[Ascaloth] Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~, Episode 03

Last week’s anime-manga comparison is going to be a one-off, for two reasons; 1) Because NobiNobi Scans have yet to release the third chapter, so I don’t have anything on hand to compare this episode to, and 2) I’ve already made my point anyway, that the anime is little like the manga it was adapted from, so it’s probably best to treat this series as a reimagination of the Natsu no Sora story. In any case, this episode finally moves the series away from its "travelogue" momentum it was on for the first two episodes, and finally starts focusing on the characters and the story. For now, Sora gets her first assignment of her internship under the supervision of Hara-sensei, while Midorikawa’s situation unfolds just a bit more.

Mahou Tsukai ni Taisetsu na Koto ~Natsu no Sora~, Episode 03.

Eeeetooo….Hara-sensei, you do realize you have a young girl living under the same roof as you do now, right?

On the other hand, I’m not sure whether it’s surprising that Sora doesn’t think anything of it despite being a country girl, or whether it’s expected that Sora doesn’t think anything of it BECAUSE she’s a country girl…

I have no idea what Hara-sensei is like in the manga since I haven’t read any further yet, but he’s one laid-back uncle-type in this one, totally different from the bishounen Oyamada-sensei of the original Mahou Tsukai series. Also for some reason, Sora seems to blush every time Midorikawa so much as glances at her. What gives?

I have the feeling that Fuune may have had some background in dance from the way she stands; these kinds somehow instinctively know how to present themselves in the most photogenic poses for the camera. I have one of such a kind in my family, I should know.

The silly girl’s blushing again. Although, it seems that she and Midorikawa are getting along fairly well, despite the cold shoulder he gave her during the first day. At least they’re not fighting over the smallest things.

Quite a lot of blushing this episode. This particular one is interesting though, in how it’s a "blink-and-you-will-miss-it" type that I don’t recall ever seeing before.

I can’t help the feeling that Kuroda reminds me of some other anime character, but I can’t quite pinpoint which one. Or is it simply because the thing he does with his glasses has been done before many times over?

Ah, yes…the reality of the fact that some teachers do tend to pick on students just because said student got off to a bad footing with said teacher. The thing about Sora, is how she seems to take almost anything in her stride, and the one time she even gets anywhere near to being irritated? She creates an Icicle Paradise instead of blowing up the tank altogether.

…yeah, I didn’t know learning magic in the Mahou Tsukai world entails knowledge of advanced mathematics, either. This may just be the kind of thing for math freaks, but I feel a headache coming on already.

I do know that there are several varieties of Coke out there, but this particular one just escapes me entirely. Hmmm, Lime Coke, perhaps?

Asagi acts like a real bitch, especially when Kuroda is around, but if I’m correct, she’s just being tsundere for the guy. :D

Eeeetoooo, Hara-sensei? What the hell is all this junk that you’re trying to pass off for clothes on your back?

Natsu no Sora is probably going to use the same "client-of-the-week" formula that the original Mahou Tsukai did, since that’s the point of internship after all. This is going to mean that minor characters are going to come in and then drop out within the space of each episode, but the original series did depart from that occasionally, so I hope that this series will do the same, too. Since Natsu no Sora does have what the original series didn’t – a clique  – I’m certainly hoping Sora gets more chances to play off them.

I actually got just a little bit freaked at this scene. It may mean nothing much in the end, but it did leave me thinking about the possibility of the emergence of a "Dark Sora". Considering that her magic level seems to be off the charts compared to her classmates, she does give the vibe of being capable of doing a lot of damage if she wants to (which is highly unlikely, but you never know).

For such a cute young girl, Sora is surprisingly stubborn; I think it was hashihime who said something to the effect of her rough country ways coming as a set with her shy country ways. Of course, how was it that Sora managed to do what all the other certified mages could not for Motohashi-san; actually be emotionally invested enough in the latter to do her best to help against the latter’s wishes, while the others merely did their job and went home?

Apart from the fact that it’s policy for mages not to do anything more than their specified request, one might think it’s because Sora, being raised in the countryside, looks at things differently from those living in the city, and they would be right. In fact, many sociologists have commented on the difference between rural and urban people, and a number of studies have demonstrated a clear difference in both groups’ willingness to help another. Georg Simmel proposed that the "reserve" which city dwellers develop are caused by the intense simulation of big-city living, which entails a high-paced rhythm of life, and an ever-changing onrush of impressions. Moreover, metropolitan relationships tend to be anonymous compared to the warm and personal relationships that usually develop in small towns, leaving city people alienated, unresponsive, and unhelpful. Although Simmel argues that city dwellers are actually being rational in their distrust of strangers, this would be lost on the likes of small-town types like Sora, who would think them cruel and heartless for not bothering to help Motohashi-san past their request details, for example.

It’s a sad fact, but let the likes of Sora live long enough in the big city, and the unfortunate yet inevitable outcome would be that she’ll gradually learn through hard knocks to be just as unresponsive and unhelpful as any other city people, as she socializes further into city life. That’s enough sociology for the day, let’s move on.


Simmel, G. 1964. "The Metropolis and Mental Life". In The Sociology of Georg Simmel, ed. L. Wolff. New York: Free Press. Originally published 1905.

It had been touched on a bit during the first two episodes, but here we really get to see some of the loneliness under Sora’s usual sunshine facade. Despite the glimpse into her life before her internship in Biei back in Episode 1, there’s still aspects of Sora’s background we don’t know as yet, although of course there’s plenty of time yet to touch on that.

And the same might be said of Midorikawa, for whom it is obvious that he is taking the mage internship reluctantly. One might wonder why he’s even bothering at all, given that his mentor does bring up the fact that he can leave if he really wants to.

In any case, now that things are getting underway, Natsu no Sora seems to back on track to being a solid slice-of-life series. I’m looking forward to seeing how it will play out as the weeks go by. Ascaloth, out.

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  • Nice review and thanks for mentioning me. I think Sora is giving us a taste of a real country girl. What struck me about that green coke can was that it said “Caca Cola,” “caca” being a French kiddy word for excrement.

  • While I haven’t watched this ep myself (and probably won’t be following the anime any more), from what I’ve seen and read, it’s a complete departure from the manga. Everything from character interaction to plot is completely unrecognizable in this ep. Also, I have yet to see anyone mention some of the more important hints to the overall plot. *shrug*

    Got my scanner fixed, but scanning and cleaning is annoying work. I’ll probably get scanlations for chapter 3 out in a month or three or so…

  • >Kuroda
    Kabuto from Naruto? dunno, lol

  • Kuroda reminds me of the Shadow King from Ouran Host High, i forgot his name xD

    A dark Sora would be interesting. not exactly sure if it’ll be a good idea for a short number of ep animes, but what is this one anyway? 13? 24 ?

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