I Wish to Travel. Any Suggestions?

It’s the time of the year to start planning year-end trips. Last year, we visited the fantasy island of Malaysia, Redang where I fulfilled my childhood dream of swimming with a swarm of carnivorous fish in a coral reef, along with frolicking on semen-white beaches and clear blue seas. This time however, I’ll most likely be going alone, Takemoto-style, somewhere further.

Any suggestions? We recently hosted Usagijen of Scrumptious Anime Blog here in Singapore, and she told me I would get raped anally with large duck eggs in the Philipines so that place is out. Worse, my camera may get stolen lol.

I have a shortlist of countries below, and if any of you live there and are interested in sharing what its like for real, do comment!

As expected for a fan of anime, Japan is the mecca and the Hajj I must take someday again. Only, unlike most others, I’m a lot more interested in other aspects of it. I don’t really want to go with my otaku friends because I know they will surely eat instant noodles all day long and hide in Akiba, queue up for doujin and visit Lucky Star places. I wish to spend just one day or less at Akiba, maybe stroll around one of the conventions if possible, and see for real the stuff mentioned in Genshiken. But more importantly, I desperately need to eat awesome food, and take pictures of food, ingredients, and other cultural aspects. Also, I’ll probably finally try to meet up with Danny Choo and beg for a tour of the GSC offices. Haha.

This is a bit tricky to go alone, as the touristy spots are just bad and I don’t speak Thai. The place is dirt cheap though and the women are hot, and the best part is it’ll be a healing trip as there is A LOT of great cheap traditional massage that will make your body all supple again. Then again, I’m not particularly fond of the pollution in Bangkok.

People generally speak some English and communication is easy, plus the food is almost the same as Singapore. There are good resorts I guess, and the cost is low. I actually went to Malaysia just a week ago and visited 4 provinces as part of a food production facilities visit. I went by Kurogane’s hometown as well.

The mini Japan, it has good food, hot girls, and much shopping. There won’t be much language barrier I think, and I have friends there as well. One of the things to do there will be to get a seat to view live filming of their variety shows!

Ever since the Olympics, I’ve been wanting to see China again. Last time I went, I hated it but that’s because I went to a tiny rural village where maggots were your toilet. I just hope the government there won’t arrest me and my milk doesn’t give me kidney stones lol.

I have quite a few friends who can offer free lodging and they have loads of money… I wonder what’s there to do though?

Non-Asian countries are alright as well. I’m quite interested in the US, and would like to visit the anime bloggers over there as well as my friends who are doing college over there. Would I make it for Jpmeyer and Hinano’s wedding?

No Australia, I hate Australia! The internet sucks, the food sucks, and it’s drier than Arrakkis.

Note I omitted HK because I went there for about two weeks alone, staying at my friend’s place. It’s too similar to Singapore and the sprawling metropolis makes me feel stressed out and I stayed holed up in my room with my anime figures. Great place though, just don’t stay too long.

Any suggestions, of great places to visit for uni students with large cameras and moderate budgets, with hot girls, interesting culture and good food, cool temperatures?

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  • WAHAHA Arrakis. Nice reference.

    Taiwan is a good bet. China is for the scenery, and as for Japan, Double is still there, largely alone (but has a friend’s help), so you might want to ask him about that. I think though if you want to go alone at this point in time…well rather, year-end, Taiwan is probably a better bet than Japan. Tourists.

    Then again if you are going alone, Japan might not be such a bad idea.

  • Our wedding’s in March though so no you’d be a bit too early

  • Oh damn, I can’t crash then. It’s the middle of my 3rd year unless I do an exchange in the US, but it’s too late to apply now.

    Panther: I asked Double already. I think If I go to Taiwan, it won’t be alone. While Japan would be..

  • I’m still sore over not being able to go squid-fishing at Redang.

    Anyhow, I’ll be busy during the end of the year, so no holidays for me until the summer hols. As for summer hols, I’m looking at Kinabalu though. I’m attracted to beach resorts.


  • If you’re going China, call me along. I need to go down to Hang Zhou for once, after so many people have bugged me about it.

  • Actually HK has many quite places with good scenery too…, like many of the outlying islands such as Cheung Chau (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheung_Chau), which is only accessible by ferry. But then once again, if you go there on a weekend, you are likely to be overwhelmed by the number of local tourists haha..

  • I’ll be in Japan come year’s end (though travelling with a friend) so I reccommend either there or China.

  • Even if you are not able to make Hinano and jp’s wedding, you should still come to the US. Check out New York and pay a visit to Connecticut, where I can show you all the cool cultural attractions!

  • I vote Japan.

    If you want to come to the US next year, I suggest late May, July and early September. Why? No real reasons and you can catch a con if you want a piece of unique Americana relevant to this otaku nonsense.

  • This leads me to an interesting point. Maybe I should just go to the country where I can leech off more people! Poor Tik was the host I parasited upon in HK, haha. I must admit my priorities have since changed, not that much interest in otaku goods anymore.

    The US seems like a good choice but I worry about the large travelling distance involved, be it the flight there or in the country itself. New York is damn far compared to California or something. If DS and the others are willing to show us the cultural goods of the US (besides awesome pizza??), I would gladly fly over! Haha.

  • rofl, well _that_ will happen if you visit our beloved city of Manila. Otherwise, you’re safe and sound in the other provinces which boasts much of the tourist spots. I suggest you check out Davao City, and let Seleria host your stay :P

  • Well if you visit the east coast (like NY) a few us of can most likely show you around and NY has a lot to offer to keep you busy. We could always try to make it a mini-road trip if given enough time in advance to prepare; wouldn’t mind visiting some other bloggers in nearby states and checking out the local attractions.

    LOL and I have a feeling since I mentioned a mini-road trip, any driving involved would probably fall under me ^^;;

  • Haha, you can always come to Canada, though there isn’t much of a reason to do so…but I guess it can never hurt to go to Japan. I mean, it’s Japan.

  • japan: whats better than the source of it all?

    taiwan: said to have great prices in stuffs.

    australia: its like a desert for otakus.

  • If you are considering the States, go to the East Coast since most of your blogger friends live there. Otherwise… go to Taiwan!

  • “great places to visit for uni students with large cameras and moderate budgets, with hot girls, interesting culture and good food, cool temperatures?” too bad brazil is hot =p

    i`d try japan, i mean… i was there last year but working so i got no spare time to walk around nor wasnt that interested in doing so

    this time around, if i can i`ll be returning there for more 3 months =p

    its a nice and quite safe choice among the ones u`ve posted
    and its good to go around if u`re not planing to do the akiba tour *urk*

    anime isnt the only interesting thing over there heheh

    btw, right now its getting cold in japan =_=
    snow is a bad thing, gets great on pictures but too bad to walk around T_T

  • Er I wasn’t aware (Kota) Kinabalu was a beach resort either. Not the last time I looked out of my window anyway. But yeah, Sabah is nice if you’re into the whole eco-tourism thing, have a desire to see orangutans & climb mountains etc. Otaku presence here is non-existent too.

  • You say “further”. How much further?

    Maybe you should try to visit the US. How about DisneyWorld in Florida?

  • Come visit us in the US. Since the dollar’s gone to hell, it’ll be cheap enough. Plus, it’s better to come now before the real shit hits the fan (I was watching the stock market bleed to death today) where we’ll all be living in Hoovervilles again.

    If you visit Cornell for some reason, you can sleep in my dorm. On the floor or on my chair, your pick :)

  • @j1m0n3 My memory must have failed me then. The last time i went over, I stayed at this resort. Check it out: http://www.nexusresort.com/new/

    Unlike the rich tjhan, who never ever needs to think about budget, I always have a very small budget to work with, so it has to be somewhere in the region. I’m trying for Taiwan, but anyone knows what’s the minimal budget to work with?

  • How about Pulau Ubin, you wouldn’t have to fork out a dollar and you can enjoy the serenity and snap shots for anyone cares

  • you must be fucking rich to plan holiday trip every year.

    Have you think about the poor? Shit!

    Donate your holiday trip $ to them and stay with your girl in sg.

  • The Czech Republic is nice this time of the year. check out Prague and you will see why there is gunslinger girls.

  • /Where/ in China? As a culinary destination alone, you can spend ten lifetimes in just one city. In terms of culture (and I mean /native/ culture), we’re talking maybe five lifetimes.

    But I recommend Taiwan, because the girls really are hot, and the night market food’s a culinarian’s paradise.

  • ABC: You noob that is why we go. We take good pictures so the poor can see what other countries are like!

    gonzo: True, I think Taiwan might be the answer.

    Tragic Comedy: Too expensive and boring, plus Europeans think we are chinks who deserve to be put in slavery.

    Mia: Pulau Ubin is alright but that requires no long term planning and is thus out of the equation.

    Kokanaden: When you just say Kinabalu, people immediately think of the mountain.

    Moyism: I reckon that would be better for next year’s 3 month break. That sounds very exciting though, and I’m up for it!

    I think the current choices have been reduced to Japan and Taiwan really, I’ll leave the US for next year. Time for research.

  • go japan or taiwan?
    count me in then.

  • Dude, go to Egypt. It’s a photographer’s paradise.

  • Korea? South of course.

  • I’d suggest Japan’s northern region. It’s really beautiful in Winter, and the food there is awesome too. You can purchase a 2 or 3 week JR pass and slowly make your way down from Hokkaido.

    I went there 2 years ago, and it was good fun.

  • I still say Japan, because well. It’s winter, and you get to photograph er, snow. Okay maybe not, but think of all the glorious warm food that you could photograph!

  • Please go taiwan and tell us where you go so that I can planned my trip next year accordingly. :D

    Korea has great scenery but the shopping is not that good? If you are k-drama(HAHA) fan then do go.

    If you really want a cheap destination, go batam. There was this newspaper report a few months ago on the dirt cheap resorts there. The food is cheap too.

  • Come to Australia! But come to a place that actually has water.. like not the desert.

    What about Korea? Korea has hot people and good food.

  • Just came BACK from a trip to Taiwan with a few friends. Visited two of the three Maid Cafes in Taipei and a load of shopping whilst stuffing ourselves with taiwanese food.
    But I suggest you stick to Taipei. Anywhere outside Taipei and it starts looking like the PRC…

    I’d still suggest Japan, because it is awesome. but expensive.

    I did the entire planning and budgeting on this trip so if any help’s needed…

    Why do people always think that there are tonnes of hot girls in Taiwan? I’m from there and I think its just that the hot girls are hotter but of the same ratio… I don’t know. I suppose that ameliorates for the shortcomings of the less-attractive crowd.

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