Haruhi = Sexy Commando?

I cannot help but think of Sexy Commando Sugoiyo Masaru-san! everytime Haruhi does unreasonable club activities. It’s a pretty old show and the animation looks like crap compared to the perfection of Kyo-ani’s artisans, but the surface concept is so similar that I can’t help but be reminded of the other when I watch one.

For the newer readers who have no idea what Sexy Commando is, it’s about this really weird guy, Masaru, who disappears one day from school only to return 3 months later claiming to have learnt the ultimate martial art, Sexy Commando. He drags this guy, who he nicknames Fuumin, into his newly formed Sexy Commando Club. Fuumin is the same as Kyon. Exactly the same. Masaru is just as powerful as Haruhi, and he gets his way all the time like her.

I only watched the first eight eps of SC and the first five eps of Haruhi and of course, with Haruhi’s super powers, it’s likely they will start being very different. But I would just like to point out to all those Haruhi fanboys that Haruhi = Sexy Commando!! And just to stick it in your heads, I put in some pictures too. Btw, the most basic move for Sexy Commando is coincidentally called Elise no Yuutsu.

SC barely has any females and has a ton of sick jokes btw. It’s really funny so give it a shot if you haven’t. 50 episodes 15 minutes each. The scene where Fuumin gets his nickname was so funny, I had cramps. Masaru gave Fuumin two choices, one was Fuumin and the other was some crude word that meant vomit boy or something. Ay, you guys really should watch this in spite of the crappy vhs quality.

Haruhi’s brother Masaru

Masaru’s sister Haruhi



7 Responses to “Haruhi = Sexy Commando?”

  • Could I get this from you? You’ve become the provider of old anime that I cannot acquire thanks to my horde of eroge staring down my face.

  • Surprisingly I started to read a couple chapters of Masaru-san not too long ago.

  • strangely enough, I watched that anime a few days ago :)

    It starts really well and is very funny but after a while it becomes downright boring… Hopefully, Haruhi won’t follow in the the same path. Also, I think that Masaru’s level of humour is a bit below Haruhi’s. But maybe I just grew tired of hearing pretty much the same jokes over 50 episodes. Still, it is a must watch for any real anime fan, that series was really ahead of its time content wise.

  • Now that you mention it, I do see the similarity. Sexy Commando was more of a gag thing though. That reminds me, I gotta go finish up that Sexy Commando that I keep forgetting to watch!

  • My god, you’re right!

  • wakame! wakame! Bossa Nova!

  • w00t, finally some people getting to know old comedy anime XD

    septermber! yoroshiku!
    next month! yoroshiku!
    kono taiyou ga~ atsui kara~ mori mori wohohoho~
    yo-kun! SUPAH BRIP CHARGE!!!!
    yo ro shi ku…yo ro shi ku
    kurae!!! bureifu no mai…migi daaa~~~

    =let me explain, yoroshiku mask spins his brief around causing the energy of the surrounding air to transform him into an elegant man!!!=

    haha…well it does have some simmilarities to Haru tho that I have to admit…my fav part was when the peigon head protruded from his crotch LOL

    and until now…after watching the series…i still don’t know what a “meso” is…

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