Oh yeah I was looking at my previous post’s Nobue pic when it struck me. Girls with headphones are sexy, cool, punk and hot. Join me in my quest to find headphoned anime girls!!

First, let’s define what are headphones. Earphones are not headphones. For the benefit of capturing a large population of girls, I include backphones (that with straps that go back around the neck instead of over the head), clip-on phones (those that use a clip and hook directly onto the ears but still covering it) as well. But earphones are a menace that must be wiped out. Earphones are weak!

So Why are Headphones Sexy?
Same reason why bras are sexy. They cover two vital points and make the overall shape of an important section of the body better. Cat-lovers will understand the main reason better. A headphone girl projects the image that she has the ability to block out what is said around her and she’s in a world of her own. Such self-centredness is cat-like cool. It screams, "I don’t care about what you say!!"

And they also give a tsundere vibe. The state of headphones-removed is the Deredere part while having it on is Tsun Tsun mode.

Wearing headphones also implies that a girl has a strong sense of individualism, since most people use earphones for its less conspicuous appearance. Wearing headphones shows that the girl cares less about what others think. She puts priority on her own enjoyment and is not afraid to show it.

Headphones were and are becoming cool again. There was a period of time when big headphones were cool, but that age ended and people who used giant headphones were deemed dorks. But now, it’s on the rise again. Look at shows like Eureka seveN. In e7, almost everyone wore headphones on the Gekkogo. And each of their phones were totally unique and some were even impossibly weird. Renton used the traditional sealed with metal frame kind, while Eureka had a high tech backphone that matched her clothes.

Enough of the Theory, Let’s Capture Some Headphone Girls!
I googled, danboorued, racked my brains and could not come up with a significant amount of pictures. I’m pretty sure I missed out a lot so please!! I’m requesting those with more pictures email them to tjhan86@riuva.com or post a link on the comments section.

I used this pic yesterday. It was the spark of this article.

Becky shows her tiny head and big ego with a large pair of phones.

Now I do not know who is this but she’s cool.

Vita from Nanoha A’s all grown up

Eureka! This isn’t her usual pair though. Looks like Renton’s.

Another unknown but those are real headphone models.

Unknown as well but who cares?

Serenity is also an attribute that phones project.

Yet another serene pic, we lack the wild headphone types.

See the similarity between bra and headphones?

This girl is from To Heart 2 right? By having phones with cute pictures on them, the Moe factor ups.

This is actually Itoh Noiji’s art I think.

We really have a chronic shortage of the cooly selfish headphone girl!! Only Becky, Nobue and Vita satisfy this criteria. Strange I actually thought they were the pre-dominant type. Headphones are truly the new earring, a large, visible accessory that is also functional.

Contributed Pics by Like-Minded Headphone Fetishers!

From Dudz Ville

"Yah, What do you want?" Her face says.

A variation of the first picture.

By Chibi Tori

What is that pink mess on the phone?

24 Responses to “Headphoned Girls are Hot. Let’s Round Them Up!”  

  1. 1 michi

    Not Signum..Vita
    Signum is the one with purple-pink hair *wink*

  2. 2 tj_han

    Oh yeah now that you said it, it’s a grown up Vita.

  3. 3 Alex

    I’d say that this is a fetish I’ve never heard of before, but I think Björk has a song about it. Certainly, she is a strong supporter of headphones, and presumably by extension the headphoned form.

  4. 4 chibi tori

    Just to add something to the collection: http://www.anisearch.de/img_anime/1681.jpg
    (no question, Aka is hot with or without headphones ;)

  5. 5 Rock'in the headphones

    This is interesting. Ah, weird I recentely found out about a fetish I did not know exsisted, and realized I have one on vampire bites… nevertheless this is a cute one. I recentely had over the head headphone and the strings had become a mess so I had to but new ones. I also wanted ones that did not interfere with the hair. For the time till I bought new ones I used earphones. Horrible. First they are pain to put in my anime girl ears and second I just did not feel good in them. Now I have backstyle headphones like Vita from Nanoha A’s,yet I have yet to purchase those infernal ipods. Yes, I still sport a cd player. Cute to know I’m thought of this way.

  6. 6 Skane


    The ever-bishie Zel from Slayers,

    Random animated girl,

    Minami from Comic Party( Revolution)

  7. 7 tj_han

    Ugh I hate the design of that girl from Comic Party. Really. Her figurine was put on massive discount at the store.

  8. 8 meganeshounen

    Cool, you got Komaki Ikuno TH2.

    But I think that girl by Itou Noizi looks almost like Mikuru from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu.

  9. 9 Mariana Luz

    Ahhh nice pics… Headphones girls are cool! *going to get one* LOL

  10. 10 bakaboobie

    I believe there was a character in Vandread that also wears a headphone, other than Meia.

  11. 11 Os

    TJ! I cant believe you forgot Onda (Aka)! FOR SHAME!

  12. 12 Rock'in the headphones

    Hi again I remembered I had a genshiken pic where someone was wearing headphone and it was Saki Kasukabe. Not the best scan ever, but…


    there it is.

    A couple of days ago I saw these pictures on someone’s icon blog of Natalie Portman wearing very nice big headphones. Not anime, but still.

    So what are your favorite headphones anyway? ;)

  13. 13 Rock'in the headphones

    ^ Bad link. Not to much experience with imageshack yet.


  14. 14 T_T|||

    Do they sell Eureka’s cans?

  15. 15 tj_han

    I don’t have a favourite pair because I’m constrained by costs. I’m using the Sennheiser HD 415, which looks ugly but is really comfy and doubles up as a pillow.

    As for those above, my favourite would be the 3rd from above. But my favourite girl is the one below Eureka.

  16. 16 tj_han

    And the Saki pic is cool too. She’s using a similar model to the one found on the ground in the girl below Eureka’s pic. Those are expensive right?

  17. 17 DrmChsr0
  18. 18 tj_han

    I was at a CD store today and I noticed something. There are A LOT of headphoned girls around, especially on the cover of anime sound tracks. Lain has one too.

    Range Murata, character designer for ROBOT, Last Exile and Mardock Scramble, also has created a lot of headphone girls.

  19. 19 T_T|||

    I see Reimu with headphones! Kwok’s gotta love it.

  20. 20 Saria

    And I thought I was the only one who actually likes big headphones! Guys with these are hot, too. I am going to buy myself some nice big Sony noise-cancelling ones.

    It seemed like lately the trend has been moving towards the microscopic ear plugs, which I hate because they don’t fit in my small ears. A lot of my friends gave me a hard time for my old Sonys, but at least I will have improved sound. Plus, noise-cancelling headphones are better for your cilia! :) (Though headphones in general aren’t that great for the little guys).

  21. 21 lil'a

    these are alrit poop on uaahhahaahhahahahahahhah muhahhaaha so whats up g unit! gizebo

  22. 22 The Zee

    Just wanted to mention that I have the exact pair of headphones used in the first picture. (The silver SONY ones.) ….I agree with this post. And it is not because I myself am I girl who uses head-phones. ….:)

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