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Updated@ 18 Aug 3.11AM : Mega Figure Bazaar!

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Update: I wondered why so many mails came about Mirei, I realised her original price was 100 SGD! Which means I’m making a huge loss on this perfect condition figurine for  no particular reason. Shii leans so 20 is ok for her. Anyway, I decided to change how I will be dealing from now on as it is quite unfair to those who emailed a bit later yet are ready to confirm, while others email first to ask do not offer any confirmation.

From now on, figures with multiple unconfirmed buyers will be subject to an auction. The first two are Airi from Queen’s Blade and Mirei-san. Please post a comment below on the price you are willing to pay for either, noting that I got Airi at about 65 SGD and Mirei at 100 SGD.

Check out this excel file for the full list of figures, prices and special deals. I highlighted those in red as the really rare and valuable figures. I don’t want to clog up this post with pictures, so here’s just a few. You can check my figurine review page for more pictures. Most of the items are already sold out and discontinued in stores worldwide, and online auctions are just so risky with regards to the authenticity of the figures. Here, you can be assured they are all 100 percent original and in good condition.

Bunny Girl Rydia, comes with real fishnet stockings!

Banana is a snack, good ornament to show off in the kitchen.

Limited Edition BomeBunny Girl, still sealed!

This rare and very coveted trading figure set includes all secrets and variants.

Strike Witches, aka Mecha Musume. Rare, discontinued, full set including the combining robo!

Look at the translucent hair! First edition ok.


Two full sets of School Rumble gashapon.

And I’ll throw in this Yakumo for free!

I believe those with the labels are still unopened,brand new.

Japanese version, still sealed.

I bought this set for 110 dollars :(.

Boohoo, some please, at least buy the doubles off me. There are 4 colour variants and 1 secret.

Cheap Eureka seveN set.

Maihime trading set, unavailable in shops already.

A few are leaning, I blame poor design by the manufacturers. Still, for the leaning ones, I’ll letting them go at 10 percent or so of the cost I got them at. This bazaar is open to both Singaporean and overseas buyers. For the former, you can pick them up after confirming your order, 23 August Saturday at the Lime Bazaar booth I got. It’s at the Youth Park in Orchard. For overseas buyers, be prepared to pay about 30-40 USD for shipping and handling as figures are bulky. I accept only paypal and nothing else.

If you guys are interested in any figurine you know I have but is not in this list, you can send me a quote as well. All come with boxes unless stated. The prices are almost all way below what I paid for them, but I just don’t have the time to slowly sell them at market price.

Send all orders to tjhan86@riuva.com!!

Popularity: 7% [?]

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66 Responses to “Updated@ 18 Aug 3.11AM : Mega Figure Bazaar!”  

  1. 1 Dancing Queen 1 comment

    sent an e-mail already i’m very interested in a certain figure on that list for sure!

  2. 2 tj_han 1139 comments

    Oh yes, do post a comment here if you emailed,just in case the spam filter gets it.

  3. 3 The Sojourner 57 comments

    I can’t believe you are willing to part with Mahoro!

  4. 4 gordon 26 comments

    hey tjhan, dropped u an e-mail.

    does all the figures listed comes with box?

  5. 5 Sasa 72 comments

    Oh my, the Hagu figure is gone T_T *cries*

    I’d actually be interested in the Tachikoma model kit, but have no idea how it looks like?

  6. 6 tj_han 1139 comments

    Update: Hagu and Melissa are sold.

  7. 7 V2 44 comments

    and so the madness begins!!!

  8. 8 Tsubaki 505 comments

    Give me Kallen!

  9. 9 Lss 1 comment

    can i have all of your revoltech eva?

  10. 10 OceanMoon 2 comments

    Email sent

  11. 11 coffeebugg 2 comments

    Hi, I’m interested in the kotobukiya mirei san and shii. are they still available?

    FYI, I’m in the Philippines.

  12. 12 C.I. 28 comments

    Oh dear, Kallen and Rider, taken. Sigh~

  13. 13 ClearTranquil 1 comment

    Awww, some of the one I wanted are gone…too bad.

  14. 14 tj_han 1139 comments

    Don’t be tricked, the Kallen is not taken yet. Please refer to the excel file, just updated. Those in grey highlights are reserved already. Red just means “hot deal!!”

    I need you guys to email me if you’re serious about getting the figures. Comments here do not count towards reservation.

  15. 15 Panther 20 comments

    Haha I do not see any I want, so good luck to those who want to get what they want. :)

  16. 16 bj0rN 142 comments

    Oh my god~ What’s with the sudden sales?

  17. 17 tj_han 1139 comments

    bj0rn, because I am fucking broke. I spent 4k on photographic equipment, good food and holidays.

  18. 18 hamudi 12 comments

    stalking for your riuva bazaar has paid off hahax ^_^

  19. 19 Najica 1 comment

    dammit >_

  20. 20 Meimi132 1 comment

    OMG so much tempation… but I really-really-really should be saving for uni….. GAH… :sob: so tempting…. uwaaaah….

  21. 21 OceanMoon 2 comments

    $50 for Airi Queens Blade

  22. 22 hamudi 12 comments

    $55 for Airi ^_^

  23. 23 LianYL 651 comments

    I have to admit Rydia is very very hot and Nao is very tempting. But I currently have three figurines at KKnM snowballing up to $200 over. So no.

  24. 24 rei 4 comments

    could we also do a bidding for shii-san?

  25. 25 6pack 1 comment

    who the girl with the transparent blue hair?

  26. 26 tj_han 1139 comments

    What, you don’t know KOSMOS from Xenosaga?

  27. 27 C.I. 28 comments

    Ah christ, I’ve got some work to attend to on that day, so no go. I’ll see if I can get someone to help me pick up something though. I’ll drop you an email when I confirm ^^

  28. 28 chasse 1 comment

    why is the alpha omega kallen listed so pricey at $100 when hlj.com is listing it at $94 including shipping? is it a pair with c.c?


  29. 29 tj_han 1139 comments

    Because it is a hot figure and I sold its pair CC for 140.

  30. 30 Yukarin 8 comments

    65 for KOSMOS 4th Form.

  31. 31 rei 4 comments

    40 for shii arisagawa(trying my luck)

  32. 32 Asoukai 83 comments

    Taking a random hitch on riuva’s figurine sales, I would just like to check, is anyone interested in the Max Factory 1/7 Ignis figurine?

    Condition-wise, I will only release the details if someone expresses interest and is willing to pay at least the selling price in sg when it was first released, which is roughly $95 (because it was pre-ordered); I know it was on sale for $87 at the now-defunct Latendo though, but as I said, it was pre-ordered(dammit, lol.)…

  33. 33 tj_han 1139 comments

    Wow, Mr Dimitris bid 140 SGD for Mirei-san. I doubt anyone can top that, so yeah I’ll close Mirei’s auction tonight then.

  34. 34 hamudi 12 comments

    what!? wow.. *waves goodbye to mirei-san* hahax

  35. 35 LianYL 651 comments

    Latendo has shifted to Leisure Park.

  36. 36 rei 4 comments

    dimitris would go for as high as 140 SGD for a mirei-san fig…unbelievable…you guys should just buy her brand new if you’re lettin’ out those figures for a bid

  37. 37 V 20 comments

    Any pictures of the Evangeline(Negima) figure?

  38. 38 hamudi 12 comments


    if i’m not mistaken this is the one

  39. 39 optimusprime 2 comments

    Hi hi if stil available, $65 for Airi….

  40. 40 sern 3 comments

    yeah.. max factory ignis.. hw much will u be willing to part with it?

  41. 41 sern 3 comments

    50 for seena and 65 for kosmos ver 4

  42. 42 sern 3 comments

    yeah ignis macfactory!! 55 for seena and 65 for kosmos ver4

  43. 43 hamudi 12 comments

    Bid Airi @ $67 ^_^

  44. 44 tj_han 1139 comments

    Seena is not for bidding because the buyer has been confirmed. Meanwhile, these are the ongoing auctions.

    KOSMOS 4th : 65 Yukarin (Sern bid the same 65, but Yukarin was way earlier.)
    Airi : 67 Hamudi
    Shii : 40 by Rei
    Mirei : 140 by Dimitris
    HLJ Rider: 130 by Toh

    I’ll close all the bids by Thursday 00:00 hours (Singapore time) so do hurry!!

  45. 45 coffeebugg 2 comments

    SGD50 for Shii

  46. 46 rei 4 comments

    oh man i can’t go any higher than 40 SGD for shii…too bad

  47. 47 Asoukai 83 comments

    i don’t really find any use for that info since i don’t buy figurines but thanks anyway.

    i encourage you to read my post again if u wanna know how much.

  48. 48 optimusprime 2 comments

    bid Airi $70 :P

  49. 49 hamudi 12 comments

    wah! snap..

  50. 50 tj_han 1139 comments

    Updated: The bid from Dmitris was retracted, so Mirei is up for grabs again! I’ll extend the bidding due to this unfortunate circumstance. Tomorrow, when I get back from school, it will close for sure. Check the excel file for updates.

    Otherwise, current bids are:

    Airi : 70 from Optimus Prime
    Shii : 50 by Coffeebugg
    Mirei : Start now from 60
    HLJ Rider: 130 by Toh

  51. 51 Yukarin 8 comments

    whee, 20 mins to go, campy camp ~.~

  52. 52 tj_han 1139 comments

    Lol, 6 more minutes. Btw, for those camping, do the right thing and don’t just up the bid by one dollar. Be a man, up by 5!!

  53. 53 hamudi 12 comments

    dude.. you had to do that… hahax

  54. 54 hamudi 12 comments

    erm Airi 71.50 hehex

  55. 55 Yukarin 8 comments


  56. 56 hamudi 12 comments

    i’ve been campin all day long =X

  57. 57 Yukarin 8 comments

    i just spam refreshed the last minute lol, after what happened the time i bought tsubaki’s ignis >_>

  58. 58 tj_han 1139 comments

    Sorry, whole numbers only. I’ll take that as 72 then. Also, time’s up!

    Bidding ends for the following:

    Airi : 72 from Hamudi.
    Shii : 50 by Coffeebugg
    KOSMOS 4th : 65 Yukarin

    As for the rest, don’t be sad, the above 3 might just pull out.

  59. 59 hamudi 12 comments

    Haha whole numbers… expected that =P
    i came prepared!!

  60. 60 tj_han 1139 comments

    Don’t waste my bandwidth lol. Anyway, what happened during Tsubaki’s auction?

  61. 61 Yukarin 8 comments

    He said 00:00 as well, then someone posted something at :59 and when I replied with a higher bid it was :00, then there was a discussion over whether he meant at :00 no more accepted or last bid at :00 while we waited for confirmation >_>

    (that sentence sounds quite confusing)

  62. 62 hamudi 12 comments

    Lol i understand.. just saw the comments there hahax

  63. 63 C.I. 28 comments

    @tjhan: Shit, too busy, looks like i’ll have to pass. T_T

  64. 64 Dimitris 1 comment

    Mirei-san, 80.

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