[Hynavian] Telepathy Shoujo Ran Episode 7 – The Haunted Nouda Inn II

Overall this episode was an easy guess, a little way too easy. All the ghost happenings are actually man-made; there are no extra-paranormal happenings, there are no aliens, there are no ghosts! Now I’m looking forward to the next episode where it’ll be featuring their classmate who’s into paranormal happenings. But for this episode, everything that has happened so far is man-made and the interested buyer is actually the culprit. Things are not that simple as a business transaction as lives are involved. Shiroyama is trying to get the inn to cover his past as well as to assure his future. For episode 7, Ran seems to have become stronger, being able to sense and control more of her telepathic powers. Rui, on the other hand, gives the impression that he has telepathic powers that are similar to both Ran and Midori as he discloses what has happened accurately. Rui either have powers that are somewhat similar to Ran, allowing him to guess accurately, or he’s a very analytical and imaginative person to piece together everything.

Continuing from the previous episode, episode 7 starts with Midori fainting out of fear. Ran and gang regrouped, brain-stormed before pairing up to search for clues. It was expected of Midori to follow Rin instead of hanging out with Ran and Rui. In the library, Midori and Rin searches past records for any helpful clues of any sort while Ran and Rui heads to the detached house for more detailed investigate. Ran accidentally steps on a broken remnant and she could briefly tell what happened before pointing things out to Rui. Ran then communicates telepathically with Midori who’s in the library. It is at this point where I think that Ran powers have increased by leap and bounds. She’s actually able to search, locate, and communicate telepathically with Midori who’s somewhere afar!

What melodramatic reactions, accompanied by lightning too!

Contracts are rather useless in the world of Telepathy Shoujo Ran. There are no lawyers as witnesses and kids like Midori can just grab a contract and rip it into bits. The most hilarious scene for episode 7 is where Midori actually does a follow up to Ran’s answer when she seriously asked Ran a question. Her eyes flashed the money sign as she plans how to spend the money. The gang brings out the evidences and with everything pointing to Shiroyama as the criminal, he tries to leave but the with their supernatural "touch", the girls look into the heart of Shiroyama before he faints out of fear.

For this episode, we learn that Rui might also have some telepathic powers like Ran; either that or he’s a very analytical and imaginative person as he’s able to point out what exactly happened on that particular day of the crime. At the end of the day, things in the inn returned to normal and the ghostly incidents in the inn are finally resolved. The treasure is recovered and the day is just like every other normal day but is it? Do ghosts really exist? Ran learns that one of the apparitions was actually the late father of the manager and there was no explanation for it. I guess its on to paranormal issues for the next few episodes.

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  • One thing I don’t get when watching Episode 7. Did the ice water cause Mizusugi’s heart attack?

  • I think so but does that mean that throwing ice water at heart attack victims would cause them to suffer from a relapse? Now that’s scary. O_o

  • Mizusugi’s had just done a bath with hot water. When the hot suddenly find yourself in the cold in some second’s without the temperature fall gradually. example: from the 30C to -5C the body not resist and there is a strong case heart attack

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