Well well, it seems most people do not care much about GONZO as long as they produce decent stuff once in a while.

33% voted that GONZO rocks.

54% sat on the fence.

14% were convinced the GONZO is crap.

Or could it just be that people care more about individual series rather than studios? Although the general blogging community seems to think that GONZO is dogpoo, somehow the poll does not reflect that. Perhaps it could be because we all remember their great works in the past and are willing to give them a chance. Witchblade seems alright, the monster in ep 1 is reallllyyy very cool. But I doubt it’ll turn out to be anything epic.

Unlike Gatekeepers and Last Exile. Even Vandread.

Oh well, next poll. Do you collect anime figurines?

9 Responses to “New Poll: Do You Collect Anime Figurines? and Closure of Old Poll”  

  1. 1 Kenny Liu

    Yeah, as long as it’s Gundam Seed lol

  2. 2 tj_han

    I would like to sell all my Seed figurines. I’m ashamed to be seen with them now lol. I hide them in the corner of my cupboard. Btw fill in the poll please!

  3. 3 kwok

    I suspect you rigged the polls. I pressed No and it ended up Yes.

  4. 4 tj_han

    No I did not. You must be blind kwok.

  5. 5 bakaboobie

    Are you using ‘figurines’ as a generalized term? Or are you limiting it to mainly PVCs, gashapons and whatnot? Anyway, voted yes.

  6. 6 tj_han

    I said anime figurines right? That includes all PVCs of all scales, resin kits etc. The word figurine means “a small moulded or sculpted figure”.

  7. 7 = =..otz

    Yes…for one year…Trading Figures,PVCs..
    I’m in high school,i mean,Their price is too high for me to collect much,but i’m doing my best.
    PS:I’m in china.

  8. 8 kwok

    China, land of the fibre-optic network which allows anyone inside to torrent at filthy speeds. So lucky…

  9. 9 T_T|||

    Urayamashi na… Fibre Optics… Why is Singapore capping our technological advancement kana kana? Just to milk us more? Fark. I might just immigrate to China for the broadband.

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