Gundam Seed Stargazer Update: Bandai Milks the Fans Well

A while back, I posted some news on the new Gundam Seed Stargazer series. To recap, it’s a 3 episode of 15 minutes each series mainly designed to sell merchandise. And what cool merchandise these are. Hobby Japan has the painted photos of the GAT-X105E Strike Noir in its full colours.

Click for much bigger picture.

The Strike Noir is used by the Phantom Pain. Based on the Strike, the Strike Noir boasts not only close combat capabilities but can also take on a range of other roles. Equipped with a energy increasing Power Extender, it can last longer than its predecessors during operations. The Strike Rouge is also armed with this same Power Extender, if I remember correctly. The Strike Noir is armed with two long range rail gun and a large beam sword. It also packs spreadable wings for atmospheric flight, and can even equip the IWSP (Integrated Weapon Systems Pack I think) that is basically a bunch of giant cannons. Previously seen on only the 1/144 scaled Strike Rouge model kit.

Bandai is releasing a 1/144 scaled High-Grade model kit of the Strike Noir in June 2006, for 1575 yen. It is 14 cm tall. It is based a lot on the Akatsuki really, damn lazy designers. It looks cool though. The one thing I like about Seed and Destiny, they do have cool mecha designs. The five original Seed Gundams are really nice and I bought and built them all. Bandai may be a blood-sucking mega corporation but they make good injection kits, by far the best in the market. With coloured parts that are of good quality, ABS joints that do not wear out that quickly and offer great poseability, Bandai kits generally look good out of the box. Let’s ignore the fact that they squeeze out 200 variants of the same model kit for now.

Looking at the picture above, we can see a couple of interesting points.

The back of the Strike Noir is almost identical to the Strike. It does have these two fancy shoulder blades sticking out like the Justice series. The shoulders of the model kit use the same ABS double joints as the HG Akatsuki.

The Noir Striker pack is removable and its railguns are moveable, wings are spreadable and swords are removeable as well.

The poseability of the Noir is increased due to the introduction of even more joints. It seems they changed the joint type for the wrist. Instead of just rotating, it can now bend up and down which is far more realistic. It’ll be an ABS version of the wrist that the 1/100 HG Astrays use. The torso can now be twisted to allow more poses too.

It seems the Strike Noir comes with dual beam pistols. And 1 extra sets of gripping hands for it.

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  • What a fabulous kit! I love the Akatsuki (gold gundams are always my favourites), so the design appeals to me, and the colour is really nice. Still, I’ll wait for Stargazer before splashing out on it.

    A more purchase-worthy example of fan-milking than Miguel’s 1/144 GINN, anyway.

  • Have I mentioned that I hate 1/144 kits? They are puny, poorly detailed and just plain rubbish compared to 1/100s and MGs. HGUC series are better than the Seed series in terms of design and construction, but they still pale in comparison to the bigger ones. 1/60 is crap too other than PG.

    This is similar to why I hate 1/6 scale, trading figures and gashapon figurines. I always like the medium sizes.

  • meganeshounen


    For some good reason, Strike Noir does remind me of the Deathscythe series. More points of articulation is a plus too. Seems like it’s also compatible to the Strike Rouge (now that I think about it, it almost seems like they’re brother units.

  • i hope there wil be a 1/100 hg or mg for this strike noir

  • umm do any of you know when the eps will come out

  • Ep 1 – July
    Ep 2 – Aug
    Ep 3 – Sept

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