Figure Review: Seena from Shining Tears will SPOIL YOUR COMPUTER.

Because she had a powerful magnet in her head. This allows a little metal plate embedded inside her feather cap (+10 to agility??) to be attracted to her cute head, and make the hat stay on firmly.

This figure is great because you can be all innocent and show it to your friend, then secretly swipe his hard disk with the little beauty, causing all his homework to be zapped to infinity and beyond. Besides that, the sculpt, painting and design is a good A- standard. Not the best, but good enough. Kotobukiya is the maker, and is charging 5500 yen. Do realise Seena is still available in the market easily so that means people don’t like her. Poor thing got released in December 2007 and I’ve gotten her for the longest time yet didn’t bother to post up the pictures.

Seena has a pretty face, courtesy of the designs of the great porn artist Tony Taka. TT is probably the best artist for drawing girls, alongside the likes of Range Murata and Oh!Great. Many of these so-called great doujin artists are terrible and appeal only to the hardcore otaku who like cutesy colourful and nauseatingly cartoony females. Yes that Shuffle guy is one, as is the Nanoha guy.

Oh yeah, she wears striped panties, which may be of interest to some fetishists out there. Personally, I’m no fan of stripes, it makes butts look fat. Seena’s metal bustier doesn’t reveal much in the way of lovefunbags, but that’s alright.

The rapier can be removed from her hand, and Seena is able to hold other weapons with aplomb. Saber’s Excalibur, Airi’s Scythe etc all fit her well.

By the way, I’ll be having a mass clearance sale of my unwanted figurines, and many of these are rare and out of print. So await with bated breath my dear friends! Reason being I am fucking broke after buying camera and lenses and need to order a flash.

Where have all the boobies gone?


14 Responses to “Figure Review: Seena from Shining Tears will SPOIL YOUR COMPUTER.”

  • 2 things:

    1) Seena is from Shining Wind, not Tears
    2) There are two character designers for Shuffle! (Nishimata Aoi, Suzuhira Hiro), both of them are female. :P

  • you will be even more broke when you know that you broke tons of computers with this post and the owners are coming after you for compensations.

    btw: The face is really really pretty. *nosebleed.

  • Shining Wind, not Shining Tears, this is confirmed lol.

    And rofl @ spoil your computer.

  • I meant to say Shining Tears x Wind, the anime but yeah it was shit anyway.

    Also, “guy” includes “girls who are otaku” because those aren’t desirable. So I err, it should be “shuffle guys”.

  • nice pantsu shot :D

    I almost bought this one, but cancelled… I’m waiting for Max Factory tol make Seena figurine :(

  • Hmmm…That means ron~ and me are fetishists.
    Whats up with your writing?Were you in a hurry?It reads like a Telegram.

    So are these your first figureshots with the new camera?With Macrolens?

  • I’m not letting you near my computers. Ever.

  • OMG it spoilt my computer.

  • As I said, I took these pictures six months ago. So no, it was with my old Canon point and shoot.

  • err… her stand looks a little like the top of a pringles can ^^;

  • did i hear “clearance sale”!? -stalks site- LOL

  • Sexy Seena!
    But I wish they’d made a Kaito Kiriya one soon to accompany Seena and for the source image of this (original artwork by Tony Taka features Seena with Kaito behind her) to be recreated as a stunning diorama. :)

  • Das ist zu sch?n, wenn es in Indien kommt hoffe, es kann

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