School Rumble Semester 3!! Hmm So It Ends…

Either I missed an entire season, or the anime just skipped everything and got down right to the final two volumes of the manga. Just as well, because the manga was getting rather lousy to say the least.

The animation quality of this episode was pretty bad, strangely. It felt like the storyboard and character designs were lifted entirely from the manga, unlike the first two seasons where they used anime character designs instead. Everyone knows that the anime version of SR has better looking characters, which explains why the anime SR goods sell better than the manga SR goods, but this episode had the manga-styled minimalist character designs instead.

So there will be two episodes of the 3rd semester OVA… It’s amazing how long it has been since I watched the first season for the first time. 4 years! Time seems to move real quick once you get into your twenties. Over these five years, we’ve seen:

  1. Harima become a true mangaka and man
  2. Karasuma reveal his secrets and emotions and become a true man
  3. Mikoto get attached and breaking up
  4. Akira being all cool
  5. Tenma gaining courage but not wisdom
  6. Karen and Imadori getting close
  7. Yakumo discovering more of her own personality
  8. Eri finally liking a person and being rejected
  9. Tani-sensei still failing to snag any female teachers
  10. Hanai getting a harem
  11. and many more.

I always feel real nostalgic whenever a long series I’ve grown attached to ends. I remember brooding for eons when my then-favourite manga, Shaman King, ended abruptly so many moons ago.

Cheers to Kobayashi Jin for his great work on a truly memorable love comedy!

6 Responses to “School Rumble Semester 3!! Hmm So It Ends…”

  • Cheers to KJ, yes!

    However, I am not sure I can forgive him for how the manga ended.

    SRZ better bring some damn closure, dammit.

  • Hope the SR3 better that the SR2……I don’t really like the 2st one, it is too full of paradises and not such focus on the individual characters that is a shame….

  • So is there gonna be a school rumble season 3 thats not the ova?

  • haha, SRZ is KJ’s redemption for his sin in making such a shit ending of the end…do not hope SRZ will satisfy our thrist to see Harima ends up with Eri or Yakumo or both of them(that the dream i often seen in fan’s responds)…If Harima has the normal nerve he will be the most lucky man who has the gorgeous wifes…that’s the story i wanna see’in.

  • Go…yakumo you can discover about your own personality…and dont give up to harima i know you like him….

  • where can i get school rumble season 3 episode 3

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