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[G-man] To Anime or not to Anime….That is the Question

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Ok folks… let me clue you guys in on how I spent my summer. No lie! I spent it popping bottles and dating models!! And what have I learned from this experience? Well, I’d rather sit home and watch anime all day….Crazy right? Let me explain via telling my story.

Living the dream

Through aggressive networking I obtained perhaps what many would consider the greatest arrangement in the world. Which is to party my brains out and get paid for it. Sort of like the guy version of paris hilton. At first I was pretty taken aback by the idea of partyin everynight, but I buckled up and did it anyway. And let me tell ya! This experience has completely changed my life! All summer I did nothing less then pop bottles and date models…I hug out with millionaires, met celebrities, and even got a date with a model who was in vogue :) Life was awesome!! But then a strange thing happened… Yes, in the midst of all this merriment my heart vexed within me. I searched the depths of my being and guess what I have discovered!? No matter how much fun I had, no matter how much beautiful women I obtained, no matter how much accolades i received, it all eventually became tedious and boring!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? So let me tell you what I’ve firgured out from this situation…

The Dream

What we call dreams and fantasies are in reality quite odd intangible ideas. Because the nature of the concept of fantasy is quite paradoxical. let me explain, While I was living my dream of being a ladies man and the “cool” guy, I realized that a dream once realized no longer is a dream, but becomes a stark reality that never lives up to the imagined. Furthermore, once actualized, what more do we have to strive for if we have already fulfilled our fantasies. My discovery is plain, dreams can only be dreams if they remain unattainable! The paradox lies in the very idea that if we follow our dreams and obtain them we will ultimately die a death of boredom and redundancy. How can this possibly be you may ask? Well, what i figured out about myself and everyone else who lived the high life is that we as humans aren’t in love with realizing our dreams, no, we just simply love dreaming. We love to dream because it gives us an excape from the cruel harsh world of reality, it allows us to imagine an ideal that is simply not obtainable- and this excites us to no en. And even if it is obtainable, we would have contempt for the dream if we obtained it because it would no longer be a dream. Besides, no matter what your dream is, the reality can never live up to the fantasy! Now why bring all this up in an anime blog? Simple my fantastical friends, I bring this up because after all I experienced I still returned to my beloved anime. And I finally realized why I made my prodigal return.

Anime= Dreaming

The nature of anime is undoubtedly fantasical and illusory. And you know what!? That’s what makes it soooo awesome!! It’s like a little oasis in a desert of mendacity! A demnsion to a world where you can enjoy the bliss of dreams that can never ever be obtained. And each anime offers a completely different dream and fantasy where we are happy to co-habit with fellow otaku’s to relish our escape from the world of reality. Many probably think that there is more to life then anime, I’m not even sure what that means anymore. For one thing I had an opportunity to live a life that most would die for, and I can confidently say that after all I’ve been through I’d rather sit home and watch a lovely episode of some exciting anime. Am I strange? Perhaps, but what I do know is that people living their “dreams” aren’t as happy as they claim. I’ve met people who have everything, yet they still do drugs, cheat, sleep around and do anything to put a little excitement into their lives. Why? Because a person without dream is a person who looks forward to nothing and tries to fill in the gap with anything that gives them pleasure- a sad existence really.


I entitled my little treatise, “To anime or not to anime…that is the question” because I wanted to bring to light this constant opposition that seems to be hurled at anime fans. Either its the inward prodding of cultural dictates, or others around us, that forces us to be ashamed for viewing anime, in otherwords, the world wants us to be ashamed for being dreamers. Well, I’m here to take my stand and say I dare to dream! And I’ll do so continally as long as I live!! As for living a “normal life”, whatever that means, I’m sure there’s enough poeple living a “life” that the world wont miss one dreamer now will it. So in conclusion, don’t be worried about missing out on a “life”, because as long as your dreaming your probably living more of a life then any non-dreamer is!

I am G-man!!!

Popularity: 6% [?]

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11 Responses to “[G-man] To Anime or not to Anime….That is the Question”  

  1. 1 Owen S 144 comments

    In other words, anime is the meaning of life and everything else is worthless? You could get a cult started here.

  2. 2 kokanaden 336 comments

    It just means you’re as superficial as the anime you watch.

  3. 3 Gman 50 comments

    @ Owen S; lol you’re reading way to much into this….

    @ Kokanaden: I’m very superficial, but I don’t think is due to anime. In fact, most of the things I encounter in my daily life is way more superficial then the animes I watch. Like the meaningless conversations I have, stupid social gatherings, nonsensical meetings, etc…. Please show me the depth in day to day activities..

    I am G-man!

  4. 4 Sasaki 41 comments

    No matter what you do, as long as you comfort yourself everything will seem fine.

    “Normal” people. or people desparately trying to be normalised sneer at Otakus to comfort themselves that they are leading a superior lifestyle.

    Otakus on the other hand can now use G-man’s excuse to tell themselves that they are the ones living the superior lifestyle.

  5. 5 Helix 69 comments

    Life flows like a conveyor belt.

  6. 6 kokanaden 336 comments

    Superficiality is as shallow as the depths. Likewise, the depths can be as deep as shallow waters.

  7. 7 LianYL 771 comments

    Start converting the models into yaoi fangirls.

  8. 8 Aoi 7 comments

    I agree that we live to dream but when dreams and reality merge, the result is a lack of motivation. It gets really depressing when you think about it and combine god (or a lack of) into the equation.

  9. 9 FairUse 1 comment

    Reading this immediately reminded me of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. Particularly the self actualization phase, using anime as the catalyst.

  10. 10 Keriaku 5 comments

    Well it seems pretty obvious that it would be boring after you’ve achieved your dream, if you don’t have a new dream after wards.

    It’s like if you have a goal. You don’t achieve that goal then stop, since that would be extremely boring. You’re suppose to achieve that goal, then set a higher goal. It’s the same thing.

  1. 1 Reading it later 3 at Otakurean?

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