WTF, Even the (revered) Japanese are Narutards.

People say Japanese have great style, taste and are a far superior breed of human compared to other Asians and Caucasians. But recent revelations show that 98 percent of the Japanese manga-reading crowd are fucking Narutards and the other 2 percent just read dirty porn doujins of underaged girls.

I am hugely annoyed that the best new manga series to appear in Jump since, what, Death Note, has been cut. I know this is old news, but bear with me because we are no longer hugely up to date. Most people who follow manga legitimately were unaware of this cancellation since they would just have gleefully received the excellent volume 9, but the cheapskates on the scanlations were howling about it long ago.

It appears that the main reason is a lack of popularity in Japan. If this is true, then I can only conclude that Shounen Jump readers are mentally defective. Then again, Gintama is still popular there so maybe they switch between normal and mentally defective regularly.

M x 0 takes the best parts of Hunter x Hunter (intelligent battles with actual rules that are followed), Pretty Face (hilarious coverups) and Toloveru (admittedly a bad manga but has nice pictures) and puts them together in one fantastic package. So why do the Japanese not like it?

I was reading some Bleach manga volume where there was some battle that the good guys looked to have lost and Rukia/Ichigo/bowguy were all dying and suddenly, whoopee some new captains arrived, the good guys all healed up and the baddies got chopped. Wow… It is a fucking mistake for Yasuhiro Kano to work for Shounen Jump.

I really wonder if low sales is the reason. Yasuhiro did quit drawing Pretty Face due to stress, and Mx0′s sales records don’t seem to be low at all. Either way, die Narutards and Bleachbitches!!

Other manga to read include:

Gunslinger Girls
Ichigo Mashimaro (lol irony)
Hunter x Hunter (an annual read)

Ugh that’s about it I think.

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