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What would YOU OTAKU Do if Granted Superstrength and Giant Mecha?

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Kurogane no Linebarrel, GONZO’s most recent anime release, is about a real loser who has been bullied till the point of delusion, getting his hands on the ultimate mecha power via typical anime luck. The guy, Kouichi (this name is solely reserved for weak losers, check other anime), is an angsty, emotional, probably otaku, jealous and weak high schooler who is a bid to escape from reality started to imagine himself as some hero of justice whose super powers will arrive at some point in his life.

The guy is so unlikeable you wish death upon him by the fifth minute of the show. And happily, he gets it in the form of a giant mecha descending at meteor speed right onto him, crushing the bastard like a fly. Too bad anime magic happens and he is reborn as an invincible robo warrior who can pilot a teleporting giant double-bladed mecha, alongside a busty Mamiko-voiced mascot. It’s like white trailer trash striking 30 million dollar lottery - they don’t deserve it.

And it seems Mr Delusion has no qualms about using his new-found abilities for the one thing losers love best - to be a hero, via battle, screaming and lots of self praise. Even busty mascot got pissed off at him.

The show is quite alright, with a marked improvement in CG over the Draglolnaut, and character designs similar to Scryed. But more importantly, if you were to get super strength, a busty naked babe and a giant mecha, what would you do with them?

I personally would probably be like Raoh from the new Hokutou no Ken show, and build a giant empire where I am King Emperor God and all the world belongs to me, while engaging in lots of exciting mecha battles. Actually, that was a pointless question because I’m sure everyone would do the same.

Anyway, this season isn’t too bad, there are gems like Clannad and a few other exciting shows such as Kyashan Sin.

Popularity: 5% [?]

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19 Responses to “What would YOU OTAKU Do if Granted Superstrength and Giant Mecha?”  

  1. 1 NovaJinx 5 comments

    Sell the mecha to the highest bidder and live with the babe in a nice lakeside cabin. HAPPY END.

  2. 2 IKnight 18 comments

    Use it to shorten my daily trip to the library?

  3. 3 G-man 52 comments

    Become a ruthless dictator who rules with an iron fist!

  4. 4 DS 21 comments

    Oh, I already have those things.. Don’t you?

  5. 5 TheAndySan 8 comments

    I would travel the world. And blow shit up, too!


  6. 6 V2 74 comments

    go promote and do for world peace stuff (kill those who dont comply though) and get paid for it, use the money to create a financial empire and invest in something like a playboy-harem mansion.

  7. 7 one 135 comments

    I will go have sex with a Black Hole

  8. 8 Kherubim 32 comments

    If the world descended to such a state where a crapsack loser is the first, last and only hope for the world, I’d probably AN HERO myself…

  9. 9 Panther 59 comments

    World Destruction.

  10. 10 Loba 86 comments

    Rule the world with a ironfist! Strike fear deep into the hearts of the population. Proclaim self as Justice Lord. Build space elevators and spaceships to send into deep space!

  11. 11 pp 11 comments

    build my woman island with tons of beautiful woman!!! but such thing never happens. Don’t have a loser anime-ish name.

  12. 12 Sector6 9 comments

    become a vigilante and get rich from selling comic and film rights:p

  13. 13 edogawaconan 6 comments

    go to outer rim?

  14. 14 physics152 1 comment

    Be a merc and I WILL GET PAID. Rob every gold reserve, make gold dust and spray it worldwide. Super strength comes handy to get more gold in the form of olympic medals. The busty babe can do whatever she wants.

  15. 15 DrmChsr0 190 comments

    Mass-produce the mecha and sell them to the highest bidder. (And get rich)

    Break all world strength records with ease. (And get bored)

    Solve the energy crisis by reverse-engineering the engine inside the mecha. (And get even more rich.)

    Marry the babe and have tons of mindblowing sex. For free.

    Crack walnuts. (for lulz)

    BRIGHTSLAP losers into becoming MEN.

    Be so manly that I create ceasefires and bring about peace by just STANDING THERE.

    Empower SMEs with my newfound wealth. And strength.

    Accidently kill wimps by just standing in their general direction.

  16. 16 LianYL 778 comments


  17. 17 hitoshura 37 comments

    Start a MLM company and rip teens off lol

  18. 18 FlameStrike 52 comments

    The manga is slightliy better than the first ep but the male lead is just as shitty. Only he dies a few years before he gets the mecha and beats up the crowd of bullies being while being an ass hole instead of a whimp.

  19. 19 tragic comedy 24 comments

    I would do it inside the mecha.

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