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[Hynavian] thinks that Rosario+Vampire Capu2 has improved

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Fan service adds spice to a series when used "correctly" but do you remember the last time where you’ve watched a series where the character’s pantsu flashed so many times that it became an annoyance instead? Pantsu shots can be portrayed with style and artistry, (*ahem*) just take a look at Strike Witches and you’ll know what I mean but if you’re looking for anime’s worse portrayed pantsu series, Rosario+Vampire would be one of the top contenders. I saw many pantsu shots in episode 1 and I thought that they would decrease as the series progresses but I was wrong; it held its line to churn out more ridiculous fan service and the whole season was mediocre in general. The plot deviates from the manga and Tsukune remains powerless right to the end of the season.

The series took season 1 feedback seriously and they care about what viewers think. So when we complain that there were too many pantsu shots and were unimpressed with Moka’s transformations, they did something. Great, so to what extend is the new and improved Rosario+Vampire Capu2 better than season 1 you may ask?

What is your number 1 complain for season 1?

#1 Complain: Too many pantsu shots in Season 1.
Best Solution: Censorship in Season 2.

No, you won’t get to see the pantsu since you’ve complained. Yes, you won’t get to see them.

No pantsu but you get a bat that blocks 90% of the screen.

The key for Capu2 is exaggeration. Characters make big actions and they have epic facial expressions. Though there are still as many pantsu shots in Capu2, they are presented in a not as repulsive manner as compared to season 1. Let’s face it, season 1 strays from the manga so expect season 2 to do so too. The ideas of a monster school, a human entering and befriending monsters are still there. The power concept where vampire pawn all in the monster hierarchy is repeated and re-enforced but the events unfold differently as compared to the manga.

I bet you must be thinking that Rosario+Vampire Capu2 is not worth the watch, this you’re very wrong. I enjoy watching episode 1 as it’s highly entertaining. Capu2 has its advantages as Season 1 has already established its boundaries so all it needs to do is to immediately jump straight into the plot. There are no drastic changes in the character’s personalities and actions; they are doing what they have been doing all along (eg: Kurumu b00b attacks on Tsukune, Gin snapping photos of girl’s undies, etc). Yet, somehow it just seems "more bearable" this time round. Why exactly? It actually took me a while to realize this but the art is somewhat different and characters are cuter. Fans would go "omfg, character x is so cuteeeeeeeeee" and flap while watching but that’s about it. Moka’s transformation is still melodramatic as ever but it’s more "nice to look at now" since it looks so high tech (beats her season 1 ugly bats transformation).

Another reason to like Capu2 is because of new character Cocoa. She stalks Moka, harass her with threat letters, have an undisclosed power level, and she has that bad ass attitude. She’ll be joining the gang if everything follows the manga but will the series make her a tame character or keep her bad ass attitude till to the end?

Overall, Rosario+Vampire Capu2 is entertaining but it has low re-watch value. It’s a series where you laugh for the most part of the show and then forget what has happened after it ends. Give this series a try if you’re looking for some laughs.

Popularity: 5% [?]

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11 Responses to “[Hynavian] thinks that Rosario+Vampire Capu2 has improved”  

  1. 1 SnooSnoo 91 comments

    Could Season 2 seem more bearable to you because you’ve already gotten used to it after watching Season 1?
    Personally the pantsu shots are lame and seem like its added in for the lulz. The bat solution made it worse, it just covers up the screen like you said. >___>

  2. 2 issa-sa 10 comments

    The only thing I can imagine making this show any better than the first season (not that I would know) would be Discotheque and Trinity Cross.

  3. 3 Steven Den Beste 50 comments

    Word is that only some stations are doing the bat-censorship thing. Those have been the ones whose raws were picked up by the fansubbers, but there’s at least one station showing the series without the censorship bats.

  4. 4 Hynavian 15 comments

    Maybe. Because season 1 was too lame, slight tweaks here and there would make season 2 way better.

    I have to check what Discotheque is. *runs to google it up*

    @Steven Den Beste
    What? Some stations have the bats while the others don’t? Why? It’s just so weird to practice pantsu censoring with bats. @_@

  5. 5 Xstacy02 33 comments

    @ hynavian
    Discotheque is the catchy OP song by Mizuki Nana. (I loved the intro scene! :P)

    Bats covering the pantsu wasn’t new….hmm….remember a certain Toei anime about super roller blades that could fly or do crazy stunts and sexy gurls?

  6. 6 Hynavian 15 comments

    OH I REMEMBER NOW! No wonder I find the bat censorship so familiar.

    That show doesn’t use bat, instead crows were used. That anime is baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad, and the horrid OP and ED add up to the horribleness of everything.

  7. 7 Caesar 1 comment

    Season 2 totally suck ass, if you think bearable is defined by the things weve already seen then Im disappointed of this review, the fan service is the most ridiculous thing ever and the story is nowhere to be found, the manga was really something but this… this isnt even worth watching, I had higuer hopes for this but in the end it became some perverted weird crap

  8. 8 Xstacy02 33 comments


    It’s TOEI we’re talking about…
    I haven’t recalled any good Toei anime (with good animation quality) in the recent decade.

    I often use the OP to gauge the quality of the animators working on the series since being the opener, it has to give a good first impression (it counts! At least to me)
    And that rollerblade anime…well, sad to say didn’t do justice to the fabulous manga art. Right from the OP.

  9. 9 Rosario V 2.0 1 comment

    i think censoring the panties was stupid, i mean really the people who watch this show are at least teens right? do the producers think that we are perverted or something, at least give out a rating like TV 14 or something,don’t censor the panties that just makes the anime look crappy. i just watch this show to see the action and cute girls, not their undies i mean really i’m not perverted or anything

  10. 10 Lazarus 1 comment

    The censorship thing is only on certain stations yes, The ones I watch are uncensored. I had to watch it over again to check, silly me, anyway I’m pretty sure the pantie shots are pretty much there too be silly, I remember some comments in the first season from either the narrator or the bat, can’t remember which, some snarky comment about fan service or something. Though its a nice fluffy easy to watch anime all up i reckon, though an opinion ain’t worth jack these days.

  11. 11 Junkoe 1 comment

    Season 2 sucks… no more storyline? its like watching some random television show…

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