nirvash? Wow, Nirvash was the vessel the Scub Coral used to get all that information, and in the end, it paid off. Nirvash took on the form of the command cluster, and let Eureka and Renton spend the rest of thier lives, teaching humanity how to live with Coralians.

    What happens to the crew after this is unknown, and i would be content if they decided to leave it as this. Because than you can make up your own ending, and in that sense its so much more meaningful.

    rated 5/5 since this anime pretty much changed my life.

    “Don’t ask for it; go win it for yourself. Do that and you will succeed.”

  • you know what? I watched eureka seven because of this post.

    thank you. it was excellent.

  • Good anime, was expecting it would leave a larger impression on me, but it was good enough. It’s been too long since i’ve been absorbed by an anime like that, although it would have to be due to having all 50 episodes at the same time.

    If you look back, it definitely was aimed at children, nothing too complex, fairytale ending, etc.

    To think that i ignored this series two years ago because i thought giant robots flying on boards was weird…seriously, that preview completely threw me off. It was only until now that i looked back and saw that it was a stupid move.

    I was hoping to get some closure on the what the ending actually meant, someone explained it here and that was enough. How Eureka and Renton were on their honeymoon or something.

    I’ve been debating whether or not anime is healthy for me lately and well…i can’t see myself not watching it when it’s so available, regardless of the effects it has. I guess you just have to control it…

    Eureka Seven….good job.

  • This is the worst anime I’ve ever seen. Renton is a whiney little runt who is so full of himself. Holland shoulda thrown his ass off the ship on several occasions. His annoying voice in Japanese personifies his pre-pubescent character. Complete waste of my time

  • I gave your article a 5 out 5 by mistake. I would give it a 0. I agree that Eureka Seven is one of the best anime show out there, as you define it *Ultima Class.* Personally, I believe it is the best anime ever made. However, Eureka is the most beautiful female character I have seen in any anime. Why did you go so far and say that she was *uglified.* That is wrong. It may be your opinion, but I completely disagree with you. Eureka is the best and so is every other character in the show. The show gets an infinite score. It is beyond a masterpiece. Your article gets a 0.

  • I can’t describe how I felt in this plot….Hmmmm… all I can say is that this series had made my boring life more exciting..^_^

  • What happens after the final EP man? i wann see wat happens adn its so fucking shit bitch cool!

  • this is the 1st anime that made me fall in love to it. Ep. 26 made me to watch it till it end.
    I was kinda disappointed to ep. 41-50 except for the renton and eureka moments.
    Darn it! Need more eureka and renton moments I’m not satisfied!

  • Yahhh… this series had left an gaped hole to my heart…I’m not satisfy, I want more epsd…^_^

  • I keep hearing these things about an E7 movie, but I think they’re just rumors. Too bad. I wouldn’t mind a movie or some OVAs to wrap things up.

  • Well, I was very impressed with this series, the plot was original, and the characters very cool. I enjoyed it right up until the last few episodes. The series had a very good beginning, and I enjoyed the rise to the climax, but the ending just felt unsatisfying. It was a happy ending, to be sure, but it just felt corny and uncomplicated to me. The manga, although shorter and lacking in as many characters, managed to have an end that kept me surprised till the last sentence. Don’t get me wrong though, this is still one of the best series I’ve ever seen, and I don’t regret spending my time on it.

  • Baddest most kickass show ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Holy Fuck! Ok let me clear this up. Eureka and Renton are married!!! Read the thing the grandpa has at the end.
    They are on their honeymoon. Listen to what Nirvash says at the end also!!!

    The story line and character development blew me away! It reminded me of Jean Val Jean in that they can grow up so
    much in a single story. Bravo.

    I hated anime and mECHA b4 this show and now I’m freaking addicted!!!

    No show compares to this one and I have seen gungrave, and many other greats.

    I love E7!!!!! Don’t ruin it Bones!!! Leave it alone unlike what square did 2 ff7.


  • jacko r u sure about them being married , if it is THATS FREAKING AWSOME.
    when this anime ended i felt like my life was over i need more so bad its killing me. i pray to god everyday that some new plot unfolds and they do a whole nother 50 episodes, and if they did a movie i would just die

    though it took me till about Ep. 20 or so to get really hooked on it from the beggining i thought renton was just a whinny little girl and i really couldnt stand him, most the things holland is mad at him about he just goes idk idk, its not my fault, im sorry. when he could simply explain wtf happend. for example when they were fixing the gekkos reflection stuff in that abondoned citys mine where the old guy was. when eureka went with the nirvash and like went inside that thing and rented pulled her out he could of just explained that situation instead of going i dont know what happend

    but overall i love this anime so much i cant describe it i really hope for more but it probably wont happen

  • The Nervash is a Boy. The End was made with the Nervash they have the same Arhtype (base skeleton thats organic). The End had been made evil when used by Emone in combat so it turned black Spoiler it turns white when its used fo good. The reason Renton can pilot it becouse Nervash has seen combat, by Eureka and a buy who stole it for her named Sumner Sturgen. It turned half black when was used by Eureka in anti LFO/KLF combat (pre episodes) it was Renton who had combat skills when he rode in The Nervash. The compact was added by Renton becouse the Nervash Didn’t need won. The Compact is like a brain and a dark CDF A compact drive fightmode was made to give the monsoon KLF pilots ace abilities the cooler of thees is red not green but using it kills brain cells and turns the KLF/LOF evil or a dark color such as black faster then non Compact drive use in combat does. The End LOF is more or less a result of Enemoene and CFD use so Enemone is insane becouse of one but needs the medicine to help her.

    Sorry for the Spelling mistakes OVR text is on. E mail me at for more input on The secerets of eureka 7.

  • i enjoy the whole show
    i read all the posts in this page

    but i cant understand
    why the hell is the nirvash get a green color??
    is it just cuz the gekko go ship was green too??

    i lmao when eurake ask herself if renton wants to be a father

    that was awesome/

  • Eureka 7 is my favorite anime.
    The story line was intense ever since the first episode I saw.
    The creative-ness of riding boards on sky waves(trapar) haha
    (five stars)

  • An awsome aime i loved every moment i cant stop thinking about it. the fihgtting the relationships were all great. There was nothing missing. This was one of the best anime ever. I really wish for a movie on Eureka 7. Also i would like to clarify some things. Some say that renton and Eureka did not make it back to earth but they did.
    I fyou watch a clear video in the end thet show thw wings of eureka and two light blinking one red and one blue. the blue is eureka and the red is renton. This is all true because in the last ep when renton went to meet eureka and he was in the robot his forehead was glowing with a red dot and eurekas with a blue.

  • Still getting Replies eh?

    I have to disagree with you statement by the way. I don’t believe that Eureka was the most ugly-fied character female lead in history.

    I believe that she because quite beautiful. Plus with that transformation you learn that Renton’s love for her caused her to want to be herself, not anyone else.

    Its kinda cute, ne?

  • The kid in the corner

    HOLY S**T!!!!!
    this is an amazing, no the most amazing anime/tvshow ive ever watched
    loved the character growth, the music, the smoothness of the animation in battle scenes and lifting
    this is embarasing because i have a rep to uphold here but i loved the picture of renton &eureka on the longboard it touched me man

  • BEST ANIME EVER!!!!! Dead serious, EVER!!! Watched all 50 eps in a day, addicting as HELL!!! Fuckin amazing. I wish they would have gone into more detail on the Type 303 Devilfish, cuz that shit is off the HOOK!!!! Fuckin awesome. The whole series is amazing, extremely well done, just…omg…kick ass. Combines humor with serious parts…into a kick ass anime series. It was weird in the end tho how the Gekko was all the sudden able to make LFO moves to escape the lasers and missles, but that falls into the same category as Talho using the main laser cannons to SPIN the Gekko in mid flight to dodge Ray’s attempt to ram them. But this just proves that the Gekko, is indeed, the SHIT! This is indeed an ultimate class anime; Bleach, Fullmetal Alchemist, Blood Plus…all of them have NOTHING on this. This series compares to Neon Genesis Evangelion, in that they both have Mecha integrated throughout the story, but E7 doesnt have all the fucked up shit that Evangelion dissapointed with. Love how theEND ALWAYS got its ass kicked by the Nirvash!!! In closing…. Gekkostate is the shit, Nirvash is the SHIT!, E7=the shit!. Kick ass, all should download/buy/etc… SOOOOOOOO WORTH it!

  • This show is childish, well atleast this mecha anime has some decent colors but the plot and everything else isnt so great. Is there 2nd season or not? well nice cutie childysh romantic anime what has dubs what fit the funny Renton character.
    Well still I dont dont hate it…
    Other mecha animes are FMP(fullmetalpanic), Code Geass, RahXhephon,Argento Soma,Evangelion(hope the new 2007-2009 movie editions have fixd the plot for Eva)

  • Even after a year its still one of my fav animes. I wish theyd make a continuation. At least a full wrap up. I want closure damn it. Lets send a petition for them to do more..:)

  • BEST ANIME EVER! Despite a few annoying details, this show is the greatest anime, no, show ever created. I hope a boxset comes out soon and maybe some new episodes or a movie.

  • Maybe you don’t have kids tj :) A lot of things in E7 are just too intense for kids under 13. e.g., Holland’s vicious and repetitive beatings of Renton. Poor Rei (Ray?) getting her arm blown off and crawling towards her last reminder of Charles before she dies. The torture. The horrifying human experiments. Kids under 12 or 13 aren’t mature enough to watch that stuff with a degree of separation.

  • Blisseymaster

    Intense or not I know that a lot of 13 year olds should be able to handle it. I don;t have a kids but I do have a brother and he never finds anything wrong with it. Even 12 year olds should be able to handle it.

  • this is the most awesome anime I ever watched…
    It makes me cry for an instance..And i loved how rentons threatens eureka,
    wish it could happen in real world
    Eureka Seven!!!!!FOREVER!!!!

  • Quick post about some stuff Ive heard. This came from someof the forums ive read. Some is proven fact (I think at least….) and some are rumors (somewhat) Pretty much my first time ever actually posting on a forum:

    Supposedly something coming out summer 2008

    The twelvth season’s DVD cover(13th in Japan) has Renton and Eurika’s kid wih Dominique and Anemone’s

    Either Bandai or Bones(cant remember which) has been hiring lots of new people, like they do before a new project and Eureka seven is still the only offical “open” project at the company

    The rights to Eureka seven have been renewed

    Some newly apperaing(I think I remember one a month or two ago) concept art by the offical concept sketch artist has been floating around. It was taken off his official site later, but Im pretty sure that ones out there somewhere….

    The rest of the stuff I have to say is posted above, or is too stupid to even be considered a possibility

  • E7 is the best fuckin show ever created!!! The battle scenes are the best i’ve ever seen and the character development is amazing!! When you watch the sereis you become so attatched to the characters that once you’re done watching the 50 eps you feel rlike something is missing in your life… by the way Eureka is the most beautiful Anime character ever made…. The last ten or so unstallments were so gripping the rest of my life was put on hold while I watched them (the ep with Dominic and Anemone was the pick of the bunch i thought) and although I really enjoyed the climax of the show and I felt that it was a reasonably complete ending I was left slightly confused!!!

    As far as I can gather Dewey’s original plan was to either attempt to completely erradicate the Scub Corals through destroying the control cluster or if he couldn’t succeed in doing that he would have the whole planet destroyed through reaching the limit of questions. All of this because he was trying to restore the dignity of mankind or because he hated the world for not accepting him as the sacrificial king…. however it is then later revealed that he never intended on the limit of questions actually being reached, instead he arranged that Eureka onboard the Nirvash (or Anemone on TheEnd as a back up) to become the substitute control cluster. All of this triggered by the compact drive in his chest, and his subsequent death, and the colars on Eureka and Anemone.

    What I don’t get is if his original goal, although maybe not his true goal, was to destroy the Scub Corals or destry the Earth as a fail-safe, why would he have planned for Eureka to become the substitute control cluster and resultantly spare the fate of the Earth…???! I don’t get it!!

    What was Dewey’s ultimate goal and what was he really trying to acheive throughout his whole opperation??.. How was he supposed to acheive this goal??.. And how did he get a compact drive imbedded in his chest and his life become linked th the Planets life??.. And how did his death trigger Eureka (or Anemone) becomming the control cluster??!!

    I realise that there a quite a few questions in my post and that maybe I should rewatch the series again to gain some enlightenment, but if anyone can please just try to clarify my confusion I’de appreciate it!! Thanx… oh and EUREKA SEVEN FUCKIN RULES!!!!!

  • To clarify-
    The colors would have caused thelimit of life to be reached by sending a destruct command tothe scub coral or something…

    Announcement in April about continuation or Movie

  • hey i don’t regularly read your blog or whatever this is but i noticed you mentioned a few of my favorite anime, like last exile and a few others, but namely i wondered if you noticed a massive similarity between last exile and eureka seven, its not exact, but there are a lot of borrowed ideas and even a lot of the voice actors have similar roles, like alex rowe and holland are played by the same person in the english, as are klaus/renton lavie/anemone and others, also there are some common themes, girl possesses fate of the world, story takes place in the future after a mass exodus, mysterious second race (guild/coralian), renegade pirate ship type thing (gekko/silvana), moody pilots (alex/holland), female copilots with histories involving captain (sophia/talho), unorthodox vehicles (vanships/LFO), crazy evil siblings (delphine/dewey), and jovial crewmembers. am i the only one who noticed all this?

  • good show marred (severely? depends on your attention filter capability) by deference to the kiddy audience. the surfing nonsense, the random and utterly inane timing of irreverent music worshipping during important events (liek, we teh uber 1337 scientists need pop music to get energized, be serious) etc are all too easily ignored, but renton fell particularly harsh to this disease. the character is ok, doing expected things well, and even getting sick, among other interesting content, but once again i am reminded of my hatred for nonsensical children. goddamn kids!

  • also, eureka, i’d love it if i could read your mind, but i can’t. mysterious girls are genetically predisposed to be plot sensitive and classified. geez.

  • well folks, this anime is now a classic in my collection. im glad a lot of people enjoyed this work of art. this post still going on for 1 year and a half almost. … i dont know what to say. im completely speachless. im currently in the middle of the 2nd time watching the entire series. its just that compelling. to be honest i watched 1-50 in two days. both school days. the day after completing the series i fell into depression. because this anime is so heart touching and beautiful… now that its over i feel like somethings missing. but now that i think about itits not about the anime. its about the messege the creators had in mind. living by this inspirational messege is just as good as continueing this anime. its perfect, and if you watch the series a second time without too much space in between a lot of answers can be thought up. big fan.

  • Eureka Seven Movie announced.

    More information should become available in the coming days. There will be a info blow out in the may edition of Newtype which comes out on april 10th.

  • It’s arguably one of the greatest animes (not just mecha category) of all time.

  • This is really one of the Great masterpeices that will be remembered in the world of anime forever…I believe that the greatest part of the entire show was the part when Sakoya asked Eureka how she felt about renton and eureka drew a big heart. I was in a coma of emotions that would change my life forever. I am currently in the works of a story of my own that includes romance, action, mystery and awesomeness…yet i don’t know if I shall turn it into a manga series…or a novel…

    Eureka 7 deserves 12 billion thumbs ups!

  • that was very generatively was open please back eureka seven saranghe!!!!!
    please give me a sweet layout of eureka seven

  • Totally random totally late to the party (and also quite long) comment for the win!

    But seriously, I finally decided to see what the big deal was all about for E7 a little while back. The dub didn’t do a whole lot for me, but once On Demand took it down, actually -forcing- me back to my normal process of watching things through not-precisely-legal means (which had subtitles) I was very impressed. Well, eventually; the beginning had a little too much sit-com in it for me to completely love it. But I was definitely hooked as the show passed episode 10, and the entire stretch from the mid-teens to episode 26 is just jam-packed full of awesome (well, except for the fact that episode 25 breaks up the action at the most dramatic moment…).

    Incidentally, I thought the series peaked at episodes 45 and 48. They’ve got a bit of everything, and flip back and forth from heartbreaking to romantic to utterly shocking (I swear Renton’s one of very few anime characters who actually suffers the consequences of self-inflicting injuries to make a point. I’m not sure if that makes him incredibly lame or incredibly cool, but there it is). Although I thought that TheEnd and the Type Zero’s fight actually was a touch off… there were some great moments, but a few angles and such just didn’t seem up to the series’ standards of highly dynamic action. Still, that whole section with Anemone and then when Dominic shows up is just raw emotion, from one extreme to the other, and does it so well! And Maurice! That was fantastic!

    Which is not to say that I didn’t like the ending, but it just didn’t have the emotional punch I wanted it to in its final moments. That is to say, if Eureka and Renton have been MIA since the destruction of the Command Cluster–which seems to make a lot more sense than them returning and ditching the kids with Grandpa, even if they are two healthy (?) teenage (? how long ago WAS Eureka discovered? Does she even age, anyway?)… um… beings of generally human anatomy–then the final scene is very much like the final scene of Tales of the Abyss, only with a LOT less “oomph.” And, I mean, if we take that scene as confirming that the two of them aren’t, in fact, dead… I never -thought- that they were dead, considering that the Nirvash saved them the trouble of having to cease… existing, such as they were, and told them to “Live on.” Also, to have half-breed children, apparently (if I’m reading “further evolution by uniting” with the correct sub-subtext). I mean, I guess some people thought they burned up in the atmosphere in that falling bit when Adult Swim cut the last scene by mistake, but nothing was there to indicate anything like the fact that they would have died, and we’re talking about a nearly-omnipotent being who just told them to NOT die, so…

    The heart with their names in it engraved on THE MOON was both amazing and hilariously over-the-top. I can just imagine the millions of people who were completely unaware of the whole adventure looking up and going “… Who the Hell is Renton?” (This is also why you should never watch E7 with a significant other–you CANNOT compare).

    There was really a good mix of mecha conventions and the -avoidance- of mecha conventions in the series–Eureka and Renton are not actually -involved- in the main conflict for a good 5-episode stretch in the last ten episodes, which was surprising, and the final battle was more or less in the second-to-last episode (and, as has been said, didn’t feature the main couple at all). On the other hand, the series does do the “main character leaves the main ship and meets the bad guys in person,” bit, only it did it in a much more gut-wrenching, sob-inducing way than I’d ever really seen it before. Oh, and Anemone does “mentally unstable because of crazy brain-warping experiments” better than most, too, because she actually -seems- crazy. In fact, the only borderline cliche that actually bothered me was Holland and Dewey being brothers, which felt really out of left field at the time, and not in a particularly good way.

    Oh, and Eureka sometimes suffers from random Damsel in Distress Syndrome. I love episode 26 to death, but we finally get to see her take matters into her own hands only to wind up being saved by Renton again. I mean, yeah, it’s Renton’s story, but even so, slightly disappointing, when you think about it.

    Um… other things… As much as I like the fact that Holland stops being a COMPLETE JERK at the end of the series, he’s actually a more interesting character back when he was being a complete jerk. Which isn’t to say that it was bad that he developed, and not that I have a clue how else it could have worked, but maybe there was something that could have helped that a little. Also, Anemone and Dominic get surprisingly little screen time until the end of the series, for the main “rivals.” It would have been nice to see the whole “Oh, she actually loves DOMINIC” thing done a little more gradually, to sort of sync up who she is in the later 40s with who she is before that. Both versions are people who are great to watch, I just wish the transition clicked a little better (and Dominic needed more time to be actually doing things in general).

    Strangely enough, the main characters meet their arch-enemies -very- rarely, which only hurts the series in that it’s something you come to expect from a mecha series. E7 is only sometimes an action-driven show, which works for it, but you sort of expect the rivalries to be more present than they are. But hey, I understand–when the theme is “…AND LOVE SAVES THE UNIVERSE™” (albeit a very well-executed version thereof) you want very few “villains,” and if you give the main antagonists and protagonists more reasons to hate each other, it’s harder to steer towards that “only one or two completely insane people are the ‘bad guys,’ and everyone else is really good!” ending.

    Well, now that I’ve guaranteed that no one will read this, a few comments on things I saw scrolling down that have probably been addressed already or else completely forgotten:

    1) What’s with the Sakura-bashing I saw earlier? I think it’s completely awesome that it’s a J-pop song that mixes in an operatic version of Amazing Grace.

    2) To the person who retaliated very strongly to someone comparing the Spec 3 Type Zero to G Gundam–You’re right to point out that G Gundam isn’t the -only- series to do that by any stretch of the imagination, but you could have gone a little easier on the person who was drawing that conclusion than jumping straight to calling them “narrow-minded,” because they saw a similarity. And TECHNICALLY, Eva “stole” the mecha=God thing from Tomino’s Space Runaway Ideon (sort-of) kind of like how Escaflowne “stole” Aura Battler Dunbine’s fantasy mecha setting (which has yet to be duplicated a third time, interestingly enough) and Dewey’s ship “stole” the Nu Gundam’s Fin Funnels (well, they act like Fin Funnels anyway, they look more like regular funnels or bits. Though remote weapons have become a convention of mecha at this point). Really, Tomino did just about everything. Including giving a giant robot a mustache.

    *Ahem* Right. Well, at least I got that out, regardless of whether anyone ever sees it or not.

  • I just finished it last night and I have to see, it is my number 1. The character development is incredible, and that word doesn’t do it proper justice. The animation, the whole urban stye mixed with mecha, so well done. I actually seem to be a little sad today because it is over.

    And as for Eureka being a fugly, personally I think she is really hot chick, yea, she is 14, but when you think about what she would look like in 4/5 years, yea, you know it! I would even do it with the wings

  • Awesome series, just watched the final episode. And i’ve got that “shoot, now the story ends :( ” kind of feeling. I’m wondering if there’s some mecha series that’s a little like this one, i really enjoyed it, especialy the Holland not being “the perfect leader” kind of character, it makes him human. And ofcourse he has my country’s name xD Hup Holland!! xD

  • Quan Bamesberger

    i loved the series but the only thing i didnt like is the fact that it is possible to make a 2nd seriesdue to the fact that u find eureka and renton togther at a lake and the kids waiting on them so to me it leads to another if you understand what iam saying

  • this anime was epic. definitely one of my favorites. i just can’t believe i waited so long to watch it. the end was good for me, i think making a movie or continuation might come out cheesy. but, if they put care into it like they did the whole series, i’ll probly end up eating my words. either way, great m’f'ing series.

  • Eureka Seven was the best anime I had seen. Is there a sequel

  • I only recently finished watching Eureka Seven and I can safely say that for a while now, many things have seemed bland and unoriginal to me. One of a small number of truly great animes. I’ll never forget it. :)

  • i luv this anime series i thought it was bad at first but at the end it was sad and romantic i jsut wish there were more anime like this one

  • you took the words right out of my mouth
    I finished it on yesterday and its truly one of, if not the, greatest animes I have ever seen, truly tear jerking and with a boundlessly beautiful story.
    The ending confused me to some extent only that I wondered what Eureka and Renton were doing that stopped them seeing the kids for a year.
    The movie better be amazing (only a year to wait :D )

  • Man i finished this show back in 2006. To this day i still listen to the soundtrack, and it puts me on *reminisce eureka seven* mode.
    Since then I’ve watched a heap of anime and nothing really comes close to this.
    Here’s hoping the movie doesn’t ruin my last impression of the original anime ^^

  • There is a movie coming out on April 25 of this great series and it looks like it will be following the plot of the manga more.

  • Played massive catchup on some great series I’ve been saving for a long time: just watched the whole of Code Geass 1 2, Macross Frontier, and E7 back to back within a month, and I think I can safely say E7 has the greatest story of them all! You don’t get anime that expounds on the importance of our shared humanity to this depth much, if ever at all.

  • Well finished it yesterday, great GREAT series, i just wish that there was an OVA for the timeskip part, showing hollands kid, eureka and renton going back to the children and what everyone else is up to???

    No OVS or episode 51 (51 is like an ‘alternate ending’) and the movies like 1/2 a recap 1/2 a new storyline, i just pray that if they follow the manga they DON NOT follow its ending. Here’s hoping it’ll be as good or even better than the show.

  • Oh man,
    The part where Renton and Moondoggie are going reffing while they wait for the water in the ship to fill up at the place where Eureka found the kids (no way in hell am I prounoncing that :) ) and Holland punches him,
    “Oh I see, I get it.” (or something like that)
    Always gets to me…

  • Just finished watching the series an hour ago, so I’m still awestruck by everything. Overall I think the series reminded me of Evangelion and Escaflowne, in good ways. It had the deep psychological elements and biological mecha of Evangelion, and Eureka and Renton reminded me of Hitomi and Van, and Nirvash reminded me of Escaflowne with its unprectability and potential as a unique mecha to change the world(both designed by Shoji Kawamori, with the dragon/car form, the humanoid form and the jetplane form). The storytelling was the most compelling I’ve seen since Escaflowne too.

    The character development was staggering; even side characters were fleshed out and felt human, with the slight exceptions of Dewey and Anemone. Speaking of which I really liked her hairstyle in the end, whereas Eureka’s hairstyle in the middle made me feel sad.

    There is so much going on it’s hard to grasp everything. More should have been explained in the series about Adrock and the first Summer of Love, how Diane ended up in the Command Cluster, Dewey’s plans etc. I think the idea was that if he died the devices on Eureka and Anemone would prevent typeZERO and typeTHEEND from taking over as Command Clusters, but he did not expect that Eureka could become one.

    Also, I’m quite perplexed about something when Eureka and Renton were inside the Coral. If the Nirvash could fly why were they stuck for so long? That part of the story was somewhat draggy for me, but I suppose it adds to the feeling of despair.

    Overall the series makes exceptional use of music. From the first two episodes onwards, DAYS, STORYWRITER and Gekko-go totally set the tone for an epic adventure, and the series duly delivered. FLOW’s DAYS seems underrated here for some reason, but it’s considered by many informed listeners to be their best work, and a gem of an opening.

    I really want to check out the movie and see what it’s like now. This series was truly an incredible journey.

  • Also, I thought Charles Beams was a very well-done character, whom audiences could love, and feel hurt when he died.

    I’d also like to mention that one scene in particular from the soccer episode cracked me up, when Eureka apologised for asking Renton not to drag their team down, which made him happy, and then she added that she would instead make up for his lack of skill with her skill. The whole ‘father’ misunderstanding episode was really funny too.

  • This is way cooler than anything I’ve ever watched, and Im not that young to boot!!!
    I didn’t stop playing till i’m dead tired, watch all 50 EPS in just 2 days!!!

    Full of action, mystery, comedy, drama, and love!

    All the fathers in E7 were the coolest! Wanting me to be the best father too!! Kudos to all Father!

  • hahaha u plan with DM to watch Eureka Seven at the same time ar?
    anyway…Eureka Seven has to be one of my fave animes of all time… loved the OST, and still loving it even today…

  • I tried watching the first six episodes of this crap, but decided I could no longer continue. Who is the man in this show, Eureka or Renton? Renton acts like such a god damn pussy it’s so hard to watch. He can pilot the type zero gundam version nirvash, but can’t defend himself against three enemies? He needs a woman to defend him…what…the…fuck?

    3/10 and I’m being generous.

  • one of the best anime i’ve even seen all the characters are cool and well developed, i love E7.

  • Well, I saw this show when it first came out on adult swim and was one of the first anime I’ve ever seen. It was this, Deathnote and FLCL that I really liked. Naruto, I liked the manga better, I started reading FMA sometime after. But this is my favorite by far.

    The entire beginning is slow, and easy to get pissed off at for people seeing it for the first time, DUMB. No need to stress. It gets much better. The beginning is the actual beginning for Renton in the story. If they skipped over most of the things they showed, there would be plot wholes and such that wouldn’t make sense.
    Lady Tiptory was one of those people. She was the person who points out the growth of Renton and Eureka, but if they didn’t show her in the beginning of the series in the ‘filler’, we would never know how they know each other.

    Eureka is like a robot in the beginning, and after meeting Renton she begins to learn more about people who she’s been ignoring most of the time. To three of the character’s she plays the ‘Mom’. Later on in the story its shown that they’re kids whose parents were killed by her and that she took in the kids out of guilt. But even after that, if ordered she would have still killed other people. But after meeting Renton she notices the value of people and becomes more human.

    My favorite thing about this is the story. I plan on buying both of the collector’s boxes for myself, which means forking over about $80. I would pay a hundred for one of them to be able to watch this on my TV again.

    So shut up and skip episodes if the beginning pisses you off. It gets better unless you’re a bitch who wants to moan.

  • Oh, and the movie.

    I am throughly pleased with this movie to the point of downloading a subbed version twice. The first time my computer freaked out a day later and completely wiped the hard drive. Thank you Nanashi Subs, and I hope you guys aren’t assumed dead again.

  • well technicaly the second summer of love is when renton goes to become the command cluster with eureka and the final nirvash. but then the nirvash becomes the core of the command cluster. also when adrock takes out the amita drive when eureka almost destroyed everything because she was unable to control the seven swell phenomenon. i’m guessing when the world is saved by maintaining peace with the scab coral its called a summer of love

  • “…What I don’t get is if his original goal, although maybe not his true goal, was to destroy the Scub Corals or destry the Earth as a fail-safe, why would he have planned for Eureka to become the substitute control cluster and resultantly spare the fate of the Earth…???! I don’t get it!!

    What was Dewey’s ultimate goal and what was he really trying to acheive throughout his whole opperation??.. How was he supposed to acheive this goal??.. And how did he get a compact drive imbedded in his chest and his life become linked th the Planets life??.. And how did his death trigger Eureka (or Anemone) becomming the control cluster??!!…”

    I just finished E7 and this is exactly one of my BIG questions … why does Dewey wanted to create a control cluster out of Anemone or Eurekam in the end? Why did he destroyed the first control cluster then, anyway?

    He wanted to get rid of the Scubs … fine. If this doesn’t work, well let’s destroy everything. Fine.

    But … what about that “new” control cluster thing? I mean, if Eureka had become the new cluster, everything would be exactly the same as before – as in episode 1?

    It doesn’t make any sense for me right now …

  • I wish that bones could create last few episodes about how the renton and eureka
    came back, how everyting ended up, i mean we all whant to know what happened to the gekko-state
    and its crew, so called sequel or smth is total shit, (Eureka Seven the gravity boys and lifting girls)
    that manga should stay manga, becouse they dont even menshioned a single thing about the past.
    About the things like the gekko doesnt even exist or smth.
    so as i was saying bones could make last episodes about the stuff that i menshioned earlier.
    They made a movie i saw it but i dont get it.
    they remade the original story or smth?
    renton and eureka grew up together, and the movie ending i dunno, i cant say the movie is completely
    hopless but i cant say it is perfect, its like retelling the story but the love moments were nice and at some of them i really had tears runing down me cheeks, as i said they could’ve made a movie off thigs that happened after episode 50.

  • damn, eureka seven is the fuckin best and screw who ever doesn’t like it!!!

    EurekaXRenton Forever!!…sincerely ur fuckin comment was absolutely touching, it damn well made me laugh like hell, so concrete, so direct, so amusing hehe it just left me speechless (yea, i read it all, got a problem with that?!)…i was seriously reading all the comments cuz i’m going to school tommorrow after vacations and had nothing to do, but ur comment sent me back to reality (realizing it was really late :P ) so i jumped the rest, i hope u read this shit cuz we got lots of tastes in common and i’d love a disussion with you.

    anyways this is really an unnecessary comment and i gave my ponit of view with the first 14 words (yea i counted them) so if you didn’t like it, fuck you! no one forced u to frikkin read it and if they did, no one gives a fuck!

    eureka seven fuckin rocks man!, thats all i have to say (not counting that other shit about EurekaXRenton Forever!!)…and if u don’t like how i type screw you don’t wanna hear (read) ur fuckin complaints so shut the fuck up and enjoy the SHOW :D later dudes.

  • Yeah the movie sucks by the way. It was even worse than what the Escaflowne movie did to the Escaflowne anime so don’t bother watching it.

  • I’ve watched this twice, and I’m gonna watch it again XD

  • I wish I had a girl like Eureka… She’s so nice, and quiet… Girls now-a-days are so hard to keep.

  • i got hooked on this show the moment i heard Renton talking about waiting for something to happen in his life. it sounds lame but i can really relate to that feeling. my main concern seemed to be the relationship with eureka and Renton, ever time they had a fight or something i didnt care about what ells was going on until they made up. i found the time between Renton leaving the Gekko and coming back really frustrating because of this. unlike most people i really hated Anamone or whatever her name is because i just saw her as a major threat to Renton and eureka, but in the end i guess shes alright…

    to be honest im a 17 year old guy and i cried twice AFTER IT HAD FINISHED! eureka 7 is literal the best thing iv ever encounter….

  • i think i should add 2 things..
    i never cry so it shows how good the show is and the most sad/disturbing part for me is when those three girls that looked like eureka are being injected with the medicine and it kills them and the tear runs down that one girls cheek. i paused the episode and sat there sort of disturbed by it.

    oh and i was most scared when in the second to last episode eureka says she cant keep her promise i was like…WHAAAAAT! YOU HAVE TO!!!!! ITS THE SECOND TO LAST EPSIODE!!!

    Il be honest i have no idea why eureka ended up inside that tree thing inside the ball of energy or whatever but i guess the answers are all there. I’m going to by the collection at some point and watch it again.


  • I thought the series could have been so much better than it was. For 50 episodes there were just way too many plot holes and questions left unanswered. I have no problem with open endings but to not give any form of closure to the majority of the main characters is brutal. Not even releasing an OVA or anything either was a let down too.

    8/10 because Anemone is the best character in the show by far.

  • I am a 13 year old boy who has gone through domestic violence, witnessed murder, suffered through depression, and lost the will to live. My only chance to live was finding the perfect love for me, but i failed at every chance. The day before I was going to commit suicide was the day I saw this show, and saw Eureka in it. It might be crazy, but i fell in love with her, I mean real love, not fake love toward a fake character. Just by looking at her and her emotions gave me back the will to live. Every night after the first episode, I thought to myself a different story, with me in it, not whiny, more solitary, than Renton. I couldnt come up with an anime me, so i used Roy from the Fire Emblem games, but punked him up a bit, with a dark back story, the first lover of Eureka(before she was brain washed) and the owner of the Nirvash typeLINK (typeZERO’s main love).

    I would’nt be writing this right now if it was’nt for Eureka, she was everything i tried to put together, light blue hair, white pale skin, doesnt know much or about love(like me), wears a dress like that, unique eye color, and a light pale voice. On the first episode I said “might be the last thing I will watch before i go to Elysium”, but it was worth it, i saw the one girl that i showed love and empathy for. I’ve never felt such emotions in my life, even toward my parents, or anybody else, just the sound of her voice made me want to live to see her more and hear her more. She was right for me, I wanted to hurt Renton many times for making her cry or upset, it just filled me with anger and rage to see her like that. As i continued with my dreaming with Eureka process, I continued to love her. But, when the last episode came, I proposed to Eureka in that red sphere and she agreed, but when she said yes, i actually heard her in my bedroom, wich I felt her prescense right there saying “yes”. I felt we had developed a mystical bond, but when i ran out of eureka seven episode leads, I made my own story again, wich included using haunting back stories, emotional body transforming events, and using evolutions, big events, and the mixing with other games like metroid prime, dead space, etc…. She was the only person I had ever loved, I had nightmares, true nightmares, that she doesnt really exist, and she will never exist. That put me into tear jerking moments, thats when reality told me thats not how it is. I felt broken hearted most of the time, but the dreams kept me going. Eurekas smile and laughter just wanted me to live, and so I did. I could only wish that technology could make digital world objects come to the real world, so they can help us. I wish everyday that technology comes before i get old, so I can see her, her laughter, in real life.

    Every day, I listen one of the songs from the show, to reming myself what im living for and why, and why is her, Eureka, she might be an anime character, but shes the love of my life, and my special someone. You guys might think im psycho about this, but listen to yourself, you sound like you’ve never seen or heard of your special someone, nor even described her/him. Everyday I pray to Hades to give her to me, so we can live in harmony, in this world. Evrytime I think shes not real, i just want to blow my head off, cause I know that cant be true, theres got to be atleast someone in the world or outside, thats exactly like Eureka(with or without coralion blood, doesnt matter) that would care for me just like I would for her. I love Eureka for who she is and wants to be. I love her for everything she is. it pains me to know that only technology or love can make her come to life, but I’ll never give up, ill become a scientist of sorts to take technology to the next level, just so I can see her. I wouldnt commit suicide because thats the easy way out abd Hades would’nt allow me to see Eureka in Elysium and send me to the River Styx for complete anhialation. Dont question my love, and dont hurt it, I love Eureka because shes right for me, and had given life and light to my dark soul. If that technology does’nt or can’t be made, i’ll wait for my death to see her.

    It took me alot of courage to tell the Enternet about this rather than my family, but, dont think im crazy, plus, love has no boundaries right? If you have found your someone, then you should know that you thought there was never that special someone that you thought ever existed. That goes for me too, so, dont think im crazy, because no one called you that when you thought that.

    Thanks for reading this, I feel alot better telling someone this, finally. The Eureka Seven series is the best show i have ever watched, if the bones people are reading this, then you should consider a movie or small expansion episodes just for tying loose ends and put questions to an end. Or maybe you just left it as it is so you can keep adding more things to secretly expand it. This shows episodes all had moments that touched my heart and soul, id rate it a 10/10 5 star rating and award winnings and such. And if someone who is just like Eureka reading this, then please email me at , im not mexican, but american with some south american blood. Eureka, you are beautiful, and if there is someone exactly like Eureka out there, born from 1996 feb 18th or younger, please, contact me. I am not writing this for a date, but from love and the bottom of my heart, it is also my true emotions and the truth, I do love Eureka with everything I have, and I wish to be with her, for eternity.

  • @UnboundaryLove same here But switch eureka with anemone xD

  • Thats impossible, Eurekas nice, calm, and everything i dreamt about, Anemone is like the complete opposite(due to the other episodes of her) , shes mean, a bitch, and like hanging out with saintn, but Eureka saved my life, and that cant change.

  • yeah, of you watched the whole series and werent moved by this show, something is really wrong with you.

  • Yeah, this show is alot different than all the other messed up loony toons, anime, etc.. shows you’ve watched, if you didnt feel anything, or moved you in any way, you dont know whats good, or your parents didnt beat you enough.

  • love is limitless

  • This review is great! Awesome job! I just randomly typed in “Eureka 7 best anime ever” on google and found this… most reviews i read are great, but this was the BEST! You explained all the stuff i didnt understand(which was 80% of it) and now im in love with E7 all over again. Thanks! Awesome review! E7 ftw!

  • Eureka 7 summarized: Boy meets girl who turns out to be nonhuman but he stays by her side anyways.

    But I loved it because it was like that. Renton’s self-imposed exile from Gekkostate (where he meets Charles and Ray) is the best part of the show, he did alot of growing up there. Actually everyone has had ample time in the entire series to show their true feelings to the audience.

    And by god, the fight scenes would give many a Gundam production a good run for its money.

  • I enjoyed Eureka 7, I’d give it a solid B . While I think the story gets kind of silly at times and a lot of things aren’t explained, I enjoyed the characters and I’m a sucker for happy-ending love stories. It isn’t the greatest anime I’ve ever seen but I don’t feel like my time was waisted watching it. And, unlike most anime, the ending wasn’t horrible.

    So what was up with the world? Was there another world build on top of earth…since they had to go underground to get to earth? Did I miss something, what was up with that? Also, if they had to go underground to get to earth how could they not realize they weren’t still on earth from the moon, stars, ect.? Why are Eureka and Renton not back home at the end, is there an actual reason for this or do the writers just like pissing me off? Why didn’t Dewey just shoot himself in the head sooner if he just wanted to destroy the earth? In addition, how the hell did he even connect himself to the earth in that way? And how did he make those little kids such jerks? Why did Eureka start turning into a butterfly? Why did it take Renton 50 episodes to kiss Eureka? Did Renton actually turn into a Coralean? Did Renton’s dad and sister get destroyed or were they still around at the end?

    There are probably lots of other small things that didn’t make sense, but these stand out as being “huh?” questions.

  • i just re watched the whole seriels, yet it still tears me like the first time i watched it. i love it’s OST, specially “niji” by denki groove, and “get it with you hands” by Hiroshi watanabe.

  • Yeah i agree with all of you. Best Anime EVER. If you watched the show and want more, like i did you should really check this Fanfic out Yes its only a fanfic but i think it stays true to the spirit of the show. maybe a little bit more mature but still the best fanfic i ever read.

  • I wanted to say I loved this series. I am a sucker for a happy ending, and reading some of these posts helped to fill in somethings i missed which now i am happy with the ending. I had thought that Renton and Eureka were “lost” for lack of a better way for me to put it somewhere on earth. And that Axl and the kids praying for them to comeback was just that. The only thing that threw me was the Axl saying that Renton had comeback. But i thought he may have meant the kids coming to him.

    When people up above were saying how they believed how Renton and Eureka were on their honeymoon it made me rethink what i saw and heard in the last episode and it made me happier to think that they were a complete family in the end.

    Thank you for your insights.

  • I’ve watched this through with subs and am going to rewatch it with dubs later. I thought it was a good series, but the ending kinda ruined it for me. I thought it was really cheesy with all the rainbows and the heart burning itself into the moon. It seemed (to me) to be out of line with the tone of the rest of the series.

  • TheFromanGuard

    After completing my second marathon viewing of this show, I now have labeled it my favorite anime series ever. I honestly do not feel as though anything can top Eureka 7. It is a fantastic story of emotion and understanding. How everyone in the story develops, the deep story, probably the deepest story ive ever seen.
    The characters are what i consider to be some of the best of any show I’ve ever watched. Renton is 14, of course he is going to seem childish and emotionally distraught by the small things. It’s a part of growing up. To me that’s what makes the relationship between Renton and Eureka so great is that they are young and they grow in knowledge together to learn about the world and about each other as well. Even though we sit here and say to ourselves “damn it Renton, just tell her already” or think “wow Eureka how do you not understand love” we have all also been through what they have been through, while maybe not to the extent of the world’s fate resting on our shoulders, but still we have all experienced these types of feelings of love, hate, anger, jealousy, and had to understand what they meant, and how we deal with them or express them to others. By the time the show ends, *every* character has grown in their own way, I don’t know how others feel about that, but I find that it jumps out to me that they have all developed into better beings.
    Even though it is so deep, and could have many other spin off plots, i dont feel as though a second series following up the first 50 episodes could do the series justice. Even when the story ends, and i sit on my couch and go NOOOO IT CANT, i know it has to. After an ending of that magnitude, it’s really hard to explain in words, but, i myself just feel complete for finishing it. Like a mental journey of my own has just ended in success. Just a uphoeria of understanding i feel from watching it, about humanity, about our emoitions, about my own feelings and thoughts, i would be more satisfied to just repeatedly watch the series than watch new episodes.
    So much emotion, so much love, hate, anger, and despair come from this show. It makes me feel emitionally drained just watching it. Just….go watch it. Even though the first few episodes might be slow and seem to have no point what-so-ever, I beg of anyone reading the review, my opinion, and these other comments posted by others, and anyone on the fence about watching Eureka 7, continue to watch, for it will begin to stick to you that there is much more depth to the story then is shown in the slow beginning. Its an emotional journey, at least for me, and as i have read most of the comments on this post, it is for many others as well. But again this is only the opinion of one person. 10/10 in my book, this is one of the greatest. A viewing experience that, whether or not you love or hate, you will not forget, and will have a positive effect upon you forever, because if this story didn’t move you in some way, there is an issue with your soul.

  • I watched the Anime just yet in 1 Week and i can only agree with you all, its the beste Anime i ever saw

  • Sorry for the large study, but I’m loveable the new Zune, and outlook this, as fine as the excellent reviews several different people make holographic, will amend you decide if it’s the honorable prime for you.

  • At episode 16, I already have my doubts about this anime, but I soldiered on to finish the entire 50 episodes, since I didn’t want to criticize before watching the whole thing.

    I’ve read the manga before I watched the anime. The manga was, to say the least, great. Almost epic even. But the anime… I laughed my ass off at the ending, and not a good laugh. Marking a large heart with their names on the moon was just pathetic, I really don’t understand the point behind that. So what? They’re trying to say to the world that they’re in love? Who cares!

    Then there’s Renton. He’s just the most pathetic hero in anime history, he’s right down there with Shinji Ikari. But at least Shinji has the guts to get in that Eva-01, which literally injuring the pilot whenever the mecha got hit. Renton cries, a lot, very very often even. He vomits, twice. And it’s something I really don’t want to hear from my earphones, a wimpy kid heaving.

    The mechas, the mechas alright, it’s almost cool, up to the very last episode. The Nirvash suddenly decided to transform into a digimon. With the power of love and rainbows, Renton and his digimon saved the world and rescued Eureka. I mean really? You’re putting that in the finale?

    The only good thing about this anime is the music, even that’s decent. And the art? The art is just a rip-off from Kondou Kazuma, the real artist from the manga.

    So, Eureka SeveN is a “Decent” anime?? Chigau, is the right word. It’s not, it’s an awful anime. The most overrated anime of the decade.

    • Uhhhh…actually the anime was made first. I respect your opinion on the anime. I personally loved it (agree with the ending being a bit over-the-top), but I guess you can’t please everybody.

  • that’s great, i like it….

  • Loved the show, as I watched it twice, but was confused about a lot of things, particularly the scab coral. Happy I now understand it.

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