Nijuu Mensou no Musume – Disappointing

20 Faces’ Daughter started off well. It promised good ol’ stylish magician master thief action, with drama and character development, in a believably-realistic post-war setting. But by double-digit episodes, it had become some weird-ass sci-fi magic emo revenge lolicon show, where people have super powers and no theft is involved.

Everyone loves a good heist show. See the Italian Job, Ocean’s Eleven, and the Kaitou Kid from Detective Conan, not to mention the numerous novels that the Japanese and French in particular have come up with. What makes 20 Faces’ so disappointing is that it started off being almost the best show of the season, alongside the likes of Kaiba (what the hell happened to it?), but ends up being subpar Hirano Aya chanting "OJIISAN!" every episode.

When you let the likes of Special A beat you, something is terribly wrong.

PS: Hirano Aya really sucks at singing, and French. See episode 16. Ranka’s Nakajima Megumi on the other hand, is better at both acting and singing by a large margin. And that’s an impartial view.

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  • You need to spend more than 5 minutes on a posting, dear.

  • I’d have to pretty much agree with everything you said regarding the show. The rating I gave it on MAL has steadily declined over the season. The show had so much potential, and then they had to throw all this crap on it. Should have been about her becoming an awesome thief on her own after the old man died for real.

  • “subpar Hirano Aya” & “PS: Hirano Aya really sucks at singing”

    WHAT? No, go insult someone else, not my Aya-sama. I hate RIUVA now ._. WHY ARE YOU ACTING AS IF SHE’S THE REASON THE SHOW SUCKS NOW

    Um, anyway, I haven’t watched since episode 4, so I can’t really say much on this.

  • IcyStorm: Yeah, she’s still quite good looking. I would do her. So yeah I’m on your side baby!!

    Sasa: It’s the Kurogane style blogging…

  • Everybody gets to have their own opinion. I can see your point of view on the show, although to expect a heist show was a mistake in the first place. I personally am only slightly disappointed at this point, and still hopeful.

    But as for Hirano Aya, I think you must be looking for something ordinary, which Aya doesn’t do very well, and cannot appreciate the extraordinary things she sometimes gets a chance to give us in this show. Including the great “ojisan” late in episode 19. The comparison with the nice but far inferior work of Nakajima Megumi shows me that you must not be perceiving what I think Aya’s doing here.

    As for the singing, same point: she gave something to that little song, more than a more polished singer would have. Professional skill does not equal artistic excellence. (I say the same thing about Nakajima-san.) The ED of this show always surprises me. At the end of the episode, I am about to turn it off and then the ED starts up and I am transfixed until it ends.

    But I have no complaints about your post in itself. Well written, and to the point.

  • Hashihime: But the introduction of the show suggested a heist show. The way 20 Faces had a team which was well-organised, lots of planning involved etc. In recent episodes, we have gotten immortal puppet jilted lovers, shining water, superhuman murder kids, wolverine-healing capable 20 Faces etc. I would say the show went downhill when the team got massacred.

    Hirano doesn’t do ordinary things well? Isn’t that because she lacks the basics? And isn’t it about time she did something about her English pronounciation? Many other seiyuu seem to be working hard and getting results from English lessons, recently you’ve been seeing a lot less Engrish. Don’t get me wrong, I thought her performance was alright for most of the show, except the eargrating “ojisans!” and singing.

  • I’m also disappointed with the development. It started off well with lots of thievery and adventure but soon became some sort of Sci-fic where humans can shoot out their hands like blasters and have Hulk-like inhuman capabilities. It also seems like Twenty Faces is more than David Copperfield material since he can survive a burning train and not die when he jumped out a plane without any parachute. Next we will see Terminator from the future appearing as special guest. :)

  • Didn’t Kaiba end rather decently?

  • Ocean’s eleven was great up till the last instalment. =x

  • Well, I paused watching this show at the 6-7th episode. Reading this article finally firmed my decision to finish Kurenai first.

    Also, 1234 post GET?

  • I just finished watching the subbed version of episode fifteen and only one word comes to mind. QUIT

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