[Tsubaki] MGS4 X FIGUMATE: Sweet Snake in loli form

MGS4 fans hear!

Have you always wanted to collect MGS4 toys but too afraid they will stick out like sore old man thumbs from you infinite loli collection? Well fret not. MGS4 is teaming up with FIGUMATE to bring your 4 figurines of the epic PS3 game in loli-size GIRLS. YES, GIRLS. Snake, Otacon, Raiden and Ocelot are up for grabs for 2,940yen. Figures to be released on 2008/12/11.

Click here for sauce.

Ocelot, Snake, Raiden and Otacon.


9 Responses to “[Tsubaki] MGS4 X FIGUMATE: Sweet Snake in loli form”

  • Just read that from Kotaku.com but why gender-swapped chibi versions of the male characters from MGS4, when there’s plenty of hot chicks from the Metal Gear-verse?

    I for one would welcome Figumate versions of The Boss, Rat Patrol Meryl, E.E. or Cyborg Ninja Olga.

  • Raiden looks pretty cute in Chibi form

  • Shouldn’t snake look like a chibi old hag then?

  • They look cute though I’m unsure which figure represents who though, not a MGS fan. XD

  • ocelot is so cute, i would want to join his PMC now! i mean her….

  • Oh dear, the Kyonko Phenomenon is spreading like an epidemic.

  • don’t know what is msg or who r those characters but i like the drawing.

  • This is like Power Level 200 million of epic.

  • Seriously, I cannot believe how goddamn adorable these are.. I am surprised that they went ahead and chose the male characters to be loli-fied, but trust, I am not bummed out at all. The women in the games are all irritating/abrasive, and out of place, even Big Boss, but she was certainly not the worst. (Looking at Meryl and Rose here..) but still. Will purchase theses as soon as I can. (Will likely be modifying the Snake-loli to have brown hair, maybe stubble. Kekeke..

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