[Hynavian] Claymore Chapter 83 – Clarice is the Weakest Because Even Yuma Beat Her

Claymore Chapter 83 has been out for ages, do read it if you haven’t.

Chapter 83 focuses on Clare, Cynthia and Yuma in their quest to search for Raki boy. Cynthia knows much about the organization, till the extent that she could explain the structure of the Claymore land to Clare. This makes me wonder whether Miria did share her top secret information with Cynthia or that this was general knowledge all along? Cynthia then warns Clare not to run off solo because she’s able to track her due to her sensing abilities, another shocking revelation in my opinion. Riful should kidnap Miria and gang. Seriously, they’re all unpolished gems and many of the group members have mastered the art of reading Yoki from afar. Not forgetting a cranky Yuma, speedy Miria, and Yoki readers like Tabitha, Cynthia, Clare and Galatea. I’m sure that Helen and Deneve will come in as useful but I’ve doubts regarding Clarice though.

The duo follows Clare to a nearby town and they encounter fellow Claymores and handlers who are looking for "someone", my guess is the Claymore that Riful has captured. An awakened being suddenly attacks and the gang decides to handle the AB after taking out the current Claymores and handlers.

The Claymore in the lower middle coma reminds me of Miria. O_o

I guessed wrongly. I thought that Yuma’s true powers would have improved by 10 ranks or so but she’s now so strong that the current number 14 cannot match her. Either she has become stronger or that the current batch is real weak. My friends have a hypothesis; that the handlers might be awakened beings in disguise. But seeing that the handlers are so easily knocked out in this chapter, I highly doubt that my friend’s hypothesis is true. Perhaps, a better hypothesis might be that they’re a totally different species altogether. After this chapter, one thing for sure, Yuma is definitely more powerful than baby sitter Clarice.

Yuma power! Is that Jean’s skill?

This team rocks ~<3

It’s been a while since I last seen sarcastic Rubel. Really, I miss that sly folk and I’m glad to be able to see him again. Now the question will be, is he friend or foe?

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  • Rubel is just going to be Rubel. He’ll make lots of snide remarks and walk off pretending that he didn’t come across the 3 of them.

  • this awakened being is really week or is clare and Cynthia really that strong? ^^;

  • Sorry, forgot that I can’t use a certain symbol. Anyway…

    Yuma is love. I don’t think that’s Jean’s skill – its more like she’s spinning her sword around so she can hit Number 14 with the flat of her blade.

    And how have the Awakened Being fallen. They used to be fearsome foes, but now are nothing more than cannon fodder in the face of the Lucky 7.

  • I do have to say that they pretty much should improve alot considering they have been holding out against the harsh winter cold and possibly hundreds or maybe thousands of awakened beings throughout the 7 years without even releasing a miniscule of their youki powers.

    This makes them all the more scarier when they do release them @_@

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