Death Race: It’s like Watching Twisted Metal Live!

My favourite non-RPG video game ever is Twisted Metal 2. That is why the concept of Death Race appeals a lot to me. It’s a mix between Speed Racer and Twisted Metal, and is fucking awesome, so good I laughed out loud at several scenes of ownage.

Despite the show being rather light on everything except the action scenes, it’s worth paying the money just to see the racing scenes. Why would anyone prefer romantic comedies when you get a) ejector-seat lauched napalm canister + lighter combos, b) J-turn machine gun firing c) actual stealing of weapon powerups like in video games d) smashing up a villain with the car door etc etc.

Fantastic violence, the sort you would never see in anime. I strongly recommend this show. Go watch it and feel all pumped up for your driving test, like I am. I think I would now like to add some machine guns on my car.

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