[LianYL] Bogged Down By Passion

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I guess I was lying when I claimed that BRSticks were back online. Plugging my scanner into my notebook is such a highly tedious task that I just can’t bother enough to do so. This is not to mention that by doing so, my study table would be clogged by my humongous Thinkpad T61, something I really regret buying. It’s like some super processing monster that can run almost no games. I note that I first bought it to prevent myself from gaming, but now that I have learnt to manage my academics, it is kind of becoming a very bad decision.

As tjhan has stated, kokanaden is now the king of the University’s animation society, and I am his handy sidekick. It started out as mere interest to join the club to bring anime to masses, but it has now landed me as the pseudo-professional-sounding Project Director of Events. Work is piling up non-stop. I have to handle my grades and write out proposals, SOP and workplans for our great king, thus leading to the stagnancy of RIUVA.

Therefore let me update you guys on some stuff that has been going on behind RIUVA doors.

1) tjhan is still attached to his love
2) tjhan is still spamming short articles written under 5 minutes
3) Crest, Kokanaden and tjhan are planning to start a football section
4) Ascaloth thinks he should own RIUVA
5) Kokanaden is still not posting anything
6) Crest is churning out another article of tl;dr
7) Hynavian is waiting for something awesome to happen in Claymore
8 ) I am waiting for the day my scanner will scan my BRSticks for me
9) Someone actually saw me and said, “Hey it’s LianYL from RIUVA right?” Mega ego boost. For otaku recognition.
10) Kokanaden is currently trying to get things done with this year’s National manga art competition Graphite. I am observing the process.
11) tjhan is MIA from campus. At least before me.
12) I can do 30 commando pushups! Remarkable for my obesity level.
13) I have less fats than Kokanaden.
14) This RIUVA blog could end up turning into a college lifestyle blog. Be warned. When that time comes, the only person to look to for anime would be Ascaloth.
15) Tsubaki is entering the National conscription programme in a week’s time.
16) I have no idea where G-Man is, nor who he is.
17) Regular posting will only resume when the sticky post on the top of this blog is removed.

So for any RIUVA fans(zilch) who want to know more about any of the points above, you may request for elaboration in the comments area and I’ll explain further.

Popularity: 8% [?]

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11 Responses to “[LianYL] Bogged Down By Passion”  

  1. 1 Loba 86 comments

    Pass me a scanner and the BRsticks and I will scan them for you =p

  2. 2 Ascaloth 202 comments

    I just met Hynavian the other day. She’s starting to learn how to dress up like the hottie that she really is. ^_^

    And unfortunately no matter how much percentage of the actual anime content I end up providing here, RIUVA is still gonna be tied to TJ’s name. Le sigh…..not that’s a bad thing, since I can’t manage blogs worth a shit anyway…

  3. 3 tj_han 1442 comments

    Lol, so whiny! Anyway short articles are Kurogane-style dynamic posts.

    I am not MIA from campus, I am in lab all day.

    Tsubaki has finally graduated from his arts school like Hney and Clover.

    I forgot to remove the sticky.

  4. 4 bj0rN 153 comments

    Seems like everyone’s dying slowly. xD

  5. 5 Crest 49 comments

    Real life Honey & Clover on RIUVA. How droll and boring.

  6. 6 LianYL 785 comments

    @Loba I could let you read the drafts.
    @Ascaloth Quit trolling. You’re missing the point of it.
    @tj_han Call me for lunch tomorrow.
    @bj0rn Enjoy your army days.
    @Crest Anime is always boring when brought to life.

  7. 7 Asoukai 85 comments

    I don’t see any problems with the site as long as there’s someone there to do what’s supposed to be done. But of course readership is bound to decline now that most of the writers have long moved on since national service and are working hard to carve some sort of a nice wealthy future for themselves through uni education.

    A new lifestyle comes with new opportunities to do things that have never been done before, so it’s seriously a waste of time if you don’t grab them and choose to stagnate along with the website.

    Well, at least that’s the case for me, I wonder why I’m the vice-pres of my club then. hmm.

  8. 8 miyamiya 4 comments

    At least you’re still in school. Once you’ve graduated from Uni and out in the real world making money, I think ordering shit from Japanese sites online will be the only form of recreation you’ll be able to do. And that doesn’t even leave time for you to enjoy your “harvesting”. So enjoy while you can. Cos when you’re working and unattached, your weekends will be spent trying to clear backlogs of shit you bought from Amazon Japan. And that’s when you aren’t meeting up with your uni cliques for expensive dining with your newly earned pocket money. And once you’re ready to face the responsibilities of cpf, marriage, housing and stuff… just clicking on anime sites is all you’re gonna get…

    I miss my uni days… doing nothing but watching anime till the wee hours in hall…

  9. 9 Tiny Red Man 149 comments

    just pass ur BRsticks to some of your fans with a scanner and tell that them if they scan it in for you, they will be getting some rewards back..

  10. 10 Tsubaki 519 comments

    I didn’t exactly graduate from art school like h&c style. I’m still missing the bike road trip to Malaysia. THE CYCLE OF YOUTH. Then I’ll go help repair broken mosque. LIEK TOTALLY WOAH.

  11. 11 Ascaloth 202 comments


    OMG I’ve become so good at trolling that I’m trolling when I don’t even know that I’m trolling…..oh wait, that makes about as much sense as Code Geass does. XD

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