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So, What’s your Favourite for this Season?

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Wow, in a blink of an eye, the Summer of 2008 for anime is ending! This season has been pretty underwhelming, and a major contributor to a very lax anime blogosphere. At the time of writing, on the front page of Animenano, absolutely ZERO posts are on new season anime. This was really unprecedented. Why, because this season has shit anime, and people have run out of things to talk about.

Thankfully, our favourite studios prevent the entire season from being a wash out. My favourite for Summer 08 is Xam’d and Tetsuwan Birdy. Wait, that, Strike Witches and Mugen no Juunin are the only new shows I’m watching because the rest are so bad they make semen smell good. Anyway, anyone who watches and enjoys that whatever Nogizaka show deserves to be castrated.

Xam’d is apparently not being shown on TV, and instead is broadcast via the Playstation network on a PPV basis. In fact, Japan’s not even getting the show till this month! Haha fuck you Japan! Anyway I’m sure everyone’s going to pirate it anyway. Xam’d is basically Eureka seveN and is by the same awesome studio BONES. Imagine Eureka seveN, strip out the musical elements, the surfing, visualise final form Nirvash onto all the mecha designs, and that’s it! The same show, which is great because you can never have too much Eureka seveN. The good thing is that Xam’d even picks up the pace a lot quicker so isn’t as dull as e7’s first arc.

The other good show is Tetsuwan Birdy Decode, which is by the excellent A1. At episode 11, it’s ending soon but so far it has been quite interesting, despite the recent shortage of action scenes. I think most people avoid this show because of the weird title, and the apparent notion that it is fanservicey. They are wrong because the title is pretty cool and there is no fanservice at all if you exclude Birdy’s battle suit which is not unlike GitS’ Motoko’s outfit. The main good point about Birdy is the OP, which is Sora by Hearts Grow. This band is one of my new favourites, ever since they sang Kasanaru Kage for the OP of Gintama. Birdy started out a action-packed scifi, alien-hunting, gender-confusing comedy, and progressed into a serious, doomsday, teen romance without action. Still, it’s the 2nd best show of the season.

I forget to mention that Xam’d’s OP is quite good too.

The other shows all suck. Very very badly. Hurray for ongoing anime from past seasons, eh? Like Soul Eater!

Popularity: 10% [?]

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13 Responses to “So, What’s your Favourite for this Season?”  

  1. 1 SnakeEatSnake 3 comments

    I’m still behind on Birdy, since the only decent fansub group working on the show stalled at episode 4. I’m glad to hear it’s still running strong 11 episodes in though. I dug the OVA from back in the day, so when I heard it was being remade into a TV show, I couldn’t wait to check it out.

  2. 2 Martin 5 comments

    Xam’d is indeed excellent - I’m detecting the Eureka 7 vibe all over again too, with a few bits of old-school Miyazaki thrown in for good measure. It’s certainly kept my faith in recent weeks when the most of the stuff worth watching has been the ongoing episodes of spring series (Macross Frontier, Soul Eater, etc.)

    Apart from Xam’d, Natsume Yuujinchou has been a recent fave of mine - I can only describe it as Mushishi-lite, meant in the best possible way. Supernatural, laugh-out-loud funny but packing an emotional punch on occasion. A really charming little series that’s great to chill out to as the nights begin to draw in.

    I started Hidamari Sketch x365 but in the end decided to be patient and wait for the widescreen versions.

    Aaand…that really is all that caught my attention. Eve no Jikan is absolutely STUNNING (in that it deserves caps lock) but we’ll probably have to wait for the next episode. Fortunately while there isn’t much worth making a fuss over, the good series this summer are proving to be very good and particularly worth sticking with. If nothing else it’s helping me clear my backlog!

  3. 3 Loba 43 comments

    Yea! Xam’d is a great watch, first episode totally hooked me when it reached the end. Overall, it doesn’t bore and there’s not too much drama unlike some other SERIES. The OP Shut up and explode by Boom Boom satellite also did a few songs for Appleseed’s sound track which rocked my socks off!

    Hm, gotta make time for Birdy…somehow.

    Toshokan Sensou is one of my favourite this season too, reminded me of pumpkin scissors but much more action, drama and humour in the modern age compared to the latter.

  4. 4 tj_han 1157 comments

    Loba: Hey, you know that day when LianYL Introduced you, I heard your name as NOVA instead of LOBA. Anyway Toshokan Sensou was from 2 seasons ago….

    Martin: Natsume is something I’ll like to catch up on, but as it stands I didn’t see the first ep and when that happens, you don’t get a sense of urgency to continue haha.

    Snake: Wow I didn’t know it was an OVA, what a gap in my knowledge.

  5. 5 Stifler 76 comments

    There are shows this season?

  6. 6 SnooSnoo 47 comments

    Only Natsume Yuujinchou and Slayers Revolution. Penguin Musume Heart if you count part two as a new season.

  7. 7 Halcyon 1 comment

    I enjoyed Yakushiji Ryoko’s Case File. It had the rare and elusive intelligent and independent female protagonist which is rarely seen in Anime.

  8. 8 psuedonymous 1 comment

    Xam’d is indeed good, though I prefer BONES’ other offering this season (Soul Eater). It’s pretty obvious where the budget from Xam’d got diverted.
    And no mention of Kyouran Kazoku Nikki? For shame! Then of course there’s Real Drive, Toshokan Sensou, Macross Frontier, and Kaiba.

    As for Birdy: I’ve so far only watched the first two, but it doesn’t seem to have the same charm as the OVA. And if they make Birdy the main romantic interest I will RAAAAAAGE.

  9. 9 jopchan121 2 comments

    Do you have any reason why you hate Nogizaka Haruka so bad, or what?

    Because that castrating comment can send a lot of terrible comments floating your way….(And I like that show, too.)

  10. 10 omo 82 comments

    TJ can hate it all he wants. Nogizaka is a show that’s well-tuned to a very specific audience and can really care less for anyone else.

    I don’t mind people pirating Xam’d. Actually I think it’s a good thing because this way I have more people to talk with about the show. Personally I’m buying it though. Too bad I’d need new receivers to get the full goodness of 5.1 sound D: Or pirate it lol.

  11. 11 Sorrow-kun 7 comments

    Nogizaka Haruka is like School Days except that instead of sex and violence, you’re punched in the stomach with a barrage of cute and moe. It’s about as one-dimensional an anime as you’ll see.

    I agree with Martin, Natsume Yuujinchou is great. Mushishi-lite is an apt description. Haven’t seen Xam’d yet, but it’s getting big wraps whichever direction I look.

  1. 1 Xam’d Is Pretty Good | Furu Anime Panikku
  2. 2 アニ・ノート

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