I Feel… Different.

When I first seriously became hardcore otaku, I blew my entire savings (up till that point) buying figures non-stop. There was this compulsive urge that kept me refreshing every single figurine website, such as HLJ, Amiami etc and I would preorder the figure of any character I knew. It got to the point where I had single digits in my bank account, and would take groceries from home (instant noodles, drinks etc) to use as lunch while at home.

I also lugged many figures around various parts of the country in the search for the perfect background for figurine photoshoots, ignoring the stares people have for a grown man-boy taking upskirt pictures of anime girl figurines in public. That is quite a big time-eater, and requires quite a lot of passion and motivation. Increasingly, I find myself being too lazy to even photograph my new figurines, instead leaving them in boxes for months before opening them. In the recent months, I haven’t even bought any figures and the only ones that pique my interest are the FF series of Playarts figures, but I still didn’t buy the Red XIII one I wanted. Nor did I order that fancy new Rider figurine which costs a small fortune.

And so there, I am now officially out of the "addicted to figurines and other anime goods club" and back into the "won’t pay a cent for anime goods" clan. Does that make me any worse a fan? Yes of course. Back during the heyday of this website, I could rattle off the name of every anime series, its characters, story, seiyuu and theme songs, just from memory. I have a pretty good mind for trivia facts, like "elephants can move their penises!", so remembering such anime knowledge was easy. Nowadays, I keep having this "shit, I forgot, what was that again" feeling when I watch or think about anime.

That said, I still watch quite a lot of series, though not at the same sheer volume as before. I remember the days even last year when I would be following 30 series at once. Now, it’s just Code Geass, Gintama, Xahm, Strike Witches, Soul Eater, Zero no Tsukaima 3 and a few others. There’s nothing really much to write about these and I completely stopped reading other people’s blogs or joining in the anime channels in IRC. So in short, I have completely no content to write about here.

My co-writers are equally busy with school, like Kokanaden is the new king of the uni’s anime club and LianYL is helping him with it. They have big plans. I am thinking about changing the direction of this blog, but have no idea what to do. There’s the idea I’ve been toying with, of a Student Portraiture Society where basically I get hot chicks and handsome men to be photographed in school. Everyone loves hot chicks and handsome men right?

Otherwise, I thought of writing more food science articles but there isn’t much to talk about for now. Recently I find myself terribly lacking in humour. Nobody laughs at my jokes anymore, I suspect it is because of my new tame and nice personality.

I’m only really funny when I make fun of people and things. Like recently I was on the public bus, with the girlfriend on the way to the hospital for an appointment, when this mad woman with really goldfishy eyes who was sitting in front of us suddenly turned around and shouted "TALK TALK TALK! WHY SO TALKATIVE!?" to which I responded, "This is a public place. I didn’t know this bus goes to Woodbridge hospital (the local mental health institution)." She got really mad and I toyed with the idea of doing funny stuff like shouting "WOAH AHHHHHHHH I MISSED MY STOP!! OH NAH JUST KIDDING!!" since she gets real irritated at every single noise. But I settled for just doing a little loud tapdance on the way to alighting. Madgoldfishwoman screamed of course, but for that whole day I was in a great mood.

I’ve been too zen and buddha-like recently to get annoyed or mad enough to post flaming articles. Someone, please piss me off! Is this a sign of becoming an adult?

Btw, I spent all my savings on camera equipment lol. About four thousand in total. Gah.

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  • the fact that you still post about anime means your not completely changed!

  • Don’t feel too bad. I’ve always been poor and not very funny at all, but I hear ya’ on the whole waning interest bit. Ever since I started college two years ago and met my boyfriend 8 months ago, my interest in anime nerdom has practically bottomed out.

    The love’s still there but it pales in comparison to my love of, er, other things and people.

    And money.

  • For the record, I think we’re all in a bit of a downtime with anime– I’m also not watching anywhere near as many series as I was this time last year or two years ago. I just can’t help but think that there aren’t as many really good shows on right now– plenty of decent ones, but not much by way of amazing. Not that I think anime is in a “decline,” just that we’re in one of those little downward bumps on the chart, as it were.

  • Welcome to the club! :D
    It’s obviously because you have a girlfriend and you have better things to spend time on now than figure upskirt photos. It’s nothing bad and you shouldn’t feel like you have to force yourself to blog. I know it can become a drag and well while I’m still following series I’m only following a few. I’ve been returning manga to book off and in fact this fall may be my last anime con ever.

    You just grow out of these things. It was fun while it lasted :3

  • Handsome men and hot chicks? I am allergic to the former and the latter is too terrifying a thought. *whistles*

  • Well at least seek solace in the fact that you are on a huge high-tech nomadic colony.

  • @LianYL,

    That was what I thought too when I saw that sign at the Science canteen last week. XD

  • How can you feel different when you claim that you’re ‘back into the blahblahblah clan?’. You should feel like an old fogey, because a leopard never changes its spots.

    In view of that, since you were once part of a clan, returning to it should be like a dog going back to its habit of humping random stranger’s legs even though it was (most of the time) consequently trained not to.

    My point? You should feel normal.


  • Tj has grown old and wiser.

  • @Ascaloth,

    Glad to see I’m not the only one…

  • TJ no buy or collect figures anymore? Too bad…
    Anyway, that’s a wise thing to do… I’m currently finding a way to stop this addiction and still got lotsa pre-orders which can’t be cancelled on top of that … Orz
    Gonna stop this hobby next year or after taking all my pre-orders… If ever this addiction still won’t stop, then I’ll go for an SD gundam kit. Much cheaper. ^^

  • Your anime-fuse is breaking?

  • It happens when you realise its more fun to fap to prons instead of hentai.

  • Meh, judging by all the people here you’re not the only one. My friends are feeling like that too, for some reason this year’s anime don’t seem as engaging as last year’s :/

  • @Tj_han

    I thought i was the only one going through a sudden evolution. My interest in anime also seems to be going in a steep decline, and I’m busy wondering what the hell is going on with me. I used to spend hours watching anime every single day. Now, it has become a mere weekly habit. Have I lost my otaku spirit?

    Am I still G-man?

  • Lol… i say tj’s change is due to woman… and i meant woman not women… coz it’s juz one woman… hahaha :P

  • Hope I don’t become the kind of otaku who blows all his wage on anime stuff. Maybe the biggest thing I’d spend in would be a Megaupload account, but that’s it… I’d spend the rest in a bottle of Jägermeister, a laptop, and new clothes.

  • so tell me, what’s anime again?

  • I’m sort of going through this right now. Like many others I used to follow several anime series at once. After Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann ended I just…stopped cold turkey. Haven’t followed a single series since. Perhaps TTGL ending left some sort of void in my heart that I just don’t have the will to fill. Or maybe I’m just content and don’t feel the need to dive deeper into the anime abyss.

    I still buy figures but it’s significantly less than what I’ve been getting for the last two years. The higher prices (and my pathetic salary) certainly haven’t helped, but I just find myself less and less interested in the designs of the characters. What was once “Ooooh man, I HAVE to have that!” has become “It’s nice…but no.”

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