[Tsubaki] Gundam Online: Capsule Fighter

Ever want to pilot a real gundam and kick ass? Well now you can with the upcoming Gundam Online: Capsule Fighter where you get to control SD Gundams. Not exactly what you call a real Gundam but hey, chibis are cool. This MMO fighting game is currently avaliable in China, so if you don’t speak the yellow language, then good luck fiddling around.

Since I can’t read much chinese to save my ass from the commies, I’ll let the pictures do the talking.














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  • Isn’t that Korean in the 1/8 thing on the left hand side?

  • from what i read about this game, it’s only available in korean, and u must have a korean NRIC number to register. i think………

  • IIRC there is a similar Macross game out there. Not sure if it’s MP-enabled though.

  • that game looks rather fun, every gundam fan should play that game!!!!

    By the way would you like to exchange blogroll link?

  • Isn’t it more like Korea than China?

  • It is Korean, thats because there are chinese and korean versions of the game, so far no plans on english so don’t get your hopes up.

  • where can i download gundam online with english edition

  • gundam originated from japan , they didn’t even make a japanese version but who cares I’m just waiting for an english version

  • For the people still need help in chinese version contact me here ….. magafactory

    For the people who understand how hotmail work will find a way at hotmail dot com.

    Play it safe

  • You can download the game, but most of the language is in (korean, taiwan, china depending on whose site you download from) Taiwan is easy to do and it has some english words labeling options. and it has a good american population. I like it but i would like it in english, but i figured out all the menus and stuff. That and its fun as hell.

  • its only available for windows XP/2000? cant vista play it?

  • i want to play it so bad but i cant read it T-T

  • pls tell me how to register. thanks a lot.i’m a gundam fan myself.

  • 1. Tsubaki, go fuck yourself you racist bastard
    2. There’s a Chinese, Korean(original) and Taiwanese version of this game, not sure if there’s a Japanese one(prolly there is 1)
    3. Vista won’t run the game unless you do something
    4. XP will need service pack 2
    5. Learn Chinese, you’ll need it for this game and in the future

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