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Photographing Nagato Led Me to Greater Treasure.

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I was trying to do the figure review photoshoots of the swimsuit Nagato Yuki that has been sitting around for months. I took her to the pool as usual. After I was done, I walked around the area testing out the capabilities of the 100 mm f2.8 macro lens on some flowers. Then I saw a hot girl! Such a rare subject was not to be missed so I requested for the opportunity to get a few pictures of her and her family.

Interestingly, she was either Russian or Italian, I didn’t ask. But from the features and the accent/language, this is a pretty good guess. I left her my name card, as you can see in the picture, telling her to contact me so I can email her the pictures. Basic courtesy of course.

Oh I also found a sunbird sucking some nectar, but wasn’t fast enough to snap a shot of it mid-drink. This yellow bird is not uncommon, yet is rarely noticed around. I’ll post the Yuki review soon, it’s alright I guess. The guy who commented on the previous post saying the pictures via macro lens will suck for a while until I learn how to use it well. He was right.

It was a bit blurred. Ugh. Unsharp mask in Photoshop helped a bit.

I think this is the best flower shot so far that I’ve done.

Sunbird. The small picture size makes it look like some alien beast without eyes.


The water has spiral power. It’s quite wtf.

Most likely the mom. She has similar features.


Popularity: 10% [?]

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20 Responses to “Photographing Nagato Led Me to Greater Treasure.”  

  1. 1 kokanaden 336 comments

    I bet those unglam pictures are not included in the basic courtesy package.

  2. 2 Fabio 8 comments

    Cute girl, nice mom.

  3. 3 Panther 59 comments

    Water spiralz powa.

  4. 4 gordon 29 comments

    your girlfriend will kill u for this. i’ll say a prayer. amen.

  5. 5 omo 137 comments

    zomg boobs

  6. 6 C.I. 44 comments

    The water shall pierce the heavens.

  7. 7 Tiny Red Man 149 comments

    when did riuva start going down the “Idols” track? Well, nice ^_

  8. 8 Elly 2 comments

    Hmm they do look italian to me (I’m italian myself), especially the mom or aunt or whoever she is!

  9. 9 Blowfish 27 comments

    Wooo im beeing mentioned to as the Guy!
    Hmmm…I second the guess from Elly and say shes italian.Doesnt really look russian to me…
    Italian and Russian sounding alike?Oh well i guess most Asiatic Languages sound alike to us too.

    I guess its an annoying path of trial and error to master your new toy.

    You even got a some nipples shining through in your last shot^^

  10. 10 DS 21 comments

    The obsession with real girlz continues!! Where will it end!

  11. 11 David 1 comment

    They are so slavic… how does it come you guessed Italian, too? Look at the fat and the tan being non-existant from the waist downwards. You can be sure that there is not one Italian girl that would run around like this. On the other hand the women look Italian, their teeth are (almost) well done and their skin is in that specific tone, too. Maybe her father is Romanian, they spoke Romanian (similar to Italian), and you overheard that. And the girl looks like her father.

    Good luck!

  12. 12 Fariz Asuka 2 comments

    Nice pictures you’ve got there, especially the flowers.. You deserved to take a picture of the girl.. ^^

  13. 13 Loba 86 comments

    Her dad is the mafia boss of Italy’s capital, Rome. Say your prayers!

  14. 14 hitoshura 37 comments

    How come she has that “gimme a break” face in the candid shots? I swear all pretty girls got that aura once in a while.


    *covers in fear and start sweating nerd sweat*

  15. 15 Zeroblade 163 comments

    Sooner or later, we’ll have little girls having their pictures taken and then uploaded here.

  16. 16 Helix 71 comments

    Need pics of Nagato figure.

  17. 17 tj_han 1440 comments

    The Gimme a break face were some secret shots that I took on the pretext of taking flowers.

  18. 18 Anacone 2 comments

    Did you ask permission to release them ;) But sure nice err… sunny day in picture…

  19. 19 Lainforce 10 comments

    A new low, man.

  20. 20 JKL 7 comments

    Attractive girl. She must have been flattered to have her picture taken. The group looks Italian to me (not that it really matters lol).

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