I Had a Good Time Being Capeta

Lots of high speed turns

Intense concentration needed

Ruthless overtaking

Actually the title is misleading. I just went to Malaysia and played some go-kart. Hence the lack of post today. I reached home at 11 pm, and barely have enough time to catch the latest anime eps.

About the go-karting experience, I applied some of the tricks Capeta used but it didn’t work. Rather, it backfired badly and I spun out countless times attempting to emulate Ca-chan. Go-karting is rather exciting really, it takes quite a bit of bravado to floor the accelerator all the way and hit the corners. A mini-typhoon interupted the fun but after a few hours we were able to resume on a really wet and drizzling surface.

The guy at the tracks demanded 10 Ringgit extra to change the slick tires to wet tires, which have grooves for better water channeling. But no, we decided that slick tyres in wet weather is Roxxor since we can easily do Takumi style drifts thanks to the lack of grip. Wheee I’ll never forget the day I moved like Takumi from crappy Initial D.

The steering wheel totally did not change the direction of the kart at high speeds so I released the accel, tapped the brake, turned the wheel, floored the accel and then counter-steered for a nice Initial D drift. Whether that was the correct technique I do not know but it sure works on wet roads. I did oversteer a great many times and ended up having to compensate.

Yeah Capeta is a good anime and go-karting is fun. Guys and girls please go try it! It has the thrill of a car race without the danger.

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