[Tsubaki] Square-Enix stabs fans in the back

Firstly, today is my birthday. I officially turn 21.

Secondly, Square-Enix stabs Sony and PS fans in the back by announcing today at E3 that Final Fantasy XIII will also be available for the XCRAP360. Noooooooooooo.


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  • I’m soooo not going to buy FF13 for my PS3. It looks crap anyway compared to, say, FFvs.13


  • Stab in the back? not quite. Square was hinting at it for quite a while to get Microsoft to cough up some dough.

  • Happy Birthday Tsubaki! May all your wishes come true. (:

  • Happy Birthday!

    STFU $ony fag. :P

    As a de facto possessor of all three 7th Generation Consoles its not going to change things much As far as I can tell multi-plat games for 360 and PS3 are pretty much the same judging by COD 4. Besides given how GTA IV was not able to move a lot of hardware for these new games to be profitable it seems that multi-plat is the only way to go unless the platform holder shells out a lot of money to keep it exclusive. How can you blame Square for being traitors, they still have to make money and its not like the canceled it for the PS3.

    I like my 360 since I like FPSes and so far PS3 doesn’t have as many awesome shooters.

  • PS3 wasn’t supposed to be an FPS console. I was expecting JRPGs…

  • Meh, more fuel for the flame war between the 360 and PS3…

  • I’m hardly a Microsoft fan, being instead of the cult of Tux persuasion, but I really don’t get why people are so upset over this. It’s not like they’re withholding it from the PS3… so other people get to play it, who cares?

  • Happy 21st. And I feel quite cheated >_>

  • I personally think exclusivity for this generation of consoles is pretty much hard to sustain, 360 titles like Trusty Bell in the end ported over to PS3 despite being “exclusive”. The signs were there when Star Ocean 4 was announced to be on 360 “exclusive”, although from past cases like RE4 and other franchises and titles exclusivity doesn’t last very long unless the studio that produces it is affiliated with Microsoft or Sony. Anyway Shiroi Kishi Monogatari (White Knight Chronicles) should be an interesting release for the PS3.

    I find it funny that how the supposedly proprietary game engine for FF13, namely the Crystal Tools engine that was designed for the Playstations is now announced to work for 360 and the Wii as well.

    What does it all means? We gotta buy them all! The age of consumerism.

    Happy 21st birthday Tsubaki, before I continue rambling.

  • Making the game available to a greater number of Final Fantasy fans. I see the issue here…….no wait….what’s the other one….no I don’t. Square-Enix has lots of problems with their business and marketing practices lately, but this is not one of them.

  • 0/10

    Turning 21 makes you fail at life.

  • lol, Happy Birthday!

    Also, I hope Sony responds by making Star Ocean 4 : The Last Hope turn their backs to PS3 too, lol.

  • Happy birthday.


    @Kaioshin-Sama As usual your comprehension skills totally phails. Tsubaki did mention Sony and PS3 fanboys, and not FF fanboys. Trying to look smart again huh? Try harder please.

  • The rage will subside in time.

    FF13 Versus is still an exclusive though.

  • Thank you to all well wishers

    and to all xbox360 lovers, I HOPE YOU RROD while playing! =D

  • Oh and here’s teh Star Ocean 4 trailer for some of you who were clamouring for it:


  • @kokanaden: No, see he’s the one talking about console fanboyism, that’s also the source of the rage, PS Triple lovin’. I was the one that brought the topic of Final Fantasy fans (Not fanboys…..I didn’t even use that word) up from that because obviously Square-Enix doesn’t give a damn about Sony fans. That’s not their business. They give a damn about making money and attracting the greatest possible number of FF Fans to their product, which IS the real issue and reason for scuttling any possible exclusivity agreement. They want to cover their asses just in case the PS3 sales aren’t up to snuff.

    See how this works, going from topic to topic? You are the one who is failing (Yeah, see that’s how I spell the word. The classic way) the comprehension test here by failing (again) to track the course of the topic. Try harder next time. I know it’s complex stuff looking at the bigger picture and all, but yeesh.

    Also funny you should bring Metal Gear up because even Final Fantasy doesn’t overdose on cutscenes enough to match that utter monstrosity of a game franchise. ;)

    Anyway enjoy 21 there guy…..while it lasts.

  • well not quite backstabbing cuz for one Sony still has a fair amount of share being own withing squarenix so im pretty sure they themselves actually agreed to this multiplat decission. You can probably say MS actually did some under the table paying to Sony as well lulz.

    Anyways, we still get ffversus 13 so all is not lost…..i hope

    anyways happy birthday baki…again

  • The only reason ever for me to slightly consider purchasing a X360 is Dead or Alive. But Itagaki is out of Tecmo, so I hope the series can finally come to PS3.

  • God. And I was telling people NOT to get an XBOX because of FFXIII…

  • MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I own neither but I can imagine how PS3 owners feel. Oh god, this is so hilarious. They took their trump card and gave it to their rival.

  • @Omisyth Nope I don’t feel anything. It’s not as if I bought a PS3 to play the FF series.

    @Kaioshin-Sama You still don’t see it. Oh wait, you’re covering your mistake with the topic-on-topic excuse. Amazing recovery. Then again, you still fail at expressing yourself. Continue pressing the F5 button and hoping for someone else to make a mistake. Good night.

  • Happy belated birthday, Tsubaki. I’m still having high expectations from you producing a film… (^^);

    I see the talk/flak about the seventh-generation consoles again. (YAHTZEE FOR THE WIN!) Consider this:

    I have to spend at least S$2.5k on a cheap high-definition (full) TV. Spend another S$600 or S$700 on the consoles. Such high commitments to switch over to HD is what holding back the majority of consumers, myself included. I hate to put it this way, but I finally see the stupendity of chasing that elusive cheap high-definition entertainment, a capable computer notwithstanding.

    Nevermind, I’m still awaiting Persona 4 on the PS2.

    (P.S.: If anyone’s into JRPGs, consider Xbox 360. I’m very surprised that a US-based console is actually hosting Japanese RPG-based games.)

  • @kokanaden: And we’re done with you because you are exhibiting the typical shameless troll-baiter signs. Talk to someone else.

    @TP: I think they are doing the Xbox360 release for American audiences more than anything. Considering just how stubborn the Japanese are when it comes to accepting the 360, that branch of the FF XIII release will fail miserably in Japan. This move by Square-Enix while an ass-covering one is also a gamble.

    Anyway, if people bought a PS3 just for FF XIII only to learn that they didn’t have to then they probably should have waited until the game was out. Then again I guess it could have been announced afterward, but whatever. This whole console war thing an entirely manufactured belief system anyway that assumes there has to be a choice of one over another. You’ve just got to make the best of whichever ones you own. That’s what I do.

  • You don’t get it do you? Supporting one console against another is like supporting football clubs. You stick to one whether it’s superior or not. There are people who still support liverpool and everton even though they haven’t won the cup in ages. Likewise, this isn’t about technical specs. It’s about the spirit of the console.

  • No! Why? … :( Well, I was aiming for the versus version, luckily as I read the comments. Well let us just hope Square as offered a few million to get to the xbox360. Also hoping the ps version gets way better than the xbox360. ^^

  • I hate Xbox not because I love Sony, but because Microsoft stabbed PC gamers in the back. PC competes against Xbox… so naturally we can’t have PC succeeding, can we? Obviously it’s a dying platform.

    But seriously, what is the actual system selling power of Final Fantasy nowadays? How many old FF fans who own Xboxes were not planning to buy PS3 just for Final Fantasy? The number is probably pretty big.

    10 years ago I swore by Squaresoft. Right now I wouldn’t buy FFXIII if it were an Xbox exclusive unless it turns out to be so amazing it makes FFVII look like complete crap.

  • No biggie, i was planning on getting a PS3 eventually anyway, atleast now i’ll be able to get both systems and both versions of the game ^^

  • I read it’s still exclusive in Japan…
    But really give more power to good games.

  • Um…go Nintendo? Even though they had arguably the most disappointing conference of the big three? Sorry, old habits die hard. Nintendo for life.

    As far as JRPGs go…dude, the Wii barely has any RPGs. I think the Tales sequel is going to be it’s first major one.

    Personally, I’ve been considering buying a second console for a while now. And seeing as how my dad’s friend just won a 360 in a raffle and he has no idea what to do with it…dunno, I might end up buying it from him. I just can’t see myself shelling out the bucks for a PS3 when the 360 has an overall stronger game library at the moment. And this FF13 announcement just kinda finally tipped the scales in M$’s favor for me.

    Still, I’m a Nintendo fangirl forever.

  • According to the 1up’s podcast, Shane the host talk to someone from Square Enix. He revealed that this E3 square enix swinged something towards Xbox 360 in two weeks time in TGS they are going to swing towards PS3… I’m looking forward to it already. in two weeks time in TGS… anyone going…? Not able to…

  • Sorry not TGS… The DKS3713, Square Enix’s invite only event.

  • I have both 360 and PS3 so it is not too much of a problem for me… However, spirit wise I feel like I have been back stabbed too… Anyway that is business. They already cheated on Nintendo when PSX became successful! I think I just don’t like people who constantly changing sides…

  • …apparently it’ll be on the PC platform as well…

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