Index will be the Show of the Season.

Toaru Majutsu no Index will be the best show of the season, mark my words. It has everything one can dream of, be it sci-fi, magic, super powers or hot girls. The animation is fluid and stylish, the seiyuu are well chosen and it’s basically a combination of a few good shows. Let’s see, it takes a bit of Gakuen Alice, Tokyo Majin, Gatekeepers, Law of Ueki and mixes them together in an awesome science vs magic type action comedy harem.

Not that harem is anything to be liked, but one girl has the firepower of Kira Yamato with nothing but coins. The effects for her lightning, magnetic and rail gun attacks are deliciously powerful. YEAH MAN THIS IS WHAT ANIME SHOULD BE ABOUT, BIG EXPLOSIONS AND SUPER POWERS.

JC Staff is responsible for Index, so maybe it’ll stay good till the end. Woohoo!

The story goes like this. Some guy has bad luck because he has this super power. His right hand is a super negator which totally nullifies all superpowers, be it of scientific or magical origin. Because of that, he has bad luck, since his arm is always nullifying his inherent good fortune. Or something. So one day, he finds this loli in white robes on his balcony, who claims she is the holder of 13000 magical tomes and evil wizards are after her. To test out whether her story is real, badluckboy touches her shoulder, and her clothes vaporise since they are magical clothes which offer protection. Badluckyboy goes to school, meets lightning chick who zaps things up. Badluckboy goes home only to find whiterobe girl (Index is her name) lying in a pool of blood. WOH HOH, some evil fire wizard appears and it’s the end of the episode.

This shows that whatever the plot, as long as you have awesome super powers and decent animation to show them off, the series will be a good one.

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  • I didn’t know you were a lolicon TJ

  • Uh…sounds unique, to say the least ^^;

  • This is true. Good thing Eclipse’s subbing it.

  • Seriously your summary skills suck.

  • I’ll have to disagree. Kannagi is my top favorite after watching all the episode 1s. The story beyond the introduction seems quite weak. I’m not sure how much material it would really have… maybe slice of life filler for “badluckyboy” to show Index a ‘normal’ life.

  • I thought TJ would be yapping about Kantang 00 S2… oh wait.

  • i say kannagi. heh

  • Wrong. While Index will be a highly rated show this season indeed. Its still far too early to tell as the season hasent even started really, we got some nice first episode, but remembering how well Shakugan no Shana started out, the first few episodes of the first season to be exact, and the recent airing of Nogizaka Haruka no Himitsu, should be enough to not make you pass judgment so soon. Also Gainax is notorious of starting outshows semi-weak and building up tension, happened with TTGL, Evangelion etc. Sunrise usually does a hit or miss type thing, eighter the whole show will hold a high standard or the entire series will fail, CGLOTR and Gundam SEED Destiny as comparisons. Also there are alot of shows with the same theme going about, Kannagi for instance, tough it does give off an awful smell of To Luve-ru, and we all know how that turned out. Anyway the point of this post is to reiterate that its far too early to tell, mate. And really building up hype will only result in disappointment.

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  • Kannagi seems just to be similar to Inari-sama.

    Gundam 00 2 seems awesome for now hehe. It’s one of my guilty pleasures.

    I’m sure Index will include lots of fighting and super powers so that’s good enough for me. See Darker than Black.

    Also isn’t Index by JC Staff?

  • Judging by first episode alone I have to agree with the author of the blog. Index > Kannagi

  • DtB had Hei who’s a Contractor and part of a syndicate. He has a great character design and provides plenty of action to the series.

    He’s completely different from Touma who’s more of a gag with his ‘neutralize-magic-with-bad-luck’ scheme. I can imagine how much action that kind of power can generate… -.-

  • I absolutely loved the novels. Pity chinese translations only go up to book five.
    YEAH RAILGUN GIRL Misaka. Awesomeness.

  • My theory is that the phenomenon of orgasm is magical in nature. And if Badluckboy fingers a woman with his right hand, the pleasure would build up for an eternity.

    Time to get some sleep.

  • I am in love with this show’s OP.

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