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With my Drill, I Pierce the Moon!

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Hohoho, since LianYL is all worked up about some ancient tradition of staring at full moons, let me dedicate this photograph to him!

Taken by me with my new voyeur rig, which I don’t have a picture of since my only camera is that. But I’ll just take some from the web.

Yup, this is the one.

Popularity: 8% [?]

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7 Responses to “With my Drill, I Pierce the Moon!”  

  1. 1 kokanaden 313 comments



  2. 2 Loba 43 comments


  3. 3 Panther 23 comments

    The moon is a lie! So is the (moon)cake!

  4. 4 TheAndySan 2 comments

    Whoa, that’s one helluva camera setup you got there!


  5. 5 nutcase23 10 comments

    Is that a camera or a badly disguised sniper rifle? O_O

  6. 6 hitokiri_k 2 comments

    The camera is compensating for something, I see…

  7. 7 V2 45 comments

    how heavy is that setup?! and how’s the tamron quality?

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